11-23-2013 Thanksiving Tournament Saturday Scores

Friday pool games were cancelled
The tournament does not post scores; these results were obtained onsite by Spy.  The games ended about 930, the remaining fans enduring the bitter cold common to November night games.


So Cal Athletics 3, CA Cruisers 0
Hayley Copeland (South Carolina 2014) pitched for Athletics.  Hilary Hilburn (Utah 2016) pitched for the Cruisers.

CA Choppers 3, Explosion 0
These pitchers may well do battle in D1 for their intended colleges; Caitlyn Brooks (Notre Dame 2015) was the winner over Brittany Finney (Oklahoma 2015). The game was essentially decided by a 2-run double by Lauren Lindvall (Oregon 2014),

So Cal Athletics 4, Wichita Mustangs 2
Selina Taamilo (UCLA 2014), a very hard throwing pitcher of Samoan ancestry, pitched for SCA’s. Allie Krueger (2015) for the Mustangs. Not a game to write home about; both pitchers had difficulty consistently hitting their spots; both teams failed to exploit bases-loaded situations.  Top 1st SCA Jenna Holcomb (2016) tripled and scored on an rbi by Carlee Wallace (2014 Auburn).  The Mustangs tallied two in the 3rd. Runs scored by Reagan Hathaway (2015 Texas) and Miranda Rohleder (2016). The A’s came back with two in the 4th and added an insurance run in the 7th on consecutive doubles by Kennedy Clark (2015 South Carolina) and Taylor Rowland  (2015 Tennessee).

Batbusters Haning 7, Sorcerer 2.  The Batbusters jacked 3 home runs, two by Maddy Jelenicki (UCLA 2014), another by Tannon Snow (2015 Washington).  Sorcerer homers were hit by Julia Deponte (2014 Washington) and Kylee Perez (2014 UCLA).

The Next Level 8, CA Grapettes 0
Karissa Frazier (2014 UIC) pitched for TNL.  Mariah Gonzales (2016) started for Grapettes.  The climb to 8-0 began with a 4-run, bases-loaded outburst in the 3rd, highlighted by a triple by Kailey Hill (2014 USD).

OC Batbusters Haning 3, TX Impact 2

So Cal Athletics 3, Grapettes 2

Batbuster Briggs 2, Vienna Stars 1

NJ Intensity KOD 3, Batbusters Haning 2
Allison Frei (2014 Boston College) started for Intensity; Madeline Smith (2016) relieved in the 4th.  Alyssa Vanderveer (2014 Penn State) doubled in two runs for Intensity top 1st. The Batbusters scored a run in the 2nd and tied in the 3rd.  Intensity scored the go-ahead run in the 4th on a double by Carly Servini (2015).  Marissa Lopez (2015 Oklahoma) pitched for the BBH.  The run in the 3rd was scored on doubles by Amanda  Lorenz (2025 Florida) and Syd Romero (2015 Oklahoma).

WA Ladyhawks 3, Batbusters Stith 2
Katie Donovan (2014 Utah) pitched the win.  Trailing 2-0, the Ladyhawks racked 3 runs in the 3rd.  Kaylee Ree (2015) reached on error; Ashlyn Lyons (2014) tripled; Morgan Figuerora (Fordham (2014) reached on an error; Celine Fowler (2024) brought in the go-ahead run with a sac fly.  Marissa Lopez (2015 Oklahoma) pitched for the junior Batbusters.

Raiders 5, NJ Intensity 4
Intensity had the tying run on 3rd when time expired.

Corona Angels Marty 4, Beverly Bandits 2
Rachel Garcia (2015 UCLA) got the win.  Meghan Beaubien (2017) pitched for Bandits.

NJ Intensity KOD 4, Beverly Bandits 1
Madeline Smith (2015) pitched for Intensity.  Meghan Beaubir=en pitched a consecutive game for Bandits.

Note: Spy saw games on four fields; Harvard Park does not permit golf carts and Spy is handicapped, so he dragged a chair from field to field.  On Sunday, Spy will watch games on the western side of Harvard Park..



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