3-4-2014 March 4 Weekly Conference Honors



America East player of the week                                               Taylor Hall, UMBC America East pitcher of the week                             Jessica Holte, UMBC America East rookie of the week                              Jessica Holte, UMBC American Athletic player of the week                     Kourtney Salvarola, USF

American Athletic pitcher of the week                   Sara Nevins, USF

Atlantic 10 player of the week                                    Brianna Lore, St Louis

Atlantic 10 pitcher of the week                                  Lauren Quense, Fordham

Atlantic 10 rookie of the week                                   Madeline Brunck, Saint Joseph

Atlantic Coast player of the week                             Renada Davis, NC State

Atlantic Coast pitcher of the week                           Lacey Waldrop, Florida State

Atlantic Sun player of the week                                 Shellie Robinson, USC Upstate

Atlantic Sun pitcher of the week                                               Ashley Anderson, Lipscomb Big 12 player of the week                                             Lindsey Stephens, Texas

Big 12 pitcher of the week                                           Heather Stearns, Baylor

Big East player of the week                                         Mary Connolly, DePaul

Big East pitcher of the week                                        Megan Hyson, Georgetown

Big Sky player of the week                                           Vicky Galasso, Idaho State

Big Sky pitcher of the week                                         McCauley Flint, ISU

Big South player of the week                                      Bri Chiusano, Coastal Carolina

Big South co-pitcher of the week                              Kiana Quolas, Coastal Carolina

Big South co-pitcher of the week                              Courtney Roberts, Campbell

Big Ten player of the week                                          2/18 report not updated

Big West player of the week                                       Kristen Clark, UC Santa Barbara Big West pitcher of the week                                     Erin Jones-Wesley, Long Beach Colonial player of the week                                         Kim Smith, Hofstra

Colonial pitcher of the week                                       Valerie Cassell, Coll of Charleston

Colonial rookie of the week                                        Carolyn Szymanski, Delaware

CUSA player of the week                                             Jessica Plemmons, Charlotte

CUSA co-pitcher of the week                                     Aimee Creger, Tulsa

CUSA co-pitcher of the week                                     Leigh Streetman, UAB

Horizon player of the week                                         Marissa Michalkiewicz, Green Bay

Horizon pitcher of the week                                       Kaley Waalkes, Oakland

Ivy League player of the week                                   Kelsey Miller, Dartmouth

Ivy League pitcher of the week                                 Laura Ricciardone, Harvard

Ivy League co-rookie of the week                            Karen Chas, Dartmouth

Ivy League co-rookie of the week                            Taylor Cabe, Harvard

MAAC player of the week                                            Taylor Kuzma, Marist

MAAC pitcher of the week                                          Melanie White, Marist

MAAC rookie of the week                                           Jordyn Barrera, Marist

MAC East player of the week                                     Maddy Grimm, Kent State

MAC East pitcher of the week                                    Lauren McNeil, Kent State

MAC West player of the week                                   Jennifer Gilbert, Ball State

MAC West pitcher of the week                                 Nicole Steinbach, Ball State

MEAC player of the week                                            no report

MVC  player of the week                                              Laura Canopy, Illinois State

MVC pitcher of the week                                             Chelsea Jones, Missouri State

MVC newcomer of the week                                     Megan Sowa, Drake

Mountain West player of the week                         Jasmine Casado, New Mexico

Mountain West pitcher of the week                       Danielle O’Toole, San Diego State

Northeast player of the week                                    Kat Malcolm, Central Connecticut

Northeast pitcher of the week                                  Laura Messina, Central Connecticut

Northeast rookie of the week                                    Alexis Debrosse, Central Connecticut

Ohio Valley player of the week                                  Reynae Hutchinson, Eastern Illinois

Ohio Valley pitcher of the week                                                Hanna Mennenga, Eastern Illinois

Pacific 12 player of the week                                      Kelsey Rodriguez, Arizona

Pacific 12 pitcher of the week                                     Cheridan Hawkins, Oregon

Patriot player of the week                                           no report

SEC player of the week                                                 Lauren Haeger, Floria

SEC pitcher of the week                                                                Kelsee Selman, LSU

SEC freshman of the week                                          Alexis Silkwood, Mississippi State

Southern player of the week                                      Carleigh Nester, Elon

Southern pitcher of the week                                    Sarah Purvis, Georgia Southern

Southland hitter of the week                                     Alyssa Coggins, Sam Houston State

Southland pitcher of the week                                  Haley Baros, Sam Houston State

SWAC player of the week                                            no report found

Sun Belt player of the week                                        Taylor Danderson, Georgia State

Sun Belt pitcher of the week                                      Farish Beard, South Alabama

Summit player of the week                                         Dani Pugh, Fort Wayne

Summit co-pitcher of the week                                 Miranda Kramer, Fort Wayne

Summit co-pitcher of the week                                 Cassie Vodde, IUPUI

West Coast pitcher of the week                                                Sydney Gouveia, Loyola Marymount

West Coast player of the week                                  Katie Manuma, BYU

WAC player of the week                                                               Staci Rodriguez, New Mexico State

WAC pitcher of the week                                             Stephanie Pesqueira, Grand Canyon


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