11-11-10 Sun Classic Friday Game Notes



Readers note:  SPY records numbers as play progresses, but, at the end of the day, learns that numbers used in games do not always match numbers given in the coaches’ guide book.  Regret any errors below.

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CA Victory USA 1, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 0

Texas Storm 6, RI Thunder 0

Lara Bean pitched; had 5 K’s. # 3 Samantha Alegria had 3 RBI’s.

Pennsbury Gems 4, WA Ladyhawks Miller 2

Kylie McChesney (Miami) and Madison Schreyer homered; Schreyer pitched.

Houston Power 9, NJ Pride 0

New Lenox Lightning 8, Colorado Stars 1

Colorado Styxx 8, NJ MC Belles 1

CA Cruisers 1, NJ Intensity KOD 0

Libby Morris started for NJ, but newcomer Tori Finucaine relieved in the 3rd, and sparkled in her debut with 5 Ks in three innings.  Pitching honors however went to Cruiser lefty Allie Rhodes who pulled a remarkable feat, walking the first three batters bottom 1st, then striking out the next three – enroute to 5 Ks in the first three innings.  But, she also walked four, and Carley Hoover relieved in the 4th.  Morris yielded a home run to catcher Jessica Plaza in the 2nd.  The scorekeeper recorded no hits for Intensity.

CA Explosion 4, NL Lightning 2

Ally Hecht (Northern Illinois) and Amy Letourneau (Northwestern) allowed 8 hits and struck out 9

Hanna Sommer (North Carolina State) went 2-2 with 3 RBI’s – solo HR (estimated at 270ft) and a 2-run shot to lead Explosion

NJ Inferno 4, So Cal Choppers 0

Taylor Pirone pitched for Inferno.  Cailin Winokur rbi; Lauren Walker(UNC) home run.

AZ Hotshots 10, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 1

WA Lake Breeze 13, CO Stars 7

CA Victory USA 0, Pennsbury Gems 0

CA Explosion 6, GA East Cobb Bullets 1

Ally Hecht (Northern Illinois) and AC Borden (Penn) combined to throw a 1-hitter with 4 K’s from the circle. Amy Letourneau (Northwestern) went 1-3 with 3 RBI’s and a solo HR. Tracy Chandless (North Carolina) 2-run HR. Emilee Koerner (Notre Dame) 2-3 and Mary Grabowski (USD) 2-2.

 Texas Storm 9, WA Ladyhawks Miller 8 (8)

One of the best games of the tournamentLauren McClary started the game for Storm, pitched 4.67 innings with 6 K’s,  Lara Bean was the winning pitcher. Ladyhawks went up 2 to 0 in the 1st inning, Storm scored 3 in the 2nd,with Alex Bayne clearing the bases for 3 RBI’s, Ladyhawks went up by 2 in the 5th, Storm scored 1 in the 5th, with Jennifer Gallagher bringing in Sydney Aguilar.  Tied 4-all, Ladyhawks scored three top 7th.  Erika Smyth singled and scored on error; Kayla O’Farrell and (#12) scored on sac flies. (some uniform numbers did not match numbers in the coaches book). In the bottom half, the Storm scored 3 runs to tie. Michaela Granchelli, Sydney Aguilar and Jennifer Gallagher each bringing in a run. In ITB, Mickey Blad scored on a fielder’s choice by Kylie McChesney, but Storm pulled a double play.  Facing Madison Schreyer in ITB, Storm Courtney Klingler on 2nd; pinch runner Desiree Garcia advanced to 3rd on a passed ball; with two out, Alexandra Bayne walked; Gessenia DeLaCruz hit a fielders choice to the shortstop and Garcia scored the tying run, Jessica Wilson singled up the middle, and Michaela Granchelli  singled home the winner. Madison Schreyer and Alleyah Armedariz pitched for Ladyhawks.

So Cal Choppers 4, Tulsa Eagles 0

RI Thunder 0, CA Grapettes 0

CA Cruisers 8, WA Lake Breeze 4

Leah Munden pitcher for Cruisers, Ronnie Ladines for Lake Breeze. Sarah Anderson scored for Lake Breeze, bottom 1st, but the Cruisers tied top 2nd, and went ahead on two rbi by Shelby Graves in the 3rd.  Nicole Schroeder had a home run and rbi triple.

Houston Power 5, CA Lionettes 4

NJ Inferno 1, GA EC Bullets 0

GA Vipers Berry 8, NJ Intensity KOD 0

Lacey Waldrop pitched for Intensity, and was relieved in the 5th by Morgan Lashley. Jessica Burroughs, one of the better uncommitted 2012 pitchers, started for Vipers and was impressive shutting down the hard hitting Intensity lineup; Ashley Clifton relieved in the 5th.  Chander Griffin (Troy) jacked two home runs to spur the Vipers to a 4-0 lead.  Up 6-0, Moira Sullivan tripled and scored.

NC Cardinals 8, CO Stars 1

AZ Hotshots 4, Illinois Chill 4

Lily Fecho pitched for Chill.  Mackenzie St Clair (BYU) hit a solo shot then  jacked a 3-run homer for Hotshots to tie 4-4.  Chill loaded bases bottom 5th, no score. Kayla Heath pitched for Arizona. 

CA Mizuno Pride 7, Pennsbury Gems 1

NJ Pride 7, CA Lionettes 4

CA Batbusters 3, Team Long Island 3

Michelle Floyd pitched for Batbusters. Jackie Marino for Long Island. Marino 3-run homer. We were impressed by both catchers, 2014 Maddy Jelenicki for the OCB, Caryn Baily for Long Island.

Team North Florida 6, Tulsa Eagles 1

NJ Inferno 4, Teamsmith 1

RI Thunder 6, Indiana Magic Gold 3

Georgia Elite 5, CA Grapettes 4

CA Valley Breeze 6, NM Sundancers 4

Tennessee Fury 4, CA Batbusters 2

Stephanie Lord pitched for Batbusters; Haley Fagan (?) for Fury.

CA Teamsmith 6, Team Long Island 0

Teamsmith led 6-0 in 4th; Sami Jakeway slugged a 2-run homer.  Lauren O’Leary and Sydney Underhill pitched for Teamsmith.

Virginia Legends 1, Gainesville Gold 0

Miranda Paul pitched for Legends; Shelby Morgan for Gainesville

Illinois Chill 2, CA Mizuno Pride 0

CA Valley Breeze 4, Florida Fury 3

Indiana Magic Gold 9, Georgia Elite 3

It just wasn’t Critter Dawsey’s day.  Laura Thompson led off for Elite with a single; another singled and a catcher interference call loaded the bases; Andrea Filler (Boston) crushed a grand slam.  Elite rallied to trail 5-3 after three, but Magic again loaded the bases and pounded out four runs bottom 4th including 2 rbi by Erin Lehman which finished Critter’s turn.  Elite’s bases-loaded rally in the 5th was snuffed by a DP.

NJ Nightmare 1, NM Sundancers 0

CA Mizuno Pride 8, FL Tropic Wave 0

GA Vipers Berry 7, MA Polar Crush 0

Newtown Rocks 16, San Jose Strikkers 6

GA Vipers Dean 5, NC Lightning 0

So Cal Athletics 4, Team No Florida 3

The SCA’s, who won the inaugural Premier national championship, were clearly the dominant team at Disney, defeating all opponents, but they met a strong challenge from the very good North Florida team, a major contender at ASA Gold in 2010.  TNF scored off A’s starter Mandy Sugita, top 1st and that lead held until bottom 4th when the A’s scored four runs.  Allison Brown led with a walk; Jenna Kelly drew a walk; Darian Tautalafua reached to load the bases; Barry Schinella then issued a fourth walk, forcing in the tying run.  Mo Mercado doubled; Emily Haslinger drove in a run on a 4-3 grounder; and a run scored on an error.  Sammi Fagan walked and scored on Alex Powers rbi in the 5th.  Carleigh Fales finished the game for North Florida. Jasmine Smithson-Willett relieved Sugita after North Florida loaded the bases in the 5th.  Of note:  the first A’s batter, slapper Daniel Mercado was called “out of the box”.

Miami Stingrays 4, Tennessee Fury 1

Indiana Magic Gold 4, MA Polar Crush 1

NJ Jaxx 6, VA Shamrocks 1

Kate Sims pitched for Shamrocks.

FL Tropic Wave 3, Virginia Legends 2

NJ Nightmare vs Gainesville Gold

San Jose Strikers 4, NJ Jaxx 3 (in 6th)

Miami Stingrays 6, NC Lightning 4 (corrected score)

Stingrays went up 5-4 on3-run homer in 4th.  Elizabeth Williamson pitched for Lightning.

Newtown Rocks 4, Clearwater Bombers 0 (in 5th)

GA Vipers Dean 10, VA Shamrocks 0 (5)

Spencer Adkinson pitched the slugfest for the Vipers.  Carlie Clark pitched for Shamrocks.

NJ Rocks 2, MI Finesse 2

Philadelphia Spirit 7, MN Irish 2

FL Ultimate Gold 7, Virginia Glory 3

WA Ladyhawks Mitchell 3, Indiana Magic 1

IL Bash 16, NY Panthers Elite 0

Edison Angels 7, CA Lionettes 6

NJ Pride 2, MI Finesse 0

Philadelphia Spirit 3, Colorado Styxx 1

Vienna VA Stars 6, FL Ultimate Gold 1

Sam Brady (Brown) pitched – allowed 2 hits / 1 run. Allison Davis pitched last inning

Sam Brady had two hits

Team Long Island 9, WA Ladyhawks Mitchell 6

NJ MC Belles 4, Illinois Bash 4

Indiana Magic 10, Edison Angels 1

NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 5, VA Glory 2

Colorado Styxx 9, Vienna VA Stars 3

NJ Rocks 8, MN Irish 2

NL Lightning 10, WA Ladyhawks Mitchell 0

CA Valley Breeze 12, NY Panthers Elite 2

NJ MC Belles 6, NM Sundancers 3

FL Ultimate Gold 12, NY Panthers Elite 1

FL River City Rebels 7, Philadelphia Spirit 4

GA Vipers Dean 6, MA Polar Crush 1

Newtown Rocks 8, Vienna VA Stars 3

Alexis Sargent & Sam Brady pitched for Stars.  Score was 4 to 3 at the end of 4th inning.  Gave up 4 runs in top of 5th and Stars didn’t get last at bat.

FL Lady Gators Gold 6, VA Shamrocks 4

FL Team DeMarini 3, No Carolina Cardinals 2

NJ Inferno 3, East Coast Elite 0
FL Lady Gators Gold 4, East Coast Elite 2

Tampa Mustangs 2, No Carolina Cardinals 0

NJ Jaxx 4, FL River City Rebels 2

NJ Avalanche 5, Florida Fury 2

GA Vipers Berry 5, FL Team DeMarini 0

Clearwater Bombers 4, NJ Intensity Gold KOD 3

Lefty Jessica Allen (2011) who pitches low and tight started for the Bombers and hit a bases-loaded double, driving in two runs.  Morgan Lashley (Army) pitched for Intensity whose Alex Stermel (2011) belted a 2-run home run.

Avalanche 5, River City Rebels 4

FL Team DeMarini 7,  East Coast Elite 4

Florida Tropic Wave 11, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 5


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