12-7-10 December 7 Update


Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember the epic attack on the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, the deaths aboard sunken ships, which catapulted America into World War II, but, also remember the failures of intelligence, which have haunted us and dogged our steps through 911.


Washington Ladyhawks Gold Miller – Commitment

Erika Smyth – University of Minnesota

2013 Mickey Blad verbal BYU

USSSA 16U National Champions

Jade Bourgeois 2011 – SPring Hill College Mobile Alabama

Elise deBruler 2011 – Spring Hill College Mobile Alabama

Shea Blanchard 2011 – Spring Hill College Mobile Alabama

NJ Pride

2011 Jen Retzer p to UPenn

2011 Maggy Fermo of to Drexel

2011 Victoria Vergona 1b to Lafayette.

2011 Jessica Mahoney p to Temple


Meghan Heiser


2009/2011 Transfer

8720 Fallbrook Way

Sacramento, CA 95826

Catcher/ 1st Base

2010 PBC All-Conference Tournament 1st Team (FMU)

PBC Presidential Honor Roll (FMU)

Francis Marion University (Fall2009-Fall2010)

South Florida CC (Jan2011-May2011)


Virginia Tech Coach Scot Thomas and N.C. State Coach Lisa Navas, and other College Coaches and Players, will join Extreme Performance Academy January 15, 2011 for the d1showcase.com College Fastpitch Skills and Drills Clinic at Extreme Performance Academy Indoor Facility in Chester VA. This will be an excellent opportunity to improve on your softball talent and skills. This Clinic will also be a great opportunity for players and parents to get a few pointers on the players progression through their sport to help prepare them for College.



A profile in courage. The world lost Elizabeth Edwards today, a woman whose brave, six-year fight against breast cancer, inspired us all – as a mother, a role model, a savvy politician.  Like  many, I had a higher opinion of her than John.

The party’s over. Dandy Don Meredith made that phrase his signature during two stints as a color broadcaster on Monday Night Football.  When the former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback teamed with Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford, MNF was “must” watching for years.

My name’s not Shirley. Leslie Nielsen had many laugh lines in the comedies in which he starred, after many successful years on Broadway, in movies and on television, but this line from “Airplane” appeared in many obituaries.

Some Like It Hot. Tony Curtis left behind a number of memorable films, and this Billy Wilder comedy with Jack Lemmon is considered by many to be his best performance, but he was a standout performer with Sidney Poitier in a white/black relationship film and more than held his own against Burt Lancaster in an expose of syndicated columnists and press agents.

Eddie Fisher. Many remembered this crooner as a cuckold, but he sang some memorable ballads, and, before he lost Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, he wooed and won them.


There is this cute little girl.  She has lost both of her front teeth so at

times she speaks with a lisp.  She goes into the local pet store and approaches

a salesman and tugs on his sleeve.

“Excuse me mister.”

The salesman turns to see this cute little girl.  So that he doesn’t tower over

her he crouches down.

“Yes, little lady, how can I help you?”

The little girl says, “Do you have any bunny rabbits?”

“Well of course we have bunny rabbits” the salesman responds.  “We have white

ones that are really soft, we have furry brown ones and we have a few very

special and very beautiful black ones.  What color bunny would you like?”

The little girl is confused.  “Well, I … I don’t think my python gives a damn.”

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