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Travel Ball Coaching Staff of the Year

OC Batbusters 16U Named NFCA Travel Ball National Coaching Staff of the Year
October 7, 2010

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Head coaches Jesse Martinson and Doug Myers and assistant coaches John Petrie, Steve Amaya, Steve Harrington and Ed Kelly of the Orange County Batbusters 16U (Calif.) have been named as the 2010 National Fastpitch Coaches Association Travel Ball National Coaching Staff of the Year, the Association announced on Thursday.

Martinson and Myers piloted the Batbusters to one of the most successful seasons not only in club history, but nationally as well.  After finishing in fourth place at the ASA California State tournament to begin the year, the team went undefeated in bracket play at three high-profile national tournaments.  The Batbusters claimed titles at the Colorado Fireworks tournament, the ASA 16U national tournament and the first-ever ESPN Rise National Softball Championship.

“This has been one of the most ‘complete’ teams we have ever coached,” said Martinson.  “Good pitching, excellent speed and solid defense made this a fun team to watch.”

Many of the players on this year’s Batbuster squad have already committed to college programs throughout the nation.

The Batbusters were selected by a vote of NFCA member travel ball coaches across the country from a list of 16 finalists.  The list of finalists was compiled from nominations that were submitted by member coaches to the NFCA.

Iowa Announces Blevins Softball Fund
09/13/10 – Special Release

IOWA CITY, Iowa – The University of Iowa Foundation has established the “Gayle Blevins Softball Fund” as a way to honor Blevins for her many contributions as a mentor, teacher, leader and friend.

Blevins, who led Hawkeyes softball beginning in 1988, retired from the university at the end of the 2010 season. Previously, Blevins coached at Indiana from 1980-1987. She retired after 31 years in the coaching ranks with a 1,245-588-5 record.

Blevins was inducted into the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1999, and still serves as instructor in the NFCA’s National Fastpitch Coaches College.

The Foundation is asking softball letterwinners, friends and colleagues to make a gift to recognize the important role she played in women’s athletics. The goal is to raise $50,000, the minimum level for endowing an athletic scholarship at Iowa. Gifts of any size are welcome.

Free Softball Cruise Clinic Webinar with

Crystl Bustos and Angela Tincher

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Bandits team bus available for rent this offseason


TweetEquipped with TVs and Wifi, Bandits team bus available for rent this offseason

The 28 passenger, electronically-equipped team bus of the Chicago Bandits is available for rent to the public.

Perfect for college, high school and youth teams, as well as large groups and families, the Bandits’ bus features 28 comfortable bucket-style seats, 12 sleepers outfitted with Tempurpedic mattresses, four high-definition televisions linked to a blu-ray dvd player with the ability to hook up any gaming system, free wireless internet, overhead storage compartments spanning the length of the seating area on both sides, outlets above each seat, heating and air conditioning, a driver and a bathroom.

The Bandits bus can be used for short trips (to the airport or a large group’s night out on the town) or long trips (spring break sports trips). Pricing varies based on travel distance, length of rental and group size, however we will be competitive in our pricing structure.

For more information on the Bandits’ bus, download the information form and fax it to the Bandits at 630.396.3095. Upon receiving the information form, a Bandits representative will contact you to set up your trip and discuss pricing.

SPY is agnostic on this matter of readers renting the bus; published the item just to let readers know that the Bandits, more than some minor league baseball teams, travel in style.



Still have slots available in the Slap Clinic with Larry Ray for the morning Slots and Slots available in both of Denny Tinchers Clinic

All registrations due by Oct 14th to secure your slots. 

8:30 – 11:30 Larry Ray Slap Clinic  Slots AVAILABLE

9 -12 Denny Tincher  SLOTS AVAILABLE

12:30-3:30 Denny Tincher  SLOTS AVAILABLE

AloraFastpitch is NOW  —- A new webpage  www.virginiafastpitch.com .



What Does It Take to Be the Best?

Lessons Learned
By Greta Neimanas

World Championships is the keystone event of an athlete’s season. For cyclists, it’s two days of racing, two events, two chances to show the world how good you are. Think of it as the final presentation after a semester long project. The work is all done, you’ve completed every assignment and now all that’s left is to tell people what you know. It sounds simple, and in essence it is. As the athlete, all you have to do is show up and do what you know best.

2010 has been a long, busy and hard sea-son for me. Racing started in February and it’s been full on since then. Physically it’s been difficult, even more so mentally. I’ve never been as dedicated to my training as I was this year. I trained harder, raced more, and didn’t do any outside activities in the thought that it would detract from my training.

Everything just came crashing down…

As best as I can remember, it was after competing for six days straight that I cracked. Like a house of cards, everything just came crashing down. Something small (I don’t even know what it was) made me crack. I was mentally shattered and over it. I wanted to go home, sleep in my bed, and not even look at a bike. Luckily, this was perfectly timed in the middle of the sea-son… or the worst timing imaginable. I went right into track camp, nationals, prep camp for Worlds, and finally World Championships.

By the time we got to Canada, my legs were just flat. When you’re ready to go you feel sharp, ready to race and on top of the world. I didn’t feel that. I was excited to finally be at Worlds because, in my mind, the whole season came down to this event. But I just felt tired.

One of the events that I focus on is the time trial (TT). It’s you against the clock, no excuses, you just ride your heart out. I gave everything I had that day which was enough for 3rd. I’m absolutely stoked to have a medal, but am disappointed in myself, because I know that I’m capable of much better.

After a full day of rest, and trying to re-group mentally, we had the road race. It was a race of attrition, with five trips up one of the biggest climbs found in a Para-cycling race. I’m not a climber, but on a good day, I can at least hang with the group on most roads. This was not the case. As soon I started out of the gate, I knew it was going to be an exercise in mental toughness. I went from racing to win, to just managing my time loss. The first lap was okay, I got gapped a bit over the top of the climb, but was able to catch back on the descent. The second lap was not as successful. From there, it was my-self along with a teammate chasing the leaders for third place. I did everything I could to help my teammate out. She’s a better climber, the course suited her more than me, and she had the legs that day. I did what I could to close the gap between us and the leaders then she had to go on alone. I was cooked.

I knew I was capable of racing better…

The rest of the race was definitely a test. It was awful to get the “pity clap” coming through town. When you’re racing and are going at it alone, you better hope to be off the front; anywhere else is pretty miser-able.

After finally finishing, I just wanted to leave. I went back to the hotel, showered, and ate dinner. I’m not a crier, I’ve never cried after a race, but I was so upset with myself that I couldn’t help it. I knew I was capable of racing better, I knew that I was capable of helping my teammate more and that if I’d been there to help her more, she could’ve placed better than 3rd. I knew that I was capable of being there at the end but I wasn’t. It felt like I’d failed myself, and my teammates. People have assured me that I didn’t let anyone down, and that may be true, but I feel that I let myself down. I’ve always been my harshest critic, but I think it’s what keeps me go-ing. I’m never satisfied, and always striving to do more and be better. If I had won with those rides, it would be a very hollow victory because I know I can do better.

Worlds this year was disappointing. I went in and did what I do, but not as well as I know I can. After some time off and a chance to mentally regroup, I know I’ll be back firing on all cylinders. 2011 will be better than 2010, and I know what to do differently.

I’m excited to go back next year…

After being such a downer in this blog I have to say that there were definitely positives to the trip. It should be known that Baie-Comeau did a fantastic job with the event. The crowds were phenomenal and there were more spectators than any other paracycling event. The people of Baie-Comeau are also some of the nicest I’ve come across. I’m excited to go back next year for a World Cup.

I also want to thank my teammates, and say that I was blown away by their sup-port. It was amazing to be surrounded by such caring individuals who gave me everything from a shoulder to cry on, words of encouragement, and company while throwing rocks. Being part of this team has been a terrific experience. Watching a group of individuals come together as a cohesive unit, be supportive of each other, and extremely successful is something not many people get to experience. This year we were able to top the medal count for the event winning 14 total medals: six titles, three silvers, and five bronze medals. Here’s to Track Worlds, wherever they may be, and knowing things will only get better.



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