10-23-2011 Rising Stars Sunday

October 23 2011
Davie Florida

For one of the few times in Spy’s memory, the Rising Stars fall tournament was not halted by rain.

au contraire.  Black clouds hovered on high, but the sunshine was relentless – a beautiful day for softball.  Some other tournaments should take note: the last games Saturday  began at 5:15pm, and the last Sunday games began at 11:30am.  Ample time for relaxed dinners on Saturday, and early flights on Sunday – accomplished on time with 126 teams.  Hats off to the schedulers and managers.


Rising Stars does not maintain a leader board, so  Spy obtained scores on Bamford’s 13 fields by racing around on a lf cart.


To our knowledge, Worth Firecrackers emerged as the only undefeated team, vanquishing FL Gators Stump 10-0. In the first game on Sunday, the Firecrackers defeated AZ Storm 7-2, the same margin by which the Firecrackers defeated Storm in Friday’s special bracket game.  The Storm, which also lost Sunday to the Connecticut Charmers, 3-2, played Sunday without their three front-line pitchers.  Gulf Coast Hurricanes def FL Storm 4-1 in their first Game Sunday, but  lost 2-0 to Minor’s Gold in the final game of the tournament at Bamford.  In other Sunday games, Miami Stingrays Gold def the 16U Gold Coast Hurricanes 3-0


In a demonstration of good sportsmanship, the Firecrackers kept some big bats in the dugout against Storm – and they were not needed.  The Firecrackers benefitted from a strong showing by pitcher Patricia Parks.  Rocky start, giving up an rbi to Corrin Green, top 1st, and another rbi to M ichala Erickson in the 4th.  Michelle Poe, started for Storm, giving up rbi hits in the 2nd to Carissa Sherman and Samantha Cordova.  Alexandra Robles, the shortstop who was easily one of the fastest runners in the tournament, scored the first run, Gordy Bravo the second, Sherman the third on a passed ball.  The Firecrackers notched four runs in the 3rd, after loading the bases on consecutive singles by Nicole DeWitt, Taylor VanZee, and Lauren Lindvall.


With the Firecrackers up 4-0, the Gators rally attempt was snuffed by a double play engineered  by Lauren Lindval.  Gordy Bravo in center stopped a possible extra-base hit with a running catch in the 3rd.  The Firecrackers were held for an inning, then scored 6 runs for their final margin.  Tera Blanco pitched.  The Firecrackers notched seven singles in that scoring burst.


The Hurricanes never gained any traction against the Minors.  In an otherwise good showing, GCH pitcher Kymlie Hanson was tagged for 2 runs t the start when Kailtlin Fitzgerald doubled in both runs – McKenzie Long and Rayleen Pallan.  Minors pitcher Cheyenne Gandara held off the Hurricanes.


Time to fly.  More details and after-thoughts sometime tomorrow.





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  1. Shari Lastarza

    Do you have those updates on the Rising Stars All American Games 16u, looking for highlights of the Black Team v. silver, we heard black won and there were some standouts from Florida

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