4-20-2013 Saturday D1 Softball


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ESPN USA SOFTBALL Poll April 16, 2013


1.  Oklahoma
2.  Tennessee
3.  Arizona State
4.  Florida
5.  Oregon
6.  Alabama
7.  Texas
8.  Louisville
9.  Michigan
10.  California
11.  Missouri
12.  LSU
13.  Texas A&M
14.  Washington
15. Stanford
16.  Baylor
17.  Kentucky
18. Nebraska
19. UCLA
20. Hawaii
21. South Alabama
22. Tulsa
23. Florida State
24. South Florida
25T North Carolina
25T Arizona


#1 Oklahoma upset by  #7 Texas 4-2.
WP Blaire Luna.  Lp Michelle Gascoigne.  At the end of 5, Gascoigne had 9 Ks, but she had yielded 6 hits and 4 walks, while her team could only get 2 hits off Luna and made 2 errors.  The walks and errors  hurt.  Bottom 1st: Hoagland walked, Washington singled, Thom reached on an error at 1st, Hoagland scored, Ogle walked, Gascoigne nailed two.  OU got its second hit, another single, top 4th.  In the bottom, after a strikeout, Smith hbp; Hoagland walked, Washington reached on a bunt single, Thom singled in 2 runs; another K before Scott singled in a run, finally another K — three Ks in the inning but 3 runs scored. After two OU whiffs in the 6th, Casey homered. Texas stranded two in the bottom.  Top 7th:  these long-time rivals were 7-0 and 8-1 in Big 12; now each would be down a game unless OU rallied.  Ricketts and Shults walked; Williams struck out, Luna’s 8th; Martinez flied out to left. Vest  doubled in Ricketts but Shults was out at home.
#2 Tennessee vs Ole Miss 15-5 (6)
WP Ellen Renfroe.  LP Madi Osias.  Gibson jacked three homers, starting with a 2-run shot top 1st.  Vols 2nd: bases loaded, one out, Gibson doubled in 2 runs; Shipman rbi single, Brown rbi walk, Shipman scored on passed ball.  After the Vols racked four in the 3rd, Ole Miss rallied for the Rebels 5 runs.  Bases loaded on 2 walks and a single, Brown drew an rbi walk, Jayjohn blasted a grand slam.  Tarango relieved Renfroe.  Vols added a run on Shipman single in the 4th, and closed out the scoring with 3 runs in the 6th. Dotson doubled; Gibson 2-run homer. Lewis drove in the last run with a single, the 17th hit for UT.   Vols 41-6/14-3.  Ole Miss 22-28/2-18.
#3 Arizona State vs Utah/ppd
#4 Florida def Longwood 5-1/DH
WP Hannah Rogers  LP Libby Morris.  Gators took 2-0 lead, bottom 1st, rbi singles by Haeger and Schwarz. Top 4th: Baltzell doubled, Short singled, Murphy singled, rbi. Longwood left two.  Bottom 6th: Tofft led with a solo, Little a 2-run shot.  Cox singled top 7th but Longwood could not rally.  Florida 43-5.  Longwood 33-12.  Game 2: Florida 9-5
#6 Alabama def Mississippi State 11-3 (5).  7 runs bottom 5th.
#8 Louisville def Villanova 1-0/DH 5-4
WP Rachel LeCoq  LP Kate Poppe.  Louisville 3 hits, Villanova 4.  Cardinals scored top 2nd; Arion led with homer. Cards left bases loaded in 4th and stranded 4 other runners.  Villanova stranded three.  Game Two: Cards were down 4-1, ralled in 6th for 5 runs. cardinals 41-6/14-1.  Villanova 15-24/2-13.
#9 Michigan def Iowa 5-3
WP Haylie Wagner  LP Kayla Massey.  Dowling led the game with a single; Wagner fanned two but Massey gave Iowa the lead with an rbi single.  The Hawkeyes scored again top 4th on Dowling’s rbi single. UM scored in the bottom, Romero led with a solo.  After Iowa stranded 2, top 6th, Wolverines took command with 4 runs. Bases loaded, Lawrence rbi single; Susalla 2-run single; Sweet rbi sac fly.  Iowa rallied top 7th; Blank led with a double, two outs later, Zoeller rbi single; but Repole looked at a third strike. Michigan 37-7/14-0.  Iowa 24-27/4-9.
#10 California def Oregon State 3-1
WP Jolene Henderson 3H.  LP Marina Demore. Bottom 2nd: Kostreba’s solo put Cal ahead 1-0, followed with 2 out by Cordes rbi single.  Jones 1-out solo in the 4th was matched by Cavestany’s homer in the OSU 5th.  Cal 35-8.  Oregon State 26-17.
#11 Missouri def by #12 LSU 8-0
WP Ashley Czechner 2-hitter. LP Nicole Hudson.  (2,231 fans attended, helping the team’s Strikeout Ovarian Cancer campaign, for which the Tigers wore teal jerseys).  LSU 37-10/12-5 retains first place in the SEC Western division.
#13 Texas A&M upset by Georgia 12-7
WP Morgan Montemayor.  LP Sara Mireles. Bulldogs unleashed 18 hits.  Aggies cmae out swinging, 5 runs top 1st, with 2 out on strikes, Garza homered, after two batters hbp, Morgan doubled rbi, Lanphear slammed a 3-run shot. After Aggies stranded two top 2nd, the Bulldogs scored four; Puailoa, Iosefa singled; one out, Swafford rbi single; Browne singled, bases loaded, Olney singled in 2 runs; Browne scored on passed ball. Dawgs took lead in 3rd; Puailoa homered, Swafford singled, rbi. After Glasco jacked a 3-run homer to start the Georgia 4th, Davenport relieved Moreles. A double play stalled the Dawgs for a moment, Sito doubled, Swafford tripled, 10-5. Wilson slugged a 2-run dinger in the 5th, 12-5.  Rayburn drove in a run in Aggies’ 6th, Lanphear singled in the final run in the 7th.   Texas A&M now 35-11.  Georgia is 33-15.
#14 Washington def #15 Stanford 6-5/ DH
WP Kaitlin Inglesbury.  LP Teagan Gerhart.  The Huskies withstood a 4-run Cardinal rally top 7th.  Rich homered top 4th, 1-0, Stanford. UW racked six runs in 5th, loading the bases on three walks, one out; Suguro scored on passed ball; Lahners 2-run single; Souza rbi double; McNeill hit a 2-run double; 6 runs on 3 hits. Top 7th: Plaza singled, Winter doubled, Hassman hbp; pinch runner Lombardo scored on sac fly; Rich singled, bases loaded; Roulund flied out; Bonstrom singled in 2 runs, 6-5, Schmidt reached on a fielder’s choice, pinch runner Wells out at 3rd.  Stanford left two.Washington 33-12.  Stanford 28-14.  Game 2 postponed
#17 Kentucky upset by Arkansas 4-0
WP Hope McLemore (6.1 innings/10K) and Chelsea Cohen (last 2 outs) combined for a no-hitter.  Navarro hit a 2-run shot in the 3rd; Ramco hit a solo in the 4th; and Schroeder went yard in the 6th.  Arkansas 30-16/8-9. Btw, Nicole Schroeder is the youngest of four sisters to play D1; Jennifer and Katie were at UCLA, Michelle at Stanford.
#18 Nebraska def  Purdue 5-2 (9)/ DH
WP Tatum Edwards 4H, 10K.  LP Lexy Moore.  Both teams scored a run in 2nd, Thomason for the Lady Huskers  on an error, Chiodo on Monchek’s single.  Purdue took 2-1 lead on Andrew’s rbi in 4th.  Nebraska tied top 7th on Tatum Edwards solo shot.  Top 9th: Breault jacked a 3-run homer. Purdue down in order, last two batters on strikes.  Game 2: Nebraska 12-2
#19 UCLA def #25 Arizona 9-1 (6)
WP Ally Carda.  LP Shelby Babcock.  This time, Carda was the winner and the late inning home run heroics were by the Bruins.  The Wildcats scored bottom 2nd on Perez rbi single. Top 3rd: Bennett singled, LaRosa homered. Two out, Sataraka walked, Moeai singled, Lindvall reached on an error and Sataraka scored, 3-1.  The Bruins added another trio of runs in the 4th; Goulder walked, Bennett singled, LaRosa walked, Bates wasa hbp, rbi; LaRosa and Bennewtt scored on a throwing error by the shortstop Del Ponte.  The final batch of threes scored top 6th: Bates singled, Carda doubled, Sataraka jacked a 3-run homer.
#20 Hawaii def Cal Poly 2-1
#21 South Alabama def Louisiana Monroe 11-1/DH 14-0
#22 Tulsa upset by  Houston 4-3/DH Houston 3-2
#23 Florida State def Virginia Tech 4-2/DH Florida State 11-0 (5)
#24 South Florida def DePaul  3-0/DH/DePaul 2-1
WP Sara Nevins 1-hitter,9K. LP Hannah Penna.  Seminoles scored top 2nd Jackson 3-run homer.  South Florida is 36-12.  DePaul 23-15.  BTW, Hannah is the third Penna sister to compete in D1; Missy was an All American at Stanford, Heidi pitches for George Washington.
#25 North Carolina vs Georgia Tech/DH
scheduled for Sunday, with an ESPNU game on Monday.



OTHER GAMES (posted as scores are received)
Auburn 7, South Carolina 1
Boise State 5, San Diego State 2/DH San Diego State 3-2
East Carolina 2, Memphis 1/DH East Carolina 4-2
Cal St Fullerton 3, UNLV 0/DH Fullerton 5-4 (12)
Central Michigan swept Bowling Green 6-0, 4-2 (Friday)
Coastal Carolina 6, Presbyterian 2/Coastal 5-1
Colorado State 3, Fresno State 2/DH Colorado State 7-4
Connecticut 4, St John’s 3/Connecticut 6, St John’s 5
Evansville 3, Missouri State 1/Missouri State 4-1
Fordham 4, Dayton 1
Georgia Southern 4, Western Carolina 0/Western Carolina 7-2
Georgetown 7, Providence 5/Providence 4-1
Illinois 5, Indiana 4/DH Illinois 1-0
Kansas 9, Oklahoma State 7
Long Beach 6, UC Santa Barbara 0
Utah State 5, Louisiana Tech 2
Maryland 6, Boston College 0/DH Boston College 8-6
Nevada 6, New Mexico 4
NC State 10, Virginia 1/DH/Wolf Pack 4 homers Game 1, 2 by Davis/NC State 10-0
Northwestern 17, Penn State 14 (8) 31 runs on 28 hits and 18 walks
Notre Dame sweeps Pittsburgh 7-1, 10-2.  Irish 32-10/12-1.
Saint Leo 1, Lynn 0
Siena 16, Rider 0/Siena 7-6
San Diego 3, Utah Valley 2/DH Utah Valley 1-0
Texas A&M CC 5, SF Austin 4/DH SF Austin 5-1
Texas Tech 6, Iowa State 4
UAB 7, UTEP 2/DH UAB 5-1
UCF 3, Southern Miss 2/UCF 2-0
Winthrop 6, Liberty 4/Winthrop 3-2
Wisconsin 3, Ohio State 1/Wisconsin 7-6

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