4-13-2013 Saturday D1 Softball



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ESPN USA Softball Poll 4-9-2013

1.  Oklahoma
2.  Arizona State
3.  Tennessee
4. Florida
5.  Alabama
6.  Oregon
7.  Texas
8.  California
9.  Missouri
10. Louisville
11. Texas A&M

12. Michigan

13. Washington
14. LSU
15. Stanford
16. Baylor
17. Tulsa
18. Nebraska
19. Kentucky
20. Hawaii
21. UCLA
22. Arizona

23. South Alabama

24. North Carolina
25. Florida State



#1 Oklahoma def Texas Tech 6-0
WP Michelle Gascoigne   LP Cara Custer.  OU lost a runner at home in the 1st, a double play stunted the Sooners in the 2nd, OU finally scored on Ricketts solo shot top 4th. The 5th was typical of the 2013 Sooners: Chamberlain jacked a 2-run shot, her 40th, and Ricketts belted another 2-run dinger.  OU scored again in the 7th.
#2 Arizona State def #13 Washington 7-1
#3 Tennessee def Auburn 6-1
WP Ivy Renfroe  LP Marcy Harper.  Bottom 3rd: Vols scored on Dotson rbi double, Gibson rbi single. Carosone led the Auburn 4th with a double, scored an out later on an error by Gibson at 2nd.  Vols responded immediately in bottom on Davin rbi single, Akamine rbi double. Bottom 5th: Chavanne singled, advanced to 3rd, Gibson walked, Shipman rbi single; Mavromat relieved Harper; Tarango sac fly. Vols 37-6.  Auburn 27-17.
#4 Florida upset by #19 Kentucky 4-2
WP Kelsey Nunley.  LP Lauren Haeger.  Gators started strong in the 1st on Merritt’s 2-run homer.  Wildcats scored in bottom on Joiner’s rbi double, 2-1.  KO tied in 4th, Carroll doubled, advanced on groundout, scored on Smith sac fly.  Smith slugged 2-run singlew bottom 6th.  Merritt walked with 2 out, but Nunley fanned the last batter, Haeger.  Florida 40-5/13-4.  Kentucky 31-11/9-5.
#6 Oregon def #22 Arizona 8-0 (5).  Hawkins no-hitter 11K.

#7 Texas def Iowa State 12-4 (5)
WP Kim Bruins  LP Riley Fisher.  Gomez opened the game with a single, raced home on two errors; Miller doubled in a run, Cyclones led 2-0, a lead that blew away quickly in the bottom when the Horns racked 9 runs.  Bases ;oaded, Ogle drew rbi walk; Bruins sac fly rbi; Schmidt singled, reloading the bases; Scott drew another rbi walk.  Smith relieved Fisher.  Shireman rbi single; Cox rbi single; Hoagland jacked a grand slam.  Iowa State scored twice top 5th; Texas came back with Washington’s 3-run triple for the run-rule. Texas 36-4/6-0, Iowa State id 18-19/3-3.
#8 California def #21 UCLA 5-1 .(10)
WP Jolene Henderson.  LP Ally Carda.  Carda had prevailed in two extra-inning affairs but this time the Bears nailed the runs in overtime, 4 runs top 10th.  The rivals had been tied at a run apiece since the 1st: Cordes doubled and scored top 1st against UCLA on a wild pitch by starter Paige McDuffie; the Bruins scored when Bates, who singled, scored on a fielder’s choice.  Top 10th: Taylor and Cordes singled, Vonk advanced the runners on a sac bunt; Taylor scored on Ziegenhirt’s sac fly; Danielle Henderson grounded to short, but big sister Jolene jacked a 3-run homer.  UCLA down in order.  Cal 32-8/7-5.  UCLA 28-14/5-10.
#9 Missouri upset by Arkansas 4-1 (11)
WP Beasley  LP Thomas. Lady Backs scored 3 runs top 11th; Wallace doubled; Canfield, Oprzedek singled (rbi), Canfield scored on error; Navarro sac fly rbi.  In bottom, Randazz0 singled with two out, stranded.  Scoreless until 7th; Navarro singled, scored on an error; Roth homered but the Tigers left two on.  Arkansas 27-16/5-9. Missouri 24-5/9-4.
#10 Louisville def Connecticut 3-2 (8)/DH 8-0 (6)
Cards 36-6/9-1.  UConn 17-16/3-7.  First game: Cards rallied with 2 runs bottom 7th, and wwon on Fowler’s rbi single in the 8th.DeClos homered for the zHuskies in the 3rd. WP Caralisa Connell.  LP Katelyn Callahan.  Second game: WP Rachel LeCoq pitched her sixth shuout. Smithson-Willett was 2-4 with a homer, triple 2 rbi.  LP Kim Saveriano.
#11 Texas A&M upset by #14 LSU 9-6 (8)
WP Rachele.  LP Lauren Ainsley. The Tigers led 6-2 going into bottom 7th when ESPN cut away for the NCAA hockey championship; viewers with access followed the thrilling end on ESPN3.  The Aggies tied bottom 7th.  Albus singled, Tysarczyk walked; Morgan 2-run double.  Dumerzich slugged a 2-run homer to tie.  Rachele Fico relieved and got the three outs needed to stop the rally.  Top 8th: Wray walked, pinch runner Boulet advanced on Alcaraz sac; Heyward singled; Andrews singled, rbi; Blades singled; Bell grounded out; two down, Falcon hbp, loading the bases; Simmons drew an rbi walk.  Fico, who was the loser in Friday’s 6-2 TAMU win, had struck out the last batter in the 7th and struck out May and Tyler bottom 8th.  Albus tripled, but Fico fanned Tysarczyk to end the game.  All six Aggie runs were charged to LSU starter Ashley CZechner.  Four Tiger runs were charged to Mel Dumezich.   LSU 34-9.  TAMU 34-8.
#12 Michigan vs Michigan State//ppd
#16 Baylor def Oklahoma State 1-0
WP Whitney Canion 2H, 13K.  LP Kat Espinosa.  The hit didn’t hurt Espinosa as much as the two batters she hit starting bottom 1st. With one out, Shelton and Thumann engineered a double steal, Shelton scoring on an error at short.  Baylor 32-10.  Oklahoma State 24-10.
#17 Tulsa upset by UAB 9-7
#18 Nebraska def by Wisconsin 5-2
#20 Hawaii swept CS Fullerton 14-2, 8-4
#23 South Alabama def North Texas 3-2/ DH

#24. North Carolina def NC State 2-1/NC State 11-8 (8)
Game Two: WP Emily Weiman. LP Ashley Bone.  Dent jacked a 3-run walkoff homer bottom 8th.


Note: WEEKEND TV;  Thursday Cal vs UCLA, 11PM ET, ESPN2; Friday Mississippi vs Mississippi  State, 8pm; ESPNU; Saturday Florida vs Kentucky 1pm ESPNU; LSU vs Texas A&M, 5pm, ESPNU; Washington vs Arizona State 10pm, ESPN2

OTHER GAMES (posted alphabetically as scores are received)
Ball State 9, Ohio 7
Boston 2, UMBC 0/2-1
Bucknell 2, Lafayette 0/DH Bucknell 4-0
Coastal Carolina 3, Winthrop 1/DH 8-6
East Carolina 17, Marshall 6
Fresno State 7, Boise State 4
Fort Wayne 2, South Dakota 1
George Washington 7, St Bonaventure 5
Georgetown 5, Syracuse 1
Georgia 7, South Carolina 6
Georgia Southern 6, Samford 0/4-2
Houston 17, UTEP 2
Iowa 15, Northwestern 14 9 (a barnburner; Iowa led by 9 in the 5th, NU rallied, tied 12-12 in 6th).
Kansas 4, Furman 2/DH Furman 2-0
Lamar 7, Southeastern Louisiana 6
Liberty 13, Gardner-Webb 5
Loyola 8, Detroit 4
Maryland 8, Georgia Tech 6/DH Tech 5-4
Minnesota 5. Illinois 1/2-0
Mississippi State 6,Ole Miss 5
Nevada 4, Colorado State 3 (8)
New Mexico 10, UNLV 0
Northwestern State 6, SF Austin 1
Notre Dame 11, Rutgers 2
Ohio State 16, Penn State 7
Purdue 9, Indiana 1
San Diego 3, CS Bakersfield 2/DH Bakersfield 2-0
San Jose State 4, Louisiana Tech 2/DH Tech 6-5
Seattle 8, Utah State 0
St John’s 9, Iowa 1
Southern Illinois 7, Missouri State 1/DH 7-5
UCF7, Memphis 6
UIC 7, Valparaiso 4
UT Arlington 1, Texas State 0 (8)
Utah 11, Oregon State 2
Virginia Tech 4, Boston College 1/DH VT 5-4

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