11-24-2013 Surf City Sunday Scores

November 24 2013
Due to personal physical limitations. Spy only covered a few games at Harvard Park


VA Stars 4, Team Mizuno NW Burnum 3
This was a big win for the Stars who lost to Batbuster Briggs 2-1, 4-0 nto Firecrackers Young, and 5-0 to So Cal Athletics Quarles.  Jess Cummings (2014 Penn State) got the win; xxxx took the loss.  The first run of the game was scored by Olivia Makogopolous (2016 with Ivy League grades) who beat out an infield hit.  Amanda Hendrix (2015 pitcher) had an rbi. No roster for Burnum; P 15 took the loss.


Magic 2, Vienna Stars 1
Makayla Shadle (2014) and Alexa McCoin (2014) split the Magic pitching chores. Jess Cummings (2014 Penn State) took the loss.  Cassidy Martin (2014 Sac State) doubled; Magic left bases loaded. Second inning: Alejandra Garcia (2014 Cal Poly)  and scored on a triple by Zamati Hinton (2014 Sac State); she scored on a passed ball.


American Freedom 1, AZ Firecrackers 1
Katelynn Dawson (2016) pitched for Freedom.  Lefty xxxxx pitched for Firecrackers. Firecrackers, who scored in the 1st, loaded bases in the 3rd, no score.  In the Freedom 3rd, Chelsea Thomas (2014 Missouri State) walked. Kennedy Legg  (2016)singled, run scored, but a tiebreaking run was out at home on a fielder’s choice.


Batbusters LaStrapes 2, WA Lake Breeze 1

Two Batbuster pitchers – 2015 Tiffany Kennedy Cummings and 2015 Courtney Sheldon – had a no-hitter for 6 innings until 2015 Kate Kinney led the Breeze 7th with a double off Sheldon.  Kendall Adams 2016 reached on an error at short, the run scoring.  In the Batbuster 1st, Haeley Tran 2016 singled, scored on a passed ball.  In the 3rd, Carmyn Ybarra 2017 singled; scored on a single ny Briana Paysinger 2016.


Corona Angels Marty , So Cal Athletics 0
Jazmyn Jackson (2014 Cal) opened the 3rd with a single.  Ashley Goodwin (2014 Ohio State) singled, rbi.  Miranda Viramontes (2014 Utah) pitched the shutout against the Athletics who had problems scoring this weekend.   The “throwin Samoan” Selina Taamilo (2014 UCLA) was much more focused  today than when we saw her on Saturday, still throwing heat but the curve broke sharply.


OC Batbusters Haning 5, Raiders 1

Kaylee Carlson (2014 UNC) was very effective.  The Batbusters scored 3 runs in the 1st. Madeline Jelenicki  (2014 UCLA) singled; Syd Romero (2015 Oklahoma) followed; Janell Wheaton  (2014 Florida) doubled, rbi; Tannow Snow (2015 Washington) singled in two runs.  Romero singled and scored in the 4th; Wheaton reached on an error at short; pinch runner Natalie Peters (2015 Michigan) scored on a hit by Alysha Everett (2014 Oregon).  The Raiders scored in their last at bat on a leadoff double and single.


Excellent tournament; cold at night; fields were well maintained; umpires were favorably received.




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