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Forty-seven years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the streets of Dallas.  Lee Harvey Oswald’s shots snuffed out more than a life – he crudely ended a political dream embraced so fully by my generation.  Like many reporters who covered Jack’s campaign, and reported the progress of his presidency, we admired his style, his grace, his wit, and his all-encompassing belief in an America of strength and success.  As I have written before, I returned to Dallas in a very different capacity; knelt at the window in the Texas School Depository which Oswald had used for his shooting perch, and tracked a convertible down the Stemmons Freeway; it was not a difficult shot, a target slowly moving away in a straight line. Competent with weapons, I could have shot Kennedy three times in those few seconds.  In 1964, I wrote a full-page tribute to JFK, with a photo of the original, fence-enclosed grave site, trying to encapsulate in words my many thoughts about the man and his times. All of the chapters of his life were burned into memory as I stood with the rest of the press corps beneath the Capitol rotunda; the nation was saying goodbye, but we were saying farewell to a man we thought of as a friend and the leader of our generation. But, I couldn’t close that final chapter.  Every time I hear the word Dallas, I think of that horrific crime, just like every sight of St Patrick’s cathedral reminds of that wrenching funeral mass for Bobby Kennedy, whom I had gotten to know during his Senate campaign in New York. I remember walking around Bobby’s coffin, and still having difficulty in absorbing the reality that such a vital presence in American politics was dead. Now, Teddy is gone.  They were not perfect, as men or politicians, and Camelot was more an ideal than a reality, but to those of us of a certain age, their adherence to their core beliefs no matter the duress inspired us to believe in an America that was tolerant and just.  I didn’t agree with them on many issues but I was grateful for the opportunity to have been a recorder of their lives and times.    


Due to an unforeseen situation, Fairfield University, a Division I school located in Fairfield Connecticut, is currently looking for a catcher to enroll this upcoming January.  Substantial money is available.  Please contact Julie Brzezinski at jbrzezinski@fairfield.edu or at (203)254-4000 Ext. 2368.  The catcher needs to be willing to enroll in this January 2011 — whether they come from a JUCO, an unhappy kid in a four year school or a really bright kid who would like to graduate early.    





2010 UMD All Skills Winter Camp    

Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010    

Ages: 10-18    

Price: $225
2011 Winter Pitching Sessions 
Date: Saturday, January 15, 2011    

Session I: Fundamentals & Mechanics (Ages 9-12)
Price: $100
Session II: Fine Tuning Your Delivery (Ages 12 &up)
Price: $100
Session III: Movement & Spins (Ages 12 &up)
Price: $100
2011 UMD All Skills Winter Camp    

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011    

Ages: 10-18    

Price: $225    

More details and registration information can be found on our website, terpssoftball.com.    




About 80% of the 18U, 16U and 14U qualifier dates and locations  have been set. Details can be found on Premier’s new website.    


The next big tournament which SPY will attend is Rising Stars in January.    

In response to questions from college coaches who did not attend Friday’s games, I would compare Zephyr’s Alex Reid to a younger Keilani Ricketts – in terms of size, latent pitching prowess, and hitting power.  A 2015, Alex is still growing, both physically and talent wise; she needs to be seen against increasingly better competition to make hard judgments about her future.  Hopefully, Alex will resist offers to commit early.  If her talent develops as expected, the offers will be there two years down the softball road.    





J.P Taravella High School:
Gardner-Webb University
Division 1
Big South Conference    


St. Thomas Aquinas High School:
Villanova University
Division 1
Big East Conference     

Pembroke Pines Charter High School:
Barry University
Division 2
Sunshine State Conference    

Pembroke Pines Charter High School:
St. Thomas University
Division 1

North Broward Prepatory High School:
Harvard University
Division 1
Ivy Group    

Stoneman Douglas High School:
Fairfield University
Division 1
Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference    

American Heritage High School:
University of Florida
Division 1
Southeastern Conference    

American Heritage High School:
George Washington University
Division 1
Atlantic 10 Conference    

Amanda Evola (OF) ’11 signed at Western Oregon Universtiy
Leslie Hancock (1B/3B) ’11 signed at Concordia University    

Jersey Outlaws    

Emily Bausher 2011 Lehigh University
Chelsea Dimon 2011 Boston College
Kristen Knorr 2011 Caldwell College
Maria Santiago 2011 Mt. St. Mary’s University
Melissa Swain 2011 William Paterson University    

Belmont University     

The Belmont Softball program announced the signing of five future Bruins to national letters of intent last week during the early signing period. Heather Turner, Kathryn Hollingsworth, Katie Clancy, Amanda Criscione and Kirbie Farrell.    

Nicole Babrowski – 2012 – OF Chicago White Sox Training Academy – Morehead State University    


Kaila Balagek  SS/UT  from Reading PA, Springford Sting Gold.
Courtney Paone, OF/P from Middletown NJ, East Coast Elite Gold.
Courtney Reinfeld  3B/1B from Parkland Fl, Florida Fury Gold.
Kayla Margentino  UT/SS/CF from Unionville CT, CT. Eliminators Gold
Emily Forst  C/UT  from Germantown MD, VA  Glory Gold.    

Beverly Bandits    

Faith Johnson          SS         Stagg                              UIC    

Victoria Dellorto       OF         Stagg                              Evansville    

Marissa Merch        OF          Downers Grove South       Univ. of Wisconsin    

Emily Norton            P          Oak Forest                       Radford    

Alyssa Wunderlich    P          Naperville Central             SIU    

Lia Romeo               C           Lockport                          Western Illinois    

Leigh Nebendahl       1st          Neuqua                           Univ. of Toledo    

Alyssa Smith           OF         Lyons Township               Univ. of Toledo    

Rikki Alcarez           2nd          Marist                              LSU    

Shannon Cawley        UT         Nazareth                         Indiana University    

Sammy Marshall       SS        Naperville North                Western Illinois    

Staci Bonezek          3rd          Tinley Park                       DePaul    

Lora Olson                P           Sandburg                         Indiana University    

Sara Driesenga         P            Hudsonville                      Univ. of Michigan    

Hanne Stuedemann   OF          Mattawan                        Ball State    

Jackie Warr              SS          Portage Central                Radford                             

Alex DiDomenico       P           Boardman                         Ohio State    


Sunday started badly.    

As Dan Hay and I left Embassy suites, a man, undoubtedly well-intentioned, whose grizzle and gray hair gave an impression of late 50s or early 60s, walked up, wished me a Happy Birthday, then proclaimed that I was the same age as his father (75).  Downer.    

Outsmarted myself.  Assuming the tournament would end with a 2pm game on Sunday, I had booked a 419pm flight to Portland (Thanksgiving with Allison).  Given the rainout, I arrived at John Wayne at noon, hoping to catch either the Alaska 2pm non-stop or the Delta 130pm thru Salt Lake.  But, I had checked a bag, and Alaska would not accept a Delta ticket, which mean arriving Portland at 5pm, then going back at 930 for my bag, at an extra cost of $275.  But, Alaska was oversold and I fortunately had not gambled on the ticket.  However, Delta would not book the 130 because there were no seats on the connecting flight thru Salt Lake.  Seems all flights were full.  Folks on Delta’s 2pm to Minneapolis  boarded, and sat in the plane for almost two hours until Delta had them disembark and wait for another plane; mechanical problems.  At 5pm, the plane for the 419 flight arrived and thankfully made the connection in Salt Lake to Portland.  The storm had eased.    

However, the trip shaped up nicely; I was given the front exit row.  Delta now has Wifi on 2000 planes, plus satellite TV, so watched second half of Giants loss to Eagles.  Giants were robbed; Eli had full possession when he hit the ground.    

Orange County was not using full-body scanners but I saw some people being patted.  The old crone at the entrance to x-ray insisted I still had metal on me – after removing my watch, cell phone, belt buckle, and hearing aid – so I had to remove a bridge which had wire in it.  As noted before, a policy is only as good as the people at the bottom of the ladder who implement it.  A supervisor came over and, confiscating my Coke (almost empty and forgotten) assured me they just followed orders – to which I replied, “That’s the Nuremburg defense.”  The expression on her face assured me she had no clue.  rfh    


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  1. Ace

    The theory that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John Kennedy was debunked many decades ago.
    And even if you believe he did, since the man never had a trial you ought to preface your accusation with the word “alleged”.

  2. Ace

    I’ll bet you a year’s wages that you couldn’t hit a stationary object from the TSBD 3 times in 6.3 seconds with a piece of junk Mannlicher-Carcano and I’ll bet you every penny I ever made that you couldn’t get one bullet to turn around and enter that stationary object from the front.

  3. Scott Buckel

    Hi Ray just wanted to let you know that Holly Buckel sign NLI to play at Mount St Marys. Holly is a 2011 Thnaks Scott Buckel 443-850-6323

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