11-19-2011 Pre-Thanksgiving Saturday Games

Saturday Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament

Game Scores and Notes
The Batbuster/Surf City tournament does not keep a leader board, and games are played at five separate site, each with multiple fields.  The scores below were obtained by Spy travelling from field to field, seven in all, and observing games at Huntington Beach.  Several teams Spy has not yet seen will be observed on Sunday via games at Harvard Park.  Reporting problems were compounded by teams fielding players from their 14 and 16U rosters, who were not identified in the guidebooks given coaches.

So Cal Diamonds 4, WA Absolute Blast 4

So Cal Breakers 6, CO Stars 1

OR Thunder def 3rd Degree

Lake Breeze 8, OC Dynasty 1

Lake Breeze 5, Grapettes D 1

OC Dynasty 5, TNT 2

CO Comets 4, Cal Cruisers 1

The Next Level 11, Jets 1

The Next Level  Del 6, Grapettes 1
Shelby Baertsch homered for Grapettes.  Molly Hutchison, Celinna Cosio had rbi’s for TNL.

Velocity 3, CO Stars 0
Velocity scored all runs in final inning.

Velocity 2, Explosion 0
Sydney Gouveia, (LMU), who had 12 Ks Friday night, one-hit Explosion, mixing a rise, curve and drop.  Drew many favorable comments from coaches.

Grapettes 10, Jets 0

CA Cruisers Lyn 3, Lake Breeze 0
Good defensive battle.  Cruisers up 1-0 pm Kaitlyn Aguirre’s  rbi single in 4th; Cruisers expanded lead in 7
th when Caitlyn Harman, on loan from their 16s, jacked a shot over left field and Aguirre notched her second rbi.

WA Sidewinders 2, So Cal 3D 2

Pumas 2, Worth Firecrackers 0
Christine Costello and Hannah Harris (2innings) thwarted the powerful Firecrackers., supported by Samantha Stark’s home run.

Worth Firecrackers 3, Victory 1
Just as they did against Pumas, Firecrackers reached base frequently but had limited scoring.  All runs came in one inning: Koral Costa, Bella Secaira,and Missy Taukeiaho.McKenna Arriola scored the Victory run.

CO Stars 3, Explosion 1
Stars won on 3-run walkoff homer by Joni Davenport, a powerful blast.

WA Absolute Blast 6, Pumas 1
Best game by Blast.  Up 2-0 in 4
th, Libbie Jiminez doubled in 2 runs, Holly Sandborg singled in the last 2 runs.  Blast stopped a Puma rally with an out at home, and a rundown at 3rd. Leanna Georgeshad singled, but was out trying to score on Callie Grant’s triple; Grant was caught in a rundown.

WA Ladyhawks 1, So Cal Breakers 0
Sharp defensive plays byboth teams.  LH scored  in 2
nd;Lana VanDyken doubled, scored on passed ball.  LH loaded bases in 3rd, no outs; Arun seemed sure to score on Parker Pockington’s single to left but the runner at 3rd hesitated and a rifle throw nailed the out at home.    

WA Sidewinders 2, Fillies 1
For three innings, the Fillies had a one-run lead, courtesy of Jocelynn Rodgers homer, but the Sidewinders racked 2 runs in the 4
th on a groundout and rbi single by Kylie Shull.

WA Ladyhawks 7, Lionettes 0

CA Cruisers 3, Pastime Gold 2
Game decided by Cruisers 3-run homer.  Player not identified.

Pastime Gold 2, Cal Comets 0 (?)
Not certain this was final score.  Pastime played small ball; scoring both runs on squeeze bunts by Megan Hillman and Samantha Avila.  Pastime also used two 14U pitchers: Tallie Woodson and Elizabeth Rodarte.




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