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A GENERAL COMMENT.  Rising Stars adamantly refuses to maintain a leader board, in the belief that keeping score somehow negatively impacts on the quality of play.  Yet, every year, Spy receives reports on games played which were not seen by Spy, and, in some instances, corrections on scores.  One reader suggested Spy “go back and check it.”  There is no record to check!

The following reports are from team managers.

Miami Stingrays.  The only  Stingrays games which SPY observed were by the Gold team, one of our teams in the tournament called Miami Stingrays.  Miami Stingrays 16U 3, East Cobb Bullets Johnson 1. The pitcher for this game was Jamie Halula, 2012, who recorded 8 Ks. Then they played Rockers MO 16U in their second game and tied 0-0.  Christie Falcon 2013 pitched.  

Jamie Halula also pitched the first 3 innings against Team FLA 16U on Saturday and had 4 K’s, 0 ER, 0 hits and she pitched the first two innings vs. CF Sting, 2K’s, 0 hits, 0 ER.  She also played LF and hit .375 for the tournament.  She will be playing with both the 16’s and the 18 Gold teams this spring/summer.  This 16 team has two additional pitchers:  Stephanie Texeira 2013 (who plays for the 3A state champ Gulliver) and Caroline Munson 2013.  

TNT Gold goes Undefeated in Florida

As reported by the coach.  – in 5 games TNT Gold only gave up one run.

TNT Gold 5 – WA Blaze Gold 0

-Home Run 2012 Michel Duffy – 2012 Jackie DePietro 2 hits

-Winning Pitcher 2012 Alyssa Frankenfield – save Jamie Kertes (Bowling Green)

TNT Gold 3 – Diamond Dusters Gold 0

-2013 Trista Mokienko 2 hits, 2 RBI’s – 2012  Megan Moore 2 hits

-Winning Pitcher 2012 Alyssa Frankenfield – save Jamie Kertes (Bowling Green)

TNT Gold 1- Florida Rebels 0

2012  Megan Moore 2 hits – Great Defensive highlights from 2012 Short Stop Valerie Sadowl

-Winning Pitcher 2012 Alyssa Frankenfield – save Jamie Kertes (Bowling Green)

TNT Gold 1 – Cntrl Fl Hurricaes 1

The only team to score on TNT in pool play was plated on a controversial obstruction call at the third base, which accounts for the Hurricanes lone run,

Lauren Rajchel 2 hits (Villanova); Erica Ries 2 hits (Austin Peay)

-Winning Pitcher 2012 Alyssa Frankenfield – save Jamie Kertes (Bowling Green)

TNT Gold 1 – Iowa Blitz 0

2012 Jackie DePietro RBI, Doubles by Erica Reis & Megan Moore, TNT ran themselves out of several innings, Again 2012 Valerie Sadowl was a defensive highlight real at short stop

-Winning Pitcher – Jamie Kertes (Bowling Green) – save 2012 Alyssa Frankenfield

 #22 Alyssa Frankenfield gave up no runs and only 4 hits total in 19 innings of work.  Jamie Kertes likewise continued to keep runs off base allowing 3 hits in 18 innings of work. Certainly Alyssa & Jamie will be a great 1-2 punch this summer for TNT, the coach says.

At the request of the International Olympic Committee, the International Softball Federation has been working on putting together sporting goods to stimulate participation in Haiti, which suffered two deadly earthquakes last year. A total of 200 kits containing equipment for various sports were assembled and packed at the ISF’s world headquarters in Plant City, Florida (USA), and are now in transit, expected to arrive in Haiti next week.

The ISF has extensive experience in this area, having shipped softball equipment valued at over USD$3 million dollars to approximately 100 countries since 2002. Furthermore, the ISF has also responded to past natural disasters. In 2005 the world governing body offered to replace softball items lost by member federations as a result of the tsunami in Southeast Asia. The year before, softballs, bats, and fielder’s gloves were sent to Yap after a typhoon ravaged that island. The Haitian disaster in 2010 saw Dominican Republic Softball Federation President Luis Mejia, in his role as president of that country’s National Olympic Committee, lead relief efforts to donate food and medicine. In October the IOC announced plans to build a multi-sports development center in Haiti, the second such facility in the IOC’s “Sports For Hope Program.”


I am hoping someone can help me. Find my daughters stolen softball glove. We

were at a fast pitch tournament in Orlando Florida in November 2010. It is a custom carpenter softball glove. Black shell with grey palm. The glove has an American flag on one finger. Also carpenter on another finger. On the thumb it says c-train.one of a kind,custom made for daughter.The glove smells bad but we have had for a long time and its part of the family. My daughter is heart broken and as a dad I am just trying to fix. I will buy glove back. Thanks for your help.

Pride Conner  Work# 732-905-3366 ext 109 800-526-1362 ext 109


Richard “Dick” Winters, the Easy Company commander whose World War II exploits were chronicled in the book and TV miniseries “Band of Brothers,” died last week in central Pennsylvania at age 92.Mr. Winters died following a several-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, longtime family friend William Jackson said Monday.

Ryne Duren.  Duren threw that incredible 100mph heater for two Yankee World Series winners.  Those were great years to be in New York at the Stadium.  Duren would usually throw one warmup pitch over the backstop just to alert the batter that a missile would be coming his way.  Very feared relief pitcher.

Snakes in the water.  Tragic flooding in Queensland, Australia.  Did you see the size of some of the snakes swimming toward Brisbane?

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