10-2-2011 October 2 2011 Update

October 2 2011 Update


(Press Release) TAMPA – The University of South Florida will host softball winter clinics on Dec. 17-18 at the Eddie C. Moore Complex in Clearwater, Florida. The purpose of the camp is to give each player the best possible instruction and evaluation from an elite coaching staff of college and national level coaches.

The following coaches will be present at this year’s clinic: Mike Larabee (Arkansas), Lisa Navas (NC State), Lonnie Alameda (Florida State), Mark Doran (Diamond Sports Academy), Beth McClendon (LSU), Stephanie VanBrackle (Alabama), Howard Dobson (LSU), Killian Roessner (SE Missouri St.), Chris Heintz (USF), Carmela Liwag (USF), Stacey Heintz (USF), Mo Triner (USF) and Ken Eriksen (USF, USA National Team). The clinics maintain an 8:1 camper to coach ratio, ensuring that each camper receives adequate instruction from an elite group of college and national level coaches.

The USF Winter Clinic will feature six separate clinics: Pitching (Dec. 17-18, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., $170), Catching (Dec. 17-18, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., $170), Hitting (Dec. 17, 1 p.m.-4 p.m., $85), Infield (Dec. 18, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., $85), Outfield (Dec. 17, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., $85) and Strength and Conditioning (Dec. 18, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., $60). For more information on the 2011 USF Softball Winter Clinics, please contact Stacey Heintz (Sheintz@usf.edu) or Mo Triner (Mtriner@usf.edu).



Dominican College, NY 2012 Commitments

Kim Ragazzo, P/3B, NJ Mystics Gold

Lizzie Hogan, P/1B, San Jose Lady Sharks Gold


Bulldog Softball Opens Fall Schedule with 5-4 Walk-Off Victory vs.
Southeastern Louisiana
FLORA, Miss. – Tied at four in the bottom of the seventh inning,
Mississippi State sophomore Heidi Shape belted a walk-off double to give
the Bulldogs a thrilling 5-4 victory over Southeastern Louisiana Sunday
afternoon at Tri-County Academy Softball Stadium. The fall season opener
also marked the debut of new head coach Vann Stuedeman.
“We played absolutely perfect softball in the bottom of the seventh,”
Stuedeman said. “We had our backs against the wall with our two, three
and four hitters up, and they executed flawlessly. The more
opportunities we have to play in pressure-packed situations this fall,
the more mentally tougher and stronger we will be this spring.”
With the sun starting to fade, the Bulldogs rose to the occasion in the
final frame, as junior Shelby Fisher led off with a single up the
middle. Playing textbook softball, sophomore catcher and 2011 All-SEC
Freshman Sam Lenahan advanced Fisher to second on a sacrifice bunt. That
set the stage for Shape, who crushed a no-out double, knocking in the
winning run.
On top of Shape’s 2-for-3 performance, sophomore outfielder Jessica
Offutt (2-for-2) and freshman Swayze Hollenhead also had impressive
outings at the dish en route to nine total MSU hits. Making her
collegiate debut in front of her friends and family in the first inning,
Hollenhead sent the first pitch of her collegiate career screaming over
the fence for a home run.
“It’s always great for freshmen to put on the uniform in the fall and
get the nerves and jitters out before spring rolls around,” Stuedeman
explained. “We have an impressive group of freshmen and they’re only
going to get better.”
In the circle, State was led by starting junior southpaw Stephanie
Becker, who fanned six Lions over three scoreless innings, as the
Bulldogs jumped out to an early 3-0 lead. Redshirt senior right hander
Misty Flesher, senior lefty Lindsey Dunlap, sophomore righty Shana
Sherrod and junior left hander Kylie Vry also saw action, pitching one
inning apiece.
“We want to sincerely thank Coach Goolsby and the people of Flora for
going above and beyond in providing an absolutely fantastic event,”
Stuedeman proclaimed. “The southern hospitality was second to none.
Besides treating us as royalty, the facilities were first class, and we
can’t wait to get back there again.”
The Bulldogs resume their first-ever fall statewide tour Sunday, Oct. 9,
for a 2 p.m. tilt against Marion Military Institute. The Sunday
afternoon contest will take place at Clarkdale High School in Meridian,
Miss., and will feature a free softball clinic and shirt for the first
100 fans age 10-18.


The NPF Back to School Tour presented by USSSA and MLB kicks off tonight (Sunday) in Memphis, Tenn. as the NPF takes on the Memphis Tigers.

Tonight’s game will not be broadcast, however Monday night’s matchup against the Missouri State Bears will be streamed live right here:


Boo the Redskins.  My strong opposition to the Redskins has nothing to do with the name (although I am an enrolled member of two American Indian tribes).  I cancelled my contract for season tickets several years ago to protest ownership by that greedy little () owner– he of the multiple airplanes, Maybachs, trophy chateau and trophy wife-after he flimflammed the government into letting him destroy mature trees blocking his private view of the Potomac.  More than that, the Redskins play dirty football.  To be sure, a number of NFL teams follow the Buddy Ryan mantra – hit the quarterback on every play-but Cofield, Paul and Perry committed what appeared to be deliberate helmet-to-helmet hits, while Hall was charged with another penalty for slamming a Ram to the ground.  Shanahan of course defends his players; he said the fouls were bad calls; here’s hoping Goodell fines them.  If the NFL really wants to stop concussions, do more than levy fines; hand out suspensions; then fine the owners and coaches like Snyder and Shanahan who tolerate these dirty players.

Viva El Toro.  Bullfights have now been banned in Catalonia, but continue in southern parts of Spain.  Back in the years when I followed something of a Hemingway trail (Kilimanjaro etc), I went to a corrida to watch a beautiful young matador named Lola.  But, the scenario in which the bull is weakened by banderillas which literally serve as spigots for his blood, so as to weaken the bull, turned me off.

A Store Front in Berlin.  Don’t know the link, but if you enter that title in your browser, you will enjoy a vivid display of digital technology by LG.  I remember walking the streets of Berlin 40 years ago when much of it had not been rebuilt.

Black Rhino in Tanzania.  When George Schultz became Secretary of State, he drew praise from many senior officials by touring the Department and dropping in unannounced for unofficial visits.  He walked into my office, introduced himself (as if I didn’t know who he was) and almost immediately walked over to my photographs I had placed on my wall, noting an 8×11 of a black rhino.  I was impressed that he knew the distinction, which led to a comparison of our respective adventures on safaris.  Sunday, the WSJ article on the vanishing playboy cited several attributes, such as favorite restaurants (mine is Maxim’s in Paris), driving fast European cars (mine is a Jaguar), and hunting for black rhino in Tanzania.  Check.  I once aspired to be at least a minor boulevardier. Alas, while I once partied at the Cannes film festival and Grand Prix du Monte Carlo, I fell off the chart for not having relationships with beautiful actresses, having second homes in Paris, London, and Monte Carlo, wearing $1,000 Italian loafers and bespoke suits, and having unlimited funds.  Shucks. More, I had a job, the ultimate bane.  Gunter Sachs, who inherited the Opel fortune and had Brigette Bardot to warm his bed at night, bragged he never worked a day in his life.

Perugia, in the central Italian region of Umbria, is an enchanting hilltop city, known throughout Italy and indeed Europe for it support of softball, soccer and sailing.  Of course, that was before the Amanda Knox trial.  Students of art history should know that a native son, Vincenzo Perrugia, became infamous in 1911 when he stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in Paris, where he worked.  Kept the famous Da Vinci on his kitchen table for 2 years in his one-room flat near the Louvre.  Thought he had a deal to return the masterpiece for 500,000 lire.  Instead, he surrendered the painting and was arrested, and served seven months in an Italian jail.  Big outcry in the Italian press; Italians thought La Gioconda, a painting of Italian Lisa del Giocondo, by Italian Leonardo Da Vinci, should remain in Italy, but it was proven that French king Francois 1 had paid Da Vinci 4,000 crowns for the painting.  Mona Lisa returned to Paris.

Ignorance is not bliss.  Speaking of Leonardo (DiCaprio), he stars in a new movie, playing J Edgar Hoover.  Incredible miscasting.  I was reading the WSJ review in Macdonald’s and asked a group of six McLean HS girls if they had ever heard of Hoover.  Blanks all around.  To be fair, on Saturday is asked some band members from arch rival Langley HS, and got the same blank looks.  Noticed that one girl was playing a French horn, a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach.  She did not know what his initials meant, nor did she know what a fugue was (An imitative polyphonic composition in which a theme or themes are stated successively in all of the voices of the contrapuntal structure).  Just this past week, a study ranked the United States well below other developed nations in science, reading comprehension, etc.

The future of Civilization.  London’s Science Museum asked 3,000 adults to name what they couldn’t live without.  Facebook came in fifth, ahead of flushing toilets, showers and fresh vegetables.

Land Yachts.  Remember when the Buick Roadmaster station wagon was the ultimate family conveyance?  Ferrari has a new station wagon: the 12-cylinder, 660 horsepower FF, which retails for $300,000.  Want something sportier: a German company is offering guided tours of Der Vaterland, each couple driving a Porsche 911.  Cost?  If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Whitehorse Canada.  Porter got one right (from a health perspective)  in choosing this Yukon outpost for the 2012 world championship.  The UN World Health Organization says Whitehorse is the world’s least polluted city.

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