6-30-2011 Boulder Independence Day Thursday

Boulder Independence Day Thursday

June 30 2011

Intermittent rain, severe lightning and thunder caused periodic game delays and, late Thursday, the cancellation of 10 games scheduled for 830pm.

Game Scores

AZ Desert Thunder 1, TX Glory 0

CA Choppers 11, Team Florida 7

CA Cruisers 8, AZ Hotshots 6

Tulsa Eagles 8, IL Southern Force 5

VA Shamrocks 2, Desert Thunder 2

Wichita Mustangs 5, Team Florida 0

NJ Intensity 2, Cruisers 1

CA Angels Marty 11, Southern Force 4

CA So Cal A’s 12, TX Glory 0 (3)

IL Beverly Bandits Gold 5, CA Choppers 0

AZ Hotshots 8, OR NW Bullets 7

TX Magic 4, Tulsa Eagles 0

Wichita Mustangs 2, So Cal Athletics 2

Beverly Bandits 9, Shamrocks 5

NW Bullets 5, Angels Marty 3

TX Magic 5, NJ Intensity 4

NY Beachgirls 6, Richmond Diamonds 5

AZ L’il Saints 7, CA Grapettes 6

CA Lionettes 8, LA Voodoo 7

CO Stars 6, Houston Power 6

Richmond Diamonds 4, So Cal Sliderz 3

Grapettes 5, Blazing Angels 0

Atlanta Vipers 10, CA Victory USA 5

Orland Park Sparks 3, So Cal Fillys 2

TX Bombers 10, Beachgirls 0

L’il Saints 4, CA American Athletics 3

Lionettes 3, CO Stars 2

LA Voodoo 9, Houston Power 2

NJ Inferno 4, MI Finesse 2

CA So Cal Breakers 8, CA Lady Sharks 6

CA Explosion Gold 6, Vienna Stars 0

Sorcerer Blue 8, Texas Aces 5

OK Easton Athletics 7, GA Knockouts 7

AZ Killer Bees 2, CA Lady Magic 0

MI Finesse 7, Lady Sharks 1

So Cal Breakers 8, NJ Inferno 5

IN Magic 5, Explosion 4

Sorcerer Blue 9, Easton Athletics 2

T Aces 3, GA Knockouts 1

Killer Bees 7, East Cobb Bullets 5

CA AASA 8, NC Cardinals 3

CA Batbusters 13, IL Chill 3 (5)

NC Cardinals 8, MN Irish 3

RI Thunder 8, TX Blaze 1

CA Sorcerer 13, GA Elite 0 (5)

Tulsa Shootout 5, MA Polar Crush 1

IN Magic 6, TX Storm 0

Fresno Force 7, WA Absolute Blast 6

CA Team Smith 4, MN Blizzard 2

East Cobb Bullets 7, NJ Pride 6

CA SD Renegades 9, L’il Saints 1

TX Storm 5, Vienna Stars 3

Tulsa Shootout 9, Absolute Blast 5

Fresno Force 10, Polar Crush 3

Lady Magic 11, Pride 0

MN Blizzard 6, SD Renegades 5

Team Smith 1, L’il Saints 0

The Next Level 10, NM Sundancers 3

Team North Florida 5, TX Eclipse 3

The Next Level 9, Orland Park Sparks 2

IL Lightning 7, VA Legends 6

WA Ladyhawks 6, KS Peppers 0

Irvine Sting 16, IL Lightning 2

Random Games Notes

LA Voodoo 9, Houston Power 2.  14-year old Katie Brignac hopes to achieve the same pitching success as big sister Ashley, who was on hand to cheer.  Voodoo were up 5-2 when Brooke Lee crushed a grand slam.

CA Batbusters 13, IL Chill 3 (5).  Pitcher Amber Padilla trailed briefly 3-1 before the BBH offense found traction.  Nicole Cheek jacked a grand slam, then a 2-run shot; Delaney Spaulding hit a solo, as did Sierra Romero.

RI Thunder 8, TX Blaze 1.  Thunder scored 5  runs in the 1st.  Nicole Silva walked; emiy Felbaum tripled to right; Nicole Lundstrom drove in a run on a fielder’s choice; Olivia Godin singled; with 2 out, Brittany McNulla rbi single; Patricia Borges singled 2 rbi;  After Lindsay Hood slugged a solo shot for Blaze, 5-1, Borges jacked a 3-run shot.  Meghan Rico pitched the win. Summer Groholski pitched for Blaze.

TX Eclipse 6, CA Batbusters 1 (incomplete).  Heavy rain forced a halt to this game (which may have resuemed after Spy went to another complex)  Eclipse gave pitcher Erica Wright a solid first inning.  With 2 on, Cali Lanphear singled in the firs turn; Kris Davila crushed a 3-run homer into the left field corner.  Maddy Jelenicki powered a solo shot, 4-1.  Back came Lanphear with a 2-run double.  Kristin Cullen pitched for BBH.

CA Sorcerer 13,GA Elite 0 (5).  Game ebbed along; Sorcered led 1-0 after two innings, in which pitcher Jordan Richwood notched 6 strikeouts (around a double, 2 errors and a walk).  Then Sorcerer unloaded in Hannah Weldy.  Gabrielle Maurice racked a 2-run homer.

CA USA Athletics 9, Texas Blaze 7.  Blaze seemingly had this game in hand after Taylor Williams belted a 3-run homer, for a 7-3 lead.  But the Athletics rallied in the end.

VA Shamrocks 2, Desert Thunder 2.  Tie gave a needed emotional boost to the Shamrocks, who suffered some blowouts at Boulder.  Shamrocks led 1-0, fell behind 2-1, then tied in the final inning.

CA Angels Marty 11, Southern Force 4.  The two games completed in just three innings each.Corona Angels unleashed a full-bore offense.  Merina III had 5 rbi in the first two days of games.  Taylor White homered.  Danielle Ingraham had 2 homers.

Wichita Mustangs 2, So Cal Athletics 2.  This game halted the string of blowouts b y the SCA’s, including two which lasted just three innings.  Delanie Gourley pitched for the SCA’s.  Lauren Ainsley for the Mustangs.

NW Bullets 5, Angels Marty 3.    Andrea Harmada homered for Bullets.  Nisa Montiveros pitched for the Angels.

TX Magic 5, NJ Intensity 4.  Intensity led 2-0 behind Libby Morris when Megan Harris socked an rbi double for a 4-0 lead.  Magic, which pitched 2014 Cassidy Droste, got a run by Mickenzi  Krpec late in the game.Moving within a run, Kellye Kincannon drove in two runs for the final margin.

AZ Desert Thunder 1, TX Glory 0.  Superb defense by both teams, capped by Taylor Lawson’s highlight reel catch at the fence in deep center. Kaitlin Wilson is a very good defensive pitcher, and Morgan McKeever made several good plays at 3rd.  Linsey Hays pitched for Glory.

 CA So Cal A’s 12, TX Glory 0 (3).  Mariah Ramirez pitched, and belted a home run.  Jessica Plaza hit 2 homers.

Wichita Mustangs 5, Team Florida 0.  Breanna Little homered.

NJ Intensity 2, Cruisers 1.  Lacey Waldrop pitched for Intensity, 2015 Jame Cone for Cruisers.  Megan Harris rbi gave Intensity a 1-0 lead.  Nicole Schroeder tied the game with a solo home run.  Harris notched the final marginwith a home run.

IL Beverly Bandits Gold 5, CA Choppers 0.  When Bill Conroy’s Bandits burst on the scene a few years ago, his team was led by Sarah Olson, who went on to pitch for Indiana.  His 2011 team includes Lora Olson in the circle, also headed for Indiana.  Shannon Cawley put the Bandits up 2-0 driving in two runs.  Justine Vela pitched for the Choppers.

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