11-18-2011 Batbuster Surf City Pre-Thanksgiving

Surf City/Batbuster Friday
Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament

November 18, 2011

Partial Scores (Huntington Beach only)
There is no leader board; SPY obtained these scores travelling around 7 fields

Sorcerer Phil 2, NJ Intensity KOD 0
Julia DePonte solo home run, Kylee Perez rbi double

Corona Angels Tyson  4, NJ Intensity KOD 2
Khala Taylor, 2=run home run

Sorcerer Blue 6, Strikkers 4
Sorcerer gave up 4 runs top of 1
st before comeback

Velocity 2, So Cal Athletics 1

New Mexico Sundancers 4, TNT 0

OR Thunder 5, TX American Freedom 2

TX Impact Gold 5, WA Ladyhawks 1
Strong pitching Katie Marks; Allie Piro 2-run double

TX Impact Gold 1, Grapettes 0 (final?)
Allie Puieo solo HR

Desert Thunder 5, Salinas Storm 0
Darcy Taylor 2 rbi, Kaitlin Wilson solo HR

WA Lake Breeze 3, NM Sundancers 2

TX American Freedom Gold 7, KC Zephyrs 0

CO Stars 6, Sidewinders 0
Shelby Keil soilo HR

NJ Intensity Gold 6, Idaho Golden Gloves 1
Alyssa VanDerveer 3-run single

NJ Intensity Gold 5, NM Sundancers 5

TNT 4, Idaho Golden Gloves 0

Beverly Bandits 8, Grapettes 0

New Mexico Sundancers 5, NW Ladysharks 2




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