10-18-2011 USA Run Rules Dominican Republic

October 18 2011
Pan American Games/Guadalajara Mexico

Michelle Moultrie opened the game (which started at 3pm ET), with a single off Rosaury Perez,k and advanced on a wild pitch, then stole 3rd.  Kelly Grieve walked.  Stacy May-Johnson , runners at the corners, tripled, 2-0.  Kaitlin Cochran reached on an error at short, May-Johnson to 3rd.  Jenae Leles,  who racked 4 rbi on Monday, grounded to 3rd.  Valerie Arioto walked.  May-Johnson scored on a passed ball, Cochran to 3rd. Meagan May looked at a third strike.  Keilani Ricketts, the DH, at-bat, Arioto advanced on a wild pitch.  Ricketts walked, loading th bases for Lauren Gibson who was hbp, forcing in a fourth run. Top of the lineup, Moultrie doubled, Arioto and Ricketts scored, 6-0.  Grieve flied out to left.  USA had tallied six runs on three hits, one DR error.

Bottom 1st: USA pitcher Chelsea Thomas struck out the first batter, Maribel Pie.  Josefina Mercedes struck out.  Nunez lined to Gibson at 2nd.

Top 2nd:  May-Johnson flied to left.  Cochran grounded to short.  Leles grounded to 1st.

Bottom 2nd:  Geraldine Nunez fanned.  Furcal flied to center.  Perez hit by pitch, pinch runner Benzant, wkho went to 2nd on a wild pitch.  Ramirez whiffed.

Top 3rd: Furcal pitching for DR.  Leading off, Arioto was hbp.  May singled up the middle.  Ricketts, runners 1st and 3rd, flied to left.  Gibson hbp again.  Moultrie, bases loaded, drew an rbi walk,  Arioto scored, 7-0.  Hoagland running for Gibson. Grieve  walked, rbi, May scored, 8-0.  May-Johnson doubled, Moultrie and Hoagland scored, 10-0.  Rocha relieved Furcal with 2 on, 1 out.  Cochran at bat, May Johnson and Grieve were out, unassisted, for leaving early, ending the at-bat, USA 10-0 on 5 hits.

Bottom 3rd:  Rocha struk out swinging but DeLaRosa singled, the first hit in two games.  Rodriguez struck out.  Mercedes flied out to center.

Top 4th:  Cochran grounded to 1st.  Leles flied to right.  Arioto walked.  May flied to right.

Bottom 4th: Nunez grounded to short, Soto lined to 2nd.  But, Furcal singled past 1st and advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch.  Benzant struck out.  Run rule.

WP Chelsea Thomas 2H, 7K.,LP Rosaury Perez.

Next game: USA vs Mexico, 9pm ET.

Monday scores


Puerto Rico 3  Dominican Republic 2


Venezuela 7  Mexico 0


Cuba 7  Argentina 0


Canada 10  Puerto Rico 2
USA 10  Venezuela 0


Dominican Republic 3  Mexico 1


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