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San Diego, California announced as new host for 2011 ASA 18-Under GOLD National Championship

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America announced today that the 2011 ASA Girls’ 18-Under GOLD National Championship will now be played in the Greater San Diego area. Also, the competition dates will be changed to July 24-30, 2011.  With Southern California ASA as the tournament host, the 64-team and most prominent ASA Junior Olympic tournament will take place at the Sportsplex-USA facilities in Santee and Poway.

Following the ASA Council Meeting in Shreveport, La., the 18-U GOLD will continue on a rotational basis with the ASA Hall of Fame Complex in Oklahoma City, Okla., hosting every other year in the east/west rotation.  In 2012, the tournament will take place in Oklahoma City and an east coast site will be selected for 2013.

“Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have moved the 2011 GOLD tournament to San Diego with new dates of July 24-30,” said ASA Executive Director Ron Radigonda. “Southern California ASA assistance has been instrumental in this move and we are looking forward to hosting this tournament in San Diego.  The opening of the new state of the art Sportsplex – USA softball facility in Santee played a large role in locating this tournament in the Greater San Diego Area. This tournament continues to bring the best in softball and with our rotation we feel this is the best solution to meet the needs of the teams and everyone else involved in the success of the GOLD.”

For more information on the host facility in San Diego, please visit www.sportsplexusa.com.

“Southern California ASA is honored and excited to be selected as the host association for the 2011 18-Under GOLD National Championship,” said So Cal Commissioner Phil Gutierrez. “We have a great host venue in San Diego with excellent playing facilities, outstanding hotel accommodations, and wonderful weather.  W e very much look forward to hosting this prestigious ASA event.”  “Sportsplex USA is excited to be hosting this prestigious ASA event at our two facilities in San Diego,” said Bill Berghoff, Sportsplex USA President.  “We look forward to working with ASA and showcasing America’s Finest City.”

Below is the code reference to the site rotation referenced above:

Article: 602 H 09 The Junior Olympic Girls 18 and Under Gold Fast Pitch will be rotated to Oklahoma City every other year and in the off years will be placed in other parts of the country by the Executive Director.

Comments: Rotates Gold into Oklahoma City every other year.

Below is the code reference to the new date formula for the 18-Under GOLD National Championship:

Article 509 C 04 f Girls’ ASA Gold 18-Under Fast Pitch. This National Championship Final shall be scheduled and completed on the weekend that includes the last Saturday in July and not be held more than seven (7) days. This event won’t have an opening ceremonies event and the managers meeting can’t be scheduled prior to 6:00 PM on the prior Sunday.

Comments: Moves the Gold National Championship up one weekend.

Be sure to stay posted with GOLD updates by visiting http://gold.asasoftball.com.


Ohio Lasers White -update

Reagan Stofchek to Wright State University(Played with Lasers Aqua previously)

Arsenal Softball 18U

Nicole Clowdus 2012 Catcher verbeled to Loyola Marymount University

Ashley Rey 2012 Pitcher Florida CrossFire verballed today to Morehead State University.

Tierney Nelson – 2012 – Pitcher – Michigan Athletics – Morehead State University

Lakewood Firecrackers / Commitments

Jasmine Antunez – 2012 – Cal State University – Fullerton

Garie Blando – 2012 – University of Nevada- Las Vegas

Nicole Innamorato – 2012 – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Arianna Palomares – 2012 – University of California – Santa Barbara

Kayla Papez – 2012 – Cal State University – Sacramento

Kaylee Puailoa – 2012 – University of Georgia

Leia Ruiz – 2012 – San Diego State University

Sarah Smith – 2012 – Baylor University

Loren Stavrou –2012- University of Texas San Antonio

Amanda Weis – 2012 – University of Nevada – Reno

Breana West – 2012 – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


The 2010 convention attracted 1,025 registrants, including 373 D1 coaches and assistants, 128 DII, and 115 from DIII. Registration reflects the division of power in NFCA, which remains in essence a college coaches conference. There were 100 highschool and 59 travel ball coaches in attendance (there are more than 800 travel ball members).

Legislative and policy proposals, which are essentially enacted by a Head Coaches Committee (all college coaches representing the D1 conferences), will be discussed Thursday in group caucuses.

Two NCAA proposals will draw much of the discussion:  increased pressure testing of bats, and, limiting early verbals. There will also be discussion of “hot” topics such as amending or eliminating the eight run rule.

The convention began with remarks by NFCA president Carol Bruggeman and executive director Lacey Lee Baker, sandwiched around brief presentations by ISF president Don Porter and ASA executive director Ron Radigonda, offering linked views of the future of fastpitch softball.  The day ended with a nearly hour-long motivational speech by Don Gordon, author of The Energy Bus. There were awards presented to NFCA coaching staffs of the year.

USA Softball, Radigonda said, will participate in 2011 in the World Cup, Canada Cup, Japan Cup, and Pan American games.  Looking far ahead, Radigonda noted that the IOC will decide the venues for the 2020 Olympics at a meeting in 2013.  The expectation, which Porter also shared, is that six or seven candidate sports – including softball, which Porter emphasizes remains an Olympic sport – will be considered.  IOC is expected to drop a current sport and add a sport not on the 2016 schedule.

Radigonda said the key to improving worldwide interest – and IOC support – is education.  In particular, he focused on a proposal to involve foreign coaches in the colleges fall ball programs.  Foreign coaches, whose housing and other expenses would be paid by the colleges, would participate for 10 days to observe practices and games.  He encouraged coaches in the audience to participate.

Like other speakers, Radigonda urged college coaches to apply for the newly-announced round of selecting coaches for the USA national teams.  There was a shortage of qualified coaches this past summer.

Also looking ahead to the 2013 IOC meeting, Porter emphasized the need to energize and involve the 127 national softball federations.  Porter noted that ISF has distributed more than $3 million in softball equipment to 99 of these federations, much of the equipment donated by US teams.  He stressed a need to have more involvement in the Middle East and in Africa.

Although its ranks have shrunk from eight teams to four, NPF remains optimistic about its future, and, in particular, cited the success this fall of the program in which NPF squads competed against more than a dozen college teams.

As to softball’s prospects in the 2013 vote, Porter called it “a roll of the dice.”

Porter had special praise for the Special Olympics program.

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