11-11-10 Sun Classic Game Notes Sunday




NJ Intensity KOD 2, CA Batbusters 0

Michelle Floyd pitched for Batbusters; Libby Morris and Tori Finucaine split mound duties for Intensity which took a 2-0 lead in the 5th.  Intensity’s Corrin Genovese  had scored the first run and doubled in the second run in the 5th.  The Batbusters had two on, no outs in the 5th but couldn’t score. 

So Cal Athletics 8, Tulsa Eagles 2

Jenna Kelly jacked a 2-run shot. Jasmine Smithson-Willett pitched the win.

CA Cruisers vs WA Ladyhawks Miller

AZ Hotshots 2, CA Grapettes 2

Team Long Island 5, So Cal Choppers 2

NJ Rocks 2, New Lenox Lightning 2

CA Batbusters 3, GA EC Bullets 2

Kayla Caruso pitched for the Bullets; Stephanie Lord for Batbusters.  Austyn West belted a 2-run homer for the Bullets.  The Batbusters scored twice in the 4th and won on a solo HR bottom 6th.

CA Grapettes 2, NJ Intensity KOD 1

Danica Arterburn slugged a 2-run homer for Grapettes.

Team North Florida 7, CA Cruisers 5

The Cruisers staged  a comeback to lead 5-4 but couldn’t hold off the Floridians.Shelli Robinson hit a 2-run double for a 6-5 lead; Alex Powers drove in the final run.

So Cal Athletics 7, Illinois Bandits 1

Lora Olson pitched for the Bandits, Mandie Sugita for the SCA’s.  Aukbree Munro doubled and scored in the 2nd for the A’s.  After Jenna Kelly singled in the 3rd, Darian Tautalafua homered. 

WA Ladyhawks Miller 1, So Cal Choppers 0

CA Explosion 13, Newtown Rocks 0

Amy Letourneau allowed only 1 hit and struck out 3. Hanna Sommer went 2-3 with 5 RBI”s including a 3-run HR. CJ Chirichigno (Boston College) went 2-2 with 3 RBI’s. Nicole Zapatoczny (2012) went 1-1 with an RBI double and 2 runs scored

WA Lake Breeze 3, CA Teamsmith 2

Lake Breeze broke a 2-2 tie on a home run by Shawna Hochstetler.

Illinois Bandits 8, MA Polar Crush

Texas Storm 0, Miami Stingrays 0

So Cal Athletics 12, Indiana Magic Gold 4

CA Lionettes 6, CO Stars 5

RI Thunder 4, AZ Hotshots 1

CA Mizuno Pride 3, GA East Cobb Bullets 2

2013 Samantha Martin opened for East Cobb vs Mayleen Mazon for Pride.  The game was tied 1-1 in 3rd; Vanessa Gonzalez had homered for Pride. Mizuno scored twice to take the lead, one run by Sydney Halleen coming on a bunt.  Sierra Lawrence (Michigan) tripled and scored for East Cobb. 

TN Fury 3, GA Elite 2

Danielle Phillips scored the winning run on an rbi by Adrian Thornton.

Miami Stingrays 7, NJ Nightmare 5

GA Vipers Berry 4, Newtown Rocks 1

FL Tropic Wave 8, Pennsbury Gems 1

Gainesville Gold 2, RI Thunder 1

Mizuno Pride 5, Lake Breeze 3

2013 Alyssa Reuble pitched for Lake Breeze.

Teamsmith 0, Team DeMarini 0

Florida Fury 6, Tropic Wave 2

Philadelphia Spirit 3, Carolina Cardinals 1

We watched this game to assess Janelle Bouchard, a catcher from the Maine Frozen Ropes, who came down for the combine, then caught for Virginia Legends and finally the Spirit.  Janelle adapted easily to new pitchers and new signals, and directed the defense.

NJ Pride 0, Tampa Mustangs 0

GAVipers Dean 5, NJ MC Belles 1

NM Sundancers 6, CA Lionettes 6

Vienna Stars 6, San Jose Strikkers 4

Allison Davis and Alexis Sargent combined for the win. Allison Davis and Allison Grasmeader were 2 for 2

Sam Perry Shifflett – hit a home run – 3 RBI’s

Houston Power 9, Illinois Chill 4

NC Lady Lightning 4, MN Irish 0

Victory USA 8, NJ Jaxx 0

CA Explosion 8, Indiana Magic 2

Ally Hecht threw a 3-hitter for Explosion. Aubrie May (\Northwestern)) went 1-3 with 3 RBI’s

Amy Letourneau went 1-2 with 2 RBI’s. Emilee Koerner went 3-3 with a double and 2 runs scored

Abby Linn (2011) and Mary Grabowski added 2 hits each. Holly Hoffman hit a solo HR in the 1st inning for the Magic and Jenna Simon had a double and came around to score on a throwing error (also in the 1st inning


Illinois Bash 8, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 1

GA Vipers Berry 3, NJ Nighmare 1

Philadelphia Spirit 3, NM Sundancers 3

Houston Power 6, Vienna Stars 2

Allison Davis pitched and allowed 1 run, 5 k’s. Ashton Wince picked off runner. Alexis Sargent in relief- allowed two earned run. Jenny Peel – 2 RBI’s

 Davis, a 2014 like Finucaine, was also closely watched by college coaches.  Davis pitched 12 innings against the FL Ultimate Gold (1), CO Styxx (2), So Cal Athletics (3), San Jose Strikkers (3), and Houston Power (3).  In these games against good hitting teams, she gave up 7 earned runs, 15 hits including 2 doubles and 1 homerun, and walked 6.  Davis struck out 16 of 59 batters.  Davis went 3 for 11 with 2 walks and 2 doubles.  Davis is not as accomplished yet as a pitcher ala Finucaine but has real potential, and should refine her pitches now that she is facing stronger competition.  Moreover, unlike Finucaine, Davis has a proven bat and can make a claim to be an every game player.



FL River City Rebels 5, Ladyhawks Mitchell 1

Illinois Bash 5, Edison Angels 1

Clearwater Bombers 0, CA Valley Breeze 0

FL Fury 5, NY Panthers 2

New Lenox Lightning 3, NJ Pride 1

Team Long Island 8, NJ Rock 3

Florida Fury 5, NJ Jaxx 4

CO Styxx 4, NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 1

FL Lady Gators Gold vs NJ MC Belles

Explosion 9, Pennsbury Gems 0

AC Borden threw a no-hitter with 9 K’s. Hanna Sommer went 2-2 with 2 RBI’s. Tracy Chandless went 2-3 with 2 RBI’s.  Aburie May went 2-3 with 2 runs scored

East Coast Elite 4, Virginia Legends 3

Tampa Mustangs 7, NJ Avalanche 0

FL Team DeMarini 5, Virginia Shamrocks 3

Michigan Finesse 3, Florida Ultimate Gold 2

River City Rebels 6, Virginia Glory 0

NC Cardinals 5, Illinois Bash 1

Polar Crush 7, NY Panthers 4

NJ Intensity Gold DeTuro 3, East Coast Elite 0

Florida Gators 5, NJ Rock 1

VA Shamrocks 5, CA Valley Breeze 3

FL Ultimate Gold 1, East Coast elite 1

NY Panthers 1, Clearwater Bombers 0


With apologies for all the games we could not see.


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