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November 12 2010




USA/ASA Girls’ GOLD 18-Under 7/31/2011 8/6/2011 Western Territory

USA/ASA Girls’ Class A 10-Under 7/31/2011 8/7/2011 Johnson City, TN

USA/ASA Girls’ Class A 12-Under 7/31/2011 8/7/2011 Montgomery, AL

USA/ASA Girls’ Class A 14-Under 7/31/2011 8/7/2011 Midland, TX

USA/ASA Girls’ Class A 16-Under 7/31/2011 8/7/2011 Chattanooga, TN

USA/ASA Girls’ Class A 18-Under 7/31/2011 8/7/2011 Normal, IL


SHREVEPORT, La. – The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America announced today its sites for the 2012 Championship season at the ASA National Council Meeting in Shreveport, La. Over 100 tournament sites were announced along with the site of the 2012 ASA National Council Meeting site.

Dallas ASA was awarded the 81st Annual Council Meeting to be held in November 3-9, 2012. Last year, South Carolina ASA was selected to host the 2011 meeting in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The meeting will return to Oklahoma City, Okla., in 2013 with the ASA National Office and Oklahoma ASA.

The USA/ASA Girls’ GOLD 18-Under will return to Oklahoma City in 2012 for the first time since 2009. The other ASA/USA sites include 18-Under at Johnson City, Tenn., 16-Under at Montgomery, Ala., 14-Under at Sioux Falls, S.D., 12-Under at Moline, Ill., and the 10-Under at Bloomington, Ind.

In territory tournament news, Dayton, Ohio will play host to the Women’s Eastern Class C and D while Bloomington, Ind., will host the Women’s Northern Class C and D. Tupelo, Miss., will host the Women’s Southern Class C and D with Phoenix, Ariz., playing host to the Women’s Western Class C and D.

In adult fast pitch news, the 2012 Men’s Open Fastpitch and Men’s Class B Fast Pitch will be hosted in North Mankato, Minn. The Men’s Major Fast Pitch location will be announced on Mon., Nov. 15th along with several other tournaments.


SHREVEPORT, La. – The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America inducted 10 members to the National Softball Hall of Fame as on Wednesday evening at the 30th Annual Hall of Fame Induction celebration in Shreveport, La. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the 2011 class was announced with 10 members nominated for induction next year.

The 2010 class includes five players, one commissioner, two umpires and two for meritorious service. The five players are Carl Solarek, Fast Pitch Player; Suzy Brazney, Fast Pitch Player; Jody Hennigar, Fast Pitch Player; Norbert Warken (old-timer), Fast Pitch Player; and Mike Shenk, Slow Pitch Player.

E.T. Colvin of Mississippi was inducted in the commissioner category while Richard Ribby and Cheryl Simmons were enshrined as umpires. Ronnie Isham, the USA Softball Director of National Teams, and Guy Demaio were inducted for meritorious service.

The Class of 2010 increases the membership in the National Softball Hall of Fame to 363 since it was established in 1957. Formal inductions were started in 1981 and since 2001 the induction has been held as the closing banquet at the ASA National Council meeting.

Once again, SPY is deeply disappointed that ASA did not name a travel ball coach to its Hall of Fame.  SPY was approached earlier this year by ASA’s Phil Gutierrez and asked to write a seconding statement in support of former Gordon’s Panthers coach Larry Mays, and submitted the statement in September.  Mays is not only one of the two most winning coaches in terms of ASA national championships but a number of today’s most successful college coaches began as Gordon’s Panthers.  Visitors will look in vain in the Hall of Fame for any acknowledgment of these outstanding contributors to the sport of softball.  RFH

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