2-15-2014 Saturday February 15 DI Games



NFCA poll February 10

Note: some reporting services list games not on all schedules


1.  Tennessee vs Illinois (late)/def South Florida 3-2

2. Florida def Ohio State 19-2/def CS Northridge 6-0

3.  Washington vs Oklahoma/vs Delaware State

4.  Alabama upset by Arizona 3-0/vs Georgia Tech

5.  Arizona State def Illinois State 4-2/vs SIU Edwardsville/def SJSU 7-4

6.  Michigan 7, Central Arkansas 0/def Louisiana Lafayette 15-1

7.  Kentucky def IPFW 2-1/def Louisiana Tech 6-3

8.  Texas A&M def McNeese State11-3/def Oregon State 5-4

9.  Nebraska vs SF Austin/vdef Sam Houston State 2-0

10. Oregon 6, Chattanoog 4a/def Ohio State 9-0 (no hitter?)

11. Oklahoma 7, SIU Edwardsville 0/vs Delaware/vs Washington

12. UCLA def Western Kentucky 5-0/def Robert Morris 9-0

13. Florida State 9, NDSU 0/def Southern Miss 11-0/vs Hofstra?

14. Missouri def Drake 9-0/ Notre Dame/vs North Carolina

15.  Texas  7, Louisiana Tech 2/def IPFW 10-2

16. Baylor upset by Lipscomb 1-0/def Iowa 2-0

17. Stanford def Bradley 5-0/def Cal Poly 6-2

18. South Alabama upset by Northwestern 2-1/vs Georgia

19. Georgia vs Ohio/vs South Alabama

20. Louisiana Lafayette def Memphis 13-2/def by  Michigan 15-1

21. LSU def by South Alabama 2-1/def George Washington 8-4/vs Northwestern/vs Penn State

22. Minnesota def  BYU 13-6/def Boise State 11-2

23. California upset by Texas State 4-3/ CS Fullerton

24. Arizona def Tennessee State 10-1/ Georgia Tech/def Alabama 3-0

25. Louisville def by Notre Dame 6-3/def by North Carolina 4-2


compiled by softballscoresnow, NFCA, ESPN and Spy (3 hrs for basics)




Arizona State vs Illinois State

Arizona State vs SIU Edwardsville

Army vs Houston

Binghamton vs Illinois

Binghamton vs Wright State

Boston College v s Valparaiso

Cal Poly vs Pacific

Cal Poly vs Stanford

CS Fullerton vs California

Florida 19, Ohio State 2

Florida A&M vs Central Florida

Florida State vs SDSU/vs Southern Miss

Florida State vs TBD

Florida vs CS Northridge

Florida vs CS Northridge

Florida vs Ohio State

Fordham vs College of Charleston

Fordham vs DePaul

George Mason vs USC Upstate

George Washington vs Penn State

Georgia Tech vs Arizona

Hofstra vs Florida State

Illinois vs Binghamon

Illinois vs Tennessee

Iowa vs Baylor

Iowa vs UAB

James Madison vs Central Florida

Kansas vs Coll of Charleston

Kansas vs Western Carolina

Kentucky 2, IPFW 1

Kentucky 2, IPFW 1

LaSalle vs Central Carolina

Lipscomb vs Baylor

Louisiana Tech vs Texas

Louisville def by Notre Dame 6-3

Louisville vs North Carolina

Maine vs Charleston Southern

Maine vs TBD

Maryland vs Long Island

Memphis vs Boston College

Memphis vs Louisiana Lafayette

Michigan State vs Illinois State

Michigan State vs San Jose State

Michigan vs Central Arkansas

Michigan vs Louisiana Lafayette

Minnesota vs Boise State

Minnesota vs BYU

Minnesota vs BYU/vs Boise State

Mississippi State vs Long Island

Missouri vs North Carolina

Missouri vs Notre Dame

NC State vs Butler

NC State vs UMKC

Nebraska Omaha vs Auburn

Nebraska vs Sam Houston State

Nebraska vs SF Austin

North Carolina vs Missouri

Northwestern 2, South Alabama 1

Northwestern vs George Washington

Northwestern vs LSU

Notre Dame 6, Louisville 3

Notre Dame vs Missouri

Ohio State run-ruled by  Florida 19-2

Ohio State vs Oregon

Ohio vs Georgia

Oklahoma State vs Rutgers

Oklahoma State vs Wichita State

Oklahoma vs Delaware State

Oklahoma vs SIU Edwardsville

Oklahoma vs Washington

Ole Miss vs DePaul

Ole Miss vs Western Carolina

Oregon State vs Texas A&M

Oregon vs Chattanooga/vs Ohio State

Penn State vs George Washington

Penn State vs Hawaii

Penn State vs LSU

Penn State vs LSU

Penn State vs Seattle

Pittsburgh vs South Florida

Pittsburgh vs South Florida

Pittsburgh vs Wright State

Purdue vs Central Carolina

Rutgers vs Oklahoma State

Rutgers vs UTSA

Sam Houston State vs Houston

South Alabama vs Georgia

South Carolina vs Maryland

St Bonaventure vs Jacksonville State

St Bonaventure vs TBD

St John’s vs Arkansas

St Josephs vs Bucknell

Stanford vs Bradley/vs Cal Poly

Syracuse vs Purdue

Tennessee vs Illinois

Tennessee vs South Florida

Tennessee vs South Florida

Texas A&M vs McNeese State

Texas Tech vs Texas A&M CC

Texas Tech vs Weber State

Texas vs Louisiana Tech

Texas vs TBD

UCLA VS Robert Morris

UCLA vs Western Kentucky

Umass vs Florida Atlantic

UMBC vs Liberty

UMBC vs UNC Wilmington

Virginia Tech vs Appalachian State

Virginia Tech vs USC  Upstate

Virginia vs Radford

Virginia vs UNC Greensboro

Western Illinois vs Auburn

Wisconsin vs Florida International







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