11-25-10 November 25 Update

NOVEMBER 24-25 2010 





Godin, Olivia.  C,of.  RI Thunder has verballed to U Mass

Nikki Owens 2011 P/OF San Jose Lady Sharks has committed to California

NJ Mystics Gold 2011 Commitments
Jocilyn Rudisill-OF-RPI
Ciera Rojas-OF-Univeristy of Pacific
Shayla Giosia-CF, SS,Utl-Stony Brook Univeristy
Olivia Lawerence-C, 1B-University of South Carolina


Kaitlyn O’Donnell   Miami Univ

Kristen Berger  Lafayette Univ 

Sam Bowlsby  Robert Morris

Megan Harris. Univ of Virginia

Lacey Waldrop Florida State Univ

Morgan Lascher  United States Military Academy West Point

Cassidy Whidden  Univ of Notre Dame

Corrin Genovese  Univ of Missouri

Tyler Weil  Univ of Delaware

Libby Morris  Longwood Univ

Alissa Schoelkopf  Monmouth Univ.

2012 verballed players

Macy Jones Penn State Univ

Haley Smith  Louisiana State Univ


2013 pitcher Jocelyn Rivera pitched at Disney for NJ Intensity KOD

Olivia Godin, listed as unsigned in coaches books, has verballed to UMass

Morris, Libby.  P.  Jersey Intensity KOD, committed to Longwood

Note: some parents/coaches have asked Spy to add players to the list of prospective recruits; as stated in the prologue, SPY (which maintains a separate list of unsigned seniors) listed ONLY those players whom Spy had seen in action.


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Assistant Softball Coach Marty McDaniel suffered a heart attack following a prolonged exercise session on Wednesday and is currently resting comfortably in the cardiac intensive care unit at UT Hospital in Knoxville after undergoing a surgical procedure this evening to place two stents in his right coronary artery. He is expected to be released from the hospital perhaps as early as Friday and according to his physicians at UT will make a full recovery.  McDaniel should be back to full speed prior to the February beginning of the 2011 Tennessee softball campaign.


In all the years of publishing Spy, there have been fewer than ten criticisms.  The list inspired two readers this week to post really caustic comments, which my webmaster, Allison, posted on the web site.  Frankly, I found them insulting.  More, they read as though the authors did not read the prologue which contained numerous caveats.

Again, Spy in the past has published a list of unsigned seniors.  Over time, that list has received fewer postings, largely because so many players verbal early, sometimes as much as four years before they are eligible to sign an NLI, thus reducing the pool of unsigned seniors. 

The list of recruits which Spy recommended that college coaches watch was pulled together from a small group of tournaments:  TNJ, Sun Classic, Surf City.  More, all but the Friday practice games at Surf City were rained out, obviously limiting the number of players prospectively seen by Spy.

The genesis for the list, a departure from Spy tradition, was primarily a response to college coaches who did not have an opportunity because of the rainout to evaluate players at Surf City.  More, Spy does not recommend that a player be recruited, the recommendation is that the players listed should be watched as prospective recruits.

While this list is new in the sense of being published, it is not unique.  Spy has put together such lists for years to make recommendations to ASA, USA Softball, ESPN, Gatorade and others who consult Spy regularly when formulating lists of All Americans, or candidates for national teams, etc.  Those lists have never been published.

Spy plans a viewing schedule before each tournament, with primary and secondary selections for each period of the tournament day.  Having the golf cart is not only essential because of a torn meniscus, but is critical to Spy’s exposure plan.  Eg, some teams at Surf City would not be seen until Saturday at Harvard and Barber Parks, and others would not be seen until Sunday at Huntington.  The rainout assured that some Surf City teams and their players would not be seen at the pre-Thanksgiving tourney.

Spy does not favor friends among travel ball coaches on the top teams; indeed, there are players on that list whose coaches I do not know.  There were 69 teams at Sun Classic.  Spy saw all or parts of games involving 48 teams, some of whom seldom if ever make it into a championship round.

Nor does Spy talk to travel ball coaches about his assessments of individual players, but will ask their opinions and those of college coaches, with whom he does share opinions – but never shares written comments before they are published.  Most game-related conversations in fact involve scorekeepers – about missed plays, about identities (difficult given changed numbers, players not being recorded in coaches guide books, etc), and about commitments.  For comparison purposes, Spy will ask coaches and scorekeepers about previous games which Spy did not see, including stats/performances by key players.  Such communication is essential to both accuracy and scope of coverage.

A discerning reader (unlike the two critics) would realize that the list as such was presaged in Spy game notes posted after each tournament.  Virtually every player on that list was previously highlighted for the quality of her play at a tournament – all on a public record.  The list should not have come as a surprise to regular readers of Spy.

Every player on the list was identified in the college coaches guidebooks at these three tournaments as uncommitted.  One critic suggested the majority were committed.  To date, SPY has learned that two were already committed, as noted above.

Spy doubts that these two critics have seen most (or any) of the players listed, and thus finds the allegation that they are second and third tier players insulting and dumbfounded.  Spy knows that some have already received tentative offers from schools which are ranked in the NCAA D1 top 25.  The presence of as many as 200 college coaches, including the top D1 teams, is testament to the quality of play on these teams.

If there is a point in all of this which bothers Spy it is that the list is so limited.  Spy will augment the list – possibly – after the Rising Stars tournament.  Spy has received suggestions about young players who, in all probability, are equal in potential to the players on the list.  But, one rule Spy doesn’t change:  Spy only makes recommendations to college coaches about players Spy has seen.  Thus, while Spy received many glowing reports on Tori Finucaine before and after she verballed to Missouri, Spy did not offer an appraisal until Tori, a superb pitcher, was seen by Spy at a tournament.

So, Spy will not be adding names to the list unless those players have been seen.

Which broaches a dilemma.  What about all the worthy players who have not been seen to this point but want to be on a Spy list?  Frankly, most of the players mentioned to Spy after the list was published are 2012 and beyond; they will be seen at future tournaments by college coaches and hopefully by Spy.  I just read about a 2014 whose father reports very positive skills and accomplishments.  He and his daughter may be anxious to be recruited but, as difficult as patience is to acquire, they have time.  Spy is keeping a list of all these recommendations, and will look for these players at upcoming tournaments.  RFH


The owner of the world’s most costly yacht – which cost $350 million including $45,000 gold-plated faucets in the master suite – spends $500,000 each time he fills the beast with gasoline.

Two Swiss firms which specialize in intricate watches, have watches for $250,000.

The weekly magazines are chock full of ads for exotic vacations, private jets, luxury watches at $10,000 and up, etc and society reports on weddings and other parties costing at least a million.

Meanwhile, the nation’s 464 largest companies are telling Forbes they will provide the usual munificent bonuses to top employees – including the largest banks.

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