12-26-10 December 26 2010 Update




Macie McGeehan ss/3rd from the NJ Gators Gold signed National Letter Intent to play at Towson University

Courtney Ziese, 2012 catcher with So Cal Explosion has comitted to Georgia Tech University

Mandie Abbruzzese , 2012, OF –  Ohio Nightmare Gold verbal commitment to Ohio State University


North Carolina A&T St. Univ.

1601 E. Market Street

Greensboro C 27411

Mamie Jones


Looking for a Pitcher to come in January




COLUMBIA, S.C. – Former South Carolina four-year letter-winner Chrissy Schoonmaker returns to the Gamecock softball program as a volunteer assistant


“Chrissy  has  been  a  great  addition  to  our  staff,”  said  head  coach  Beverly  Smith.  “We  are  trying  to  expose  her  to  as  many  aspects  of  coaching,  from

administrative duties to on the field practice. She has been excellent in all areas. The positive attitude she brings every day is infectious. With the combination

of her competitiveness, her desire to win and the pride she has for her alma mater, I know she will have an impact on our team this season.”

Schoonmaker, a 2007 graduate who completed her master’s in 2009 at South Carolina, played from 2004-06 before returning from a broken neck to play in

2008. A five-time Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll member and two-time National Fastpitch Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete, she earned

a spot on the initial SEC All-Defensive Team in 2008 as one of two second basemen selected. As a player, Schoonmaker played all four infield positions and

the outfield during her four years on the diamond, posting eight career home runs during her career.

Since completing her eligibility, Schoonmaker spent a year in the Gamecocks’ revenue development department before moving to a public relations job at

Lexington Medical Center. To start her coaching career, she served as an assistant softball coach at Dreher High School in 2009 before being promoted to co-

head coach in 2010.



White Christmas

The Irving Berlin standard was recorded by Bing Crosby for the 1945 film, ‘Holiday Inn,” in which he sang to Marjorie Reynolds. Bing re-recorded the song in 1954 for the film “White Christmas” which also starred Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen.  The latter recording became the most popular version.  “White Christmas” is the best selling record of all time.

What Recession?  The Jordan Brand

All over the USA, crowds queued at 11pm, when malls closed, for a one-hour advance sale of the 25th version of Air Jordan.  The 2010 shoe by Nike sells for $170; indeed, while the first sneaker cost $65 in 1984, the next twenty-four editions each cost more than $100.  The shoes are top of the line, with sales bolstered by very creative ad campaigns – some featuring the P-51 fighter plane, others with Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, stealth fighter touches and Jordan’s own Ferrari.  (The Nike catalog was the only thing to read in the bathroom, so I thought I would share all of this valuable info.)

What Recession?

All the top of the rack magazines are replete with ads for private or charter jets; even emails to those who read the Wall St Journal.  Why the surge in rentals?  Corporation boards became sensitive to the costs of company ownership, after the CEO’s of the major auto companies were chastised for flying company jets to Washington to ask for a bailout of the auto industry.  But, give up the perks?  Forbid!  They lease the same Gulfstreams etc they used to own.

Predictable Goon Quotient at TSA

I seldom use Washington National airport  (Reagan) because Dulles usually has the most non-stops.  To attend NFCA, I flew US Airways and Frontier.  At the TSA line, where you disrobe, unpack your computer, etc, a most attractive tall, sandy-haired lass with a sweater which enhanced her curves, bolted the line and got ahead of me.  I knew the TSA spotted her; they usually make people go to the back of the line, but they let her through – and she went into the machine.  Not sure they saw anything, but I just knew she was about to receive the kind of pat-down reserved for wedding nights (or first encounters).

Will There Be a 2011 NFL Lockout?

Pro football generates $8 billion for the teams, and more than $3 billion in ad revenue for the TV networks.  Another $3 billion is earned in ancillary fashion by restaurants, hotels, clothing manufacturers, etc.  Given the topmost popularity of pro football, one would think that the billionaire owners and millionaire players could reach agreement for the benefit of their legions of loyal fans.

Admittedly, football has its issues, pro and collegiate.  I think Notre Dame should fire Kelly; his reaction to two student deaths disqualifies him to lead one of the most honored institutions.  I think Oklahoma should fire Venables as defensive coordinator; the Sooners simply give up too many yards and points; Missouri running the same hook and lateral which Boise State used to embarrass Oklahoma is unacceptable.  Can’t fire Stoops; he not only lives in a mega mansion, he’s building another.  There’s no way any TV company should reward Siragusa’s stupidity with actual money.  The Redskins will never win the Super Bowl with Snyder as the owner; despicable little crud who thinks his money is the open sesame to breaking all manner of laws and standards, on and off the field.

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