11-23-10 Who Would Spy Recruit


Enormous caveat:  Spy has published lists of unsigned seniors for several years, but has been reluctant since 1996 to publish a list of recommended recruits.  However, a number of college coaches missed the pre-Thanksgiving tournament, traditionally a recruiting cornucopia. Thus, we have had more than our usual influx of inquiries.

Spy continues to be opposed to early verbals, but also recognizes that competitive pressure compels coaches to reach out to ever-younger players. Indeed, one very young player received two offers based solely on her performance in two practice games at the pre-Thanksgiving tournament.

But, Spy is in the information transfer business, and will break with tradition.  Readers should note carefully that Spy is not recommending that any school recruit any player.  Rather, we are saying that, if Spy was in the recruiting business, these are some players we think are worth watching by those who are in the recruiting business.

Bear in mind that, while Spy has seen each player named below, and saw performances which Spy thinks are college-potential, Spy is drawing on the TNJ, the Disney World and Surf City pre-Thanksgiving games (the latter curtailed by rain).  Many players with the same potential were probably at Rising Stars (fall), Ronald MacDonald, San Diego and other tournaments which Spy did not attend.  Spy has not seen any 16U teams. Thus, this list is limited – and the fact that a particular player is not mentioned does not equate to a negative evaluation of that player.  Again, Spy limits its consideration to just those players actually seen by Spy.  More, Spy realizes there may be other players with college-potential on the same teams we saw, but who did not standout at that point in time; remember, Spy saw some players just once.  And, many of the top performances at these tournaments were turned in by signed players, including many of the more-promising 2012 and 2013 players, even, regretfully 2014s.  As always, our long-time concern is that we may see a player on the very best day she will ever have – and never have again, but, for these moments in time, they sparkled.  rfh


Bell, Jamie.  P,OF.  VA Vienna Stars

Blumenfeld, Tayler.  2nd,UT.  WA Lake Breeze Gold-Leiter

Breeden, Alex.  C.  Jersey Intensity KOD

Drummond, Kristen.  P.  CA Rage-Guido

Finau, Fiana.  SS,2nd.  Teamsmith

Jiminez, Sammi.  2nd,SS,OF.  Absolute Blast-Bolstad

McChesney, Kylie.  SS,3rd.  WA Ladyhawks-Miller

Morris, Libby.  P.  Jersey Intensity KOD

Runion, Ashley.  1st,P. VA Glory Gold

Stermel, Alex.  OF,1st.  Jersey Intensity KOD

Torres, Claudia.  C,3rd,UT.  CA Rage-Guido

White,Leah.  OF.  Worth Firecrackers


Andrew, Paris.  3rd,SS.  CA Grapettes-Gomes

Bayne, Alexandra.  SS,OF.  Texas Storm Gold

Bouchard, Janelle.  C. IF.  Maine Frozen Ropes

Braun, Dani.  OF, all IF.  WA Sidewinders-Greenup

Burroughs, Jessica.  P.  Atlanta Vipers-Berry

Cadogan, Lisa.  C,1st.  Irvine Sting

Calvert, Kayla.  P,1st.  Texas Storm Gold

Caruso, Kayla.  P,1st. East Cobb Bullets

Fales, Carleigh.  P,1st. Team North Florida

Godin, Olivia.  C,of.  RI Thunder

Grijalva-Lujan, Celyna.  3rd,2nd  Teamsmith

Grossman, Dominique.  OF.  Miami Stingrays

Hochstetler, Shawna.  SS,UT.  Lake Breeze Gold-Leiter

Klecko, Gabrielle.  OF.  Jersey Intensity KOD

Klingler, Courtney.  C,3rd.  Texas Storm Gold

Knief, Lexi.  SS,2nd.  NJ Pride

Lord, Stephanie.  P.  OC Batbusters

McGivney, Michiko.  OF,1st.  Jersey Inferno

Montgomery, Lauren.  1st,3rd.  Texas Storm Gold

Munden, Leah.  P,UT.  CA Cruisers-Mel

Nappo, Tori.  OF.  Jersey Intensity KOD

Ota, Kiara. 2nd.  Irvine Sting

Ozanne, Corinne.  SS,3rd.  Jersey Inferno

Palmer, Shea.  2nd,OF.  AZ Hotshots Gold-Gatti

Paige-Stewart, Taylor.  P.OF,UT.  Teamsmith

Powers, Alex.  SS,3rd.  Team North Florida

Prantl, Cammi.  OF,C.  Beverly Bandits

Rico, Meghan.  P,OF.  RI Thunder

Schroeder, Nicole.  3rd,1st.  CA Cruisers-Mel

Solis, Kortney.  C,3rd.  CA Grapettes-Gomes

Sommer, Hanna.  1st.  CA Explosion

Winokur, Cailin.  2nd,P.  Jersey Inferno

Ziese, Courtney.  C,3rd.  CA Explosion

* Two players who drew praise at the Sun Classic combine (Disney World) were not listed with any of the participating teams; Spy is trying to establish their contact teams: 2013 pitcher Jocelyn Rivera and 2012 3rd Meagan May (a slugger).


Ashlock, Laura.  1st,3rd.  KC Zephyrs-Wade

Bean, Lara.  P,1st.  Texas Storm Gold

Behar, Chloe.  SS,CF,P.  Absolute Blast-Glenn

Floyd, Michelle.  P,1st.  OC Batbusters

Gonzalez, Vanessa.  OF,2nd.  Mizuno Pride

Hernandez, Alexa.  OF,2nd.  VA Shamrocks

Hoover, Carly.  P,1st.  CA Cruisers-Mel

Kaff, Valerie.  P,OF,UT.  AZ Hotshots Gold-Gatti

Ladines, Ronnie.  P,OF.  WA Lake Breeze Gold-Leiter

Landini, Monique.  2nd,OF  Mizuno Pride

Mayer, Lindsay.  SS,3rd.  RI Thunder

Petakoff, Larissa.  P,UT,  Mizuno Pride

Reuble, Alyssa.  P,1st.  WA Lake Breeze Gold-Leiter

Robles, Lexi.  SS,2nd,OF.  Worth Firecrackers

Robles, Samantha.  P,1st.  Houston Power

Sandborg, Holly.  1st,OF.  Absolute Blast-Bolstad

Schreyer, Madison.  P,1st.  WA Ladyhawks-Miller

Spallone, Gabriella.  OF.  Miami Stingrays

Underhill, Sydney.  P,1st.  Teamsmith

Wince, Ashton.  C,1st.  Vienna Stars


Davis, Allison.  P,UT.  Vienna Stars

Husk, Brittany.  2nd,SS.  Miami Stingrays

Jelenicki, Maddy.  C,1st.  OC Batbusters

Tidwell, Kelsey.  SS,3rd,2nd.  WA Sidewinders-Greenup

West, Breanna.  C,UT.  Absolute Blast-Glenn


Cooper, Cori.  P.  KC Zephyrs-Wade

Reid, Alexis.  P,1st.  KC Zephyrs-Wade

 Spy will augment this report after the Rising Stars tournament in January.

3 thoughts on “11-23-10 Who Would Spy Recruit

  1. Gary

    You should have never started with these recommendations because you are so way off. You list players who are already committed and only to stir things up there. You also list players clearly as a favor to your travel ball coaches while you leave out other top prospects. And, don’t you think that the college coaches know already who the top recruits are already? Why use your position here to promote kids who do not really have the athletic ability to play at the highest level. You really need to get your facts straight about some things you post!

  2. StolenBase

    You should have stuck with tradition RH. Why is it you always promote the same travel teams and your travel ball coach friends. These players are leftovers for D2 and D3 schools.

  3. Dave

    You have missed a lot of very good players who were at the tournaments you attended while including some very mediocre players who will never play D-1 or 2.

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