10-8-10 Team New Jersey Fall Classic


The Team New Jersey fall classic began today in Edison, with 29 teams competing in 30 games in front of an audience of 65 college coaches.

Like historic TNJ fall classics, the 2010 version, most teams did not play all of their committed players, and college players are obviously absent.  The result is that a large number of 2010-2014 players received good exposure – even though many games reflected the relative inexperience of many players.  As usual, the process was aided immeasurably by a well-documented college coaches guide.  Notably, several teams are in a rebuilding phase, the lineups sharply changed from the summer’s tournaments.


Team Long Island 7, VA Vienna Stars 0

NJ Intensity 5, FL Ultimate Gold 0

Jersey Nightmare 8, Houston Power 0

SC Elite 0, RI Thunder 0

TX Bombers 9, VA Legends 2

Team Long Island 5, MC Bekkes 0

NJ Inferno 6, WA Ladyhawks 0

NJ Intensity 3, Houston Power 1

PA Gems 6, RI Thunder 2

TX Bombers 1, SC Cardinal Elite 1

Jersey Nightmare 3, VA Legends 2

TX Storm Durham 5, FL Ultimate Gold 1

NJ Intensity 8, WA Ladyhawks 0

VA Vienna Stars 5, NJ Pride 1

MA Polar Crush 4, MC Belles 3

PA Gems 6, Edison Angels 4

TX Storm Durham 2, NJ Inferno 0

WA Ladyhawks 3, NJ Pride 1

Houston Power 13, Florida Fury 2

NY Conklin Raiders 1, NC Carolina Lady Blues 0

NJ Rocks 6, Edison Angels 4

NJ Inferno 4, OR Silver Bullets 0

NJ Jaxx 4, Shamrocks 0

Houston Power 5, Pittsburgh Power 0

Ma Polar Crush 1, Illinois Bash 0

NC Lady Blues vs NJ Rocks

OR Silver Bullets 3, TX Storm Durham 0

Shamrocks 3, Conklin Raiders 1

FL Fury vs NJ Outlaws

Pittsburgh Power 2, Illinois Bash 1

Game Notes

VA Vienna Stars 5, NJ Pride 1.  2014 Allison Davis, a very promising pitcher and outfielder, opened the game by jacking a solo home run.  A top student, with her eye on major schools which have excellent academic as well as top softball programs, the 5’6” Davis, a very personable young lady with her eyes firmly on her future, throws a full range of pitches: fastball, curve, backdoor curve, slider, drop and changeup – and hits her sports in the mid-60s.  Davis also doubled.  2011 Abby Carpenter also had an rbi.  2011 Jamie Bell, who pitched McLean HS to the VA state championship, had a strong game.

Shamrocks 3, Conklin Raiders 1.  The Shamrocks, under new coach Tom Sims, is no longer “the beast of the East” which former coach Tommy Orndorff created, using returning college players each summer.  The 2010-11 model is very young: six 2011, four 2012, six 2013 and one 2014.  We were very much impressed with 2013 Alexa “Pinky” Strid, the shortstop who has already verballed to BYU “because of its excellent communications school.”  A certain glove with good arm at short, Strid can belt the ball, slugging a homer in this game.  2013 pitcher Alexandra Sallberg started for the Shamrocks, 2013 Carlie Clark finished.  Strid walked and scored in the 1st.  Raider 2011 pitcher Sarah Wayson walked three batters in that first inning.  Notably, the Shamrocks did not commit the fielding errors which bollixed them in the first game against Jaxx.

NJ Intensity 5, FL Ultimate Gold 0.  2011 Lacy Waldrop, who has committed to Florida State, pitched for Intensity. 


NJ Jaxx 4, Shamrocks 0.  Not a pretty game, with errors on both sides.  The telling story for the Shamrocks was leaving 11 runners on base.  2011 Kayla Hill pitched for Jaxx, who come from the Jersey Shore but draw players from Brooklyn and Staten Island.  2013 Madison Fears started for the Shamrocks; her tendency to put the ball in the middle of the plate found a positive response from Jaxx hitters.  Fears team did not provide much support , the first two runs scoring on errors.  We were impressed by 2011 Nicole Palase, who has verballed to Saint Joseph’s; she rocked Fears with a 2-run double, then scored on a catcher error.  2011 Kathryn Bussman drove in the fourth run.  After 2013 Carlie Clark relieved Fears, Jaxx loaded the bases on a hit batter, error and single by 2013 Kelly Hardiman, but Kayla Hill hit into a double play to ease the threat.  The Shamrocks missed an opportunity in the 2nd when 2011 Victoria Sorrell led off with a triple, and was stranded.  Jaxx announced that Jackie Kelly, who had some good moments at 3rd, and Maria Scopellito have verballed to Hartford, and Jackie Bates has verballed to Rutgers.

NY Conklin Raiders 1, NC Carolina Lady Blues 0.  2011 Brianna Jennings, who has verballed to Delaware, drove in the only run.  2013 Michaela Transue started for Raiders.

NJ Intensity 3, Houston Power 1.  Morgan Lashley (West Point) pitched for Intensity.


TX Storm Durham 2, NJ Inferno 0.  2012 Kayla Calvert started for Storm.  2011 Taylor Pirone (Fordham) pitched for Inferno.

NJ Inferno 6, WA Ladyhawks 0.  Three walks and a single in the 1st gave Inferno a 2-0 lead.  2011 Lauren Walker, who has committed to North Carolina, struck out six in the first three innings.   2013 Madi Schreyer pitched for Ladyhawks.

OR Silver Bullets 3, TX Storm Durham 0.  2012 Renee Murphy started for Bullets.  2013 Lara Bean for Storm.  Up 1-0 in 1st, Bullets added two runs in 2nd on error at 1st base.  The Bullets loaded the bases in the 4th but Storm nailed a K to stop the thrust.

TX Storm Durham 5, FL Ultimate Gold 1.  2013 Lara Bean pitched for Storm, who got rbi hits from 2012 Alexandra Bayne, 2012 Kelsey Decarolis, 2011 Samantha Alegria, 2012 Jordan Daly, and 2012 Courtney Klinger. 

NJ Intensity 8, WA Ladyhawks 0.  Ladyhawk Kelsey Robinson 2011 held the Intensity scoreless until the 3rd when pinch runner Gabielle Klecko scored.

NJ Inferno 4, OR Silver Bullets 0.  Lauren Walker (UNC) pitched for Inferno.



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