11-11-10 Sun Classic Game Notes Saturday




Tennessee Fury 7, Teamsmith 4

CA Batbusters 4, Tulsa Eagles 1

Michelle Floyd pitched for Batbusters

CA Victory USA 0, Newtown Rocks 0

Illinois Bandits 4, WA Ladyhawks Miller 0

AZ Hotshots 5, Miami Stingrays 4

WA Lake Breeze 10, NM Sundancers 4

NJ Intensity KOD 8, CO Stars 0

Morgan Lashley started.  Tori  Nappo effectively put the game away with a solo shot in the 1st.  In the 3rd, Erin Pond scored on a single by Carly Piccinich; Corrin Genovese drove in a third run.

NM Sundancers 2, Newtown Rocks 1

WA Ladyhawks Miller vs IN Magic Gold

CA Mizuno Pride 3, Illinois Bandits 3

NJ Inferno 7, AZ Hotshots 3

Ace Lauren Walker (North Carolina) pitched the win.

Tulsa Eagles 3, CO Stars 2

Miami Stingrays 2, CA Batbusters 1 (11) Correction

Nancy Bowling (Arizona) hurled the superior pitching performance of the tournament, striking out 20 batters, only to see the Batbusters lose under ITB in the 11th.  The Stingrays are much improved, as they demonstrated at Gold nationals.  Haylie Wilson (Presbyterian) pitched for Stingrays. Each team scored in the 8th; Kelsey Bogaards was driven in by Brittany Husk;  Batbuster Maddy Jelenicki was driven in by Delaney Spaulding.In the 11th, Dominique Grossman scored on Gabby Spallone’s rbi.

So Cal Athletics 11, TN Fury 1

NJ Intensity KOD 8, Team No Florida 2

Tori Finucaine started, and demonstrated why she was a prize recruit at age 14.  Now committed to Missouri after just turning 15, she learned that her best pitches can be hit but also showed she could stay the course, even after trailing 2-0.  After giving up a single and two walks in the 1st, Rachel Engel doubled to center and scored on Allie Stelogeannis’s single to left.  Stephanie Hartness opened the Florida 3rd with a single but was out trying to steal 3rd.  Emily Carosone was hbp and scored on a single by Shelli Roinbson, but that was the last hurrah on offense.  Top 4th, Intensity found its bats against Bradlee Holeman.Tyler Weil led with a walk; Kristen Berger and Corrin Genovese singled; Hailey Smith drove in a run; Macy Jones doubled in two runs; Caitlin O’Donnell drew a bases-loaded walked; a single brought in the sixth run. Haley Fagan relieved for Florida.   Intensity scored twice in the 5th; after two were walked, Genovese singled in the runs.  Tori works in the mid-60s, and has a full arsenal of pitches — fastball, screwball, curve, drop, rise and change — and, except the change, throws all with heat.  Following the Intensity pattern, Tori pitched parts of several games, and benefitted by having a more experienced defense behind her, and an offense which can put runs on the board.  This tournament not only put her on a better team, it marked the first time that pitch signals were called by someone other than her father.  In all, a growing up and stepping out performance.


Bradlee Holeman started the game and pitched the first 3 innings. Hayley Davis pitched the 4th inning.  She struggled and gave up the 6 runs, so they brought Bradlee back in with 2 outs to finish the game.  The score was 2-0 when Bradlee finished her first 2 innings.

Illinois Chill 3, CA Grapettes 1

TX Storm 4, CA Teamsmith 0 Correction

Storm won 4 to 0,  Lara Bean started the game, Lauren McClary was the winning pitcher with 2 K’s. Lauren Montgomery had 2 RBI’s, Jessica Wilson and Jordan Daly each had 1 RBI.

Illinois Chill 4, So Cal Choppers 2

Illinois Bandits 9, CA Cruisers 6

The Beverly Bandits Alex DiDomenico vs the Cruisers Carley Hoover.  Cruiser Jessica Plaza jacked a grand slam, and Nicole Schroeder had an rbi triple, after the Bandits had taken a 3-0 lead in the 3rd.  A two-out bloop singled by the Bandits tied the score 5-5; the Bandits then scored a go-ahead run on a single by Cammi Prantl.  After the Cruisers tied at 6-all, Abby Ramirez scored the seventh Bandits run on a bunt.  Sammy Marshall scored on a single; Jayla Salbene singled in the final run.

AZ Hotshots 3, Team Long Island 3

NJ Inferno 6, CA Explosion 0

Inferno scored 3 runs in the first two innings on 3 errors to take control. Inferno had 7 hits and Explosion 5. Walker had 3 rbi’s, Parrish and rbi double. Inferno SS Corinne Ozanne (Syracuse) made several incredible plays to take away hits from Explosion. WP: Taylor Pirone (Fordham) LP: Borden (Penn)

WA Ladyhawks Miller 3, CA Grapettes 1

CA Teamsmith 1, RI Thunder 0

Team No Florida 3, CA Batbusters 1

Bailey Schinella pitched for North Florida; Michelle Floyd for the Batbusters.The Batbusters scored in the 2nd.  Alix Powers, one of the top recruits in the tournament, who showed skill at 1st and 3rd, drove in the final run.

So Cal Athletics 8, GA East Cobb Bullets 5

One of the most eagerly anticipated games was televised, pitting the ESPN Premier national champion against the Gold national champion.  The SCA’s pitched Selene Pola, the Bullets Melissa Dickie.  The Bullets scored a run, top 1st.  The A’s answered with a run by Danica Mercado – and might have scored more but for a superb double play engineered at 2nd.  The A’s also showed their defensive skill; in the next inning, a potential hit by Lauren Coleman was speared at 1st by superstar Jenna Kelly.  The A’s proceeded to an 8-1 lead – spurred in the 5th by Kelly’s 2-run double., Darian Tautalafua’s rbi single; Kelly scoring on a passed ball; Aubree Munro singled in a run; after Katelynn Howser relieved Dickie, Alicia walked  drove in a run.  The game was seemingly over but the Bullets rallied for four runs; reliever Mandie Sugita nailed 6Ks.

NJ Intensity KOD 0, CA Explosion 0

Pitchers duel as Intensity pitcher Lacey Waldrop (Florida State) gave up only 1 hit .

Amy Letourneau and Ally Hecht allowed only 4 hits for Explosion

Gainesville Gold 9, NJ Pride 5

Pennsbury Gems 2, CO Stars 1

Virginia Legends 3, CO Styxx 2

East Coast Elite 2, Georgia Elite 1

CA Grapettes 6, Miami Stingrays 4

CA Cruisers 2, GA Vipers Dean 1

NJ MC Belles 6, MN Irish 1

New Lenox Lightning 7, Florida Fury 4

So Cal Choppers 7, Georgia Elite 0

GA East Cobb Bullets 3, RI Thunder 2

The defending Gold champion was pushed hard by Thunder.  The Bullets are obviously not the same team which won at Marietta behind ace Lori Spingola but they got good work this weekend from 2012 Kayla Caruso.  SPY was very impressed by Katelynn Howser at 3rd and in the Bullets circle. Thunder grabbed the lead bottom 1st on a mighty home run by 2013 Lindsay Mayer.  2013 Shannon Smith started for Thunder; the Bullets achieved a tie on a bases-loaded walk off Meghan Rico.  In the 4th, Chelsie Thomas scored the go-ahead run on a passed ball.

GA Vipers Dean 6, Tampa Bay Mustangs 1

Houston Power 6, CA Cruisers 0

Power staked Samantha Robles to a 3-0 lead after loading the bases against Shelby Graves  in the 1st.  The Cruisers had two on, two out in the 4th but couldn’t rally.

New Lenox Lightning 4, Philadelphia Spirit 3

CO Styxx 11, Florida Fury 4

So Cal Athletics 4, Vienna Stars 0

Allison Davis took loss allowing 3 earned runs

So Cal Choppers 2,  Lady Lightning 0

FL Team DeMarini 7, NJ Avalanche 4

CO Styxx 2,  East Coast Elite 0

Houston Power 11, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 1

NC Carolina Cardinals 6, Michigan Finesse 4

East Cobb Bullets 14, NJ Rocks 0

Pennsbury Gems vs Gainesville Gold

Virginia Glory 6, Illinois Bash 0

San Jose Strikkers 9, MN Irish 3

VA Vienna Stars 3, MA Polar Crush 1

Alexis Sargent and Sam Brady combined for the win. Sam Brady had 2 RBI’s

Tampa Mustangs 4, NJ MC Belles 1


Indiana Magic Gold 4, WA Ladyhawks Miller 2

Texas Storm 6, Shamrocks 3

Kayla Calvert was the winning pitcher with 3 K’s, Sydney Aguilar and Gracey Aguirre each had 2 RBI’s

FL Team DeMarini 7, NJ Avalanche 4

So Cal Athletics 4, VA Vienna Stars 0

Allison Davis took loss allowing 3 earned runs

CO Styxx 2, East Coast Elite 0

Houston Power 11, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 1

No Carolina Cardinals 6, Michigan Finesse 4

Virginia Glory 6, Illinois Bash 0

East Cobb Bullets 14, NJ Rocks 0

CA San Jose Strikkers 4, MN Irish 3

VA Vienna Stars 3, MA Polar Crush 1

Tampa Mustangs 4, NJ MC Belles 1

FL Tropic Wave 7, CA Valley Breeze 2

Ca Mizuno Pride 3, GA Vipers Berry 1

FL Tropic Wave 10, NJ Jaxx 6

CA Vipers Berry 10, CA Lionettes 0

Team Long Island 7, WA Lake Breeze 1

VA Shamrocks 1, CA Victory USA 0

Indiana Magic Gold 2, NJ Jaxx 1

WA Lake Breeze 6, GA Vipers Dean 3

Indiana Magic Gold 7, CA Lionettes 6

CA Valley Breeze 3, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 0

NJ Nightmare 6, Houston Power 4

Philadelphia Spirit 5, WA Ladyhawks Mitchell 0

NJ Avalanche 1, Illinois Bash 0

San Jose Strikkers 2, NJ Nightmare 0

FL Team DeMarini 6, NY Panthers 2

Michigan Finesse 6, FL Clearwater  Bombers 2

Virginia Legends 3, MA Polar Crush 2

NC Lightning 6, NJ Pride 2

FL Ultimate Gold 6, Ladyhawks Mitchell 0

FL River City Rebels 6, NY Panthers 4

NC Carolina Cardinals 4, NJ Intensity Gold 2

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