12-4-2012 Urgent Jr World Selections

Urgent Jr World Selection


During the Travel Ball Caucus at the NFCA convention, which concluded Saturday, ASA Executive Director Ron Radigonda advised that the Women’s National Team Selection Committee is reviewing the softball resumes for players who may be selected for the 2013 USA Junior World Team.


But, contrary to rumor, no decisions have been made.


Moreover, Radigonda emphasized that eligibility is not limited to players who participated in the 2012 ASA Gold Nationals.  The WNTSC will also consider players who have been processed through the National Player Identification Program, commonly called the Softball Factory.  And, perhaps a few other players identified and evaluated by the WNTSC.


Radigonda also emphasized that the selections will be made by the WNTSC, and not by national teams director Ronnie Isham.  (In Spy’s experience, Isham has a strong influence on the WNTSC.)


The next opportunity to participate in the Softball Factory evaluation program is December 9 at Agoura Hills HS, Agoura Hills CA.  To participate, contact director Zack Bryant, 855-822-5115. Alternatively, contact Lee Ann Jarvis, same number.


Another evaluation will be held March 10 in Baltimore, but Spy anticipates that the 2013 team will have been selected at that point.



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