4-20-2012 A Spicy April 20 Update

So much time has been absorbed by reporting D1 softball 24/7, Updates have been irregular.


Veteran Head Coach, Teresa Wilson Slated To Lead Diamonds

Press Release: When Carolina Diamonds owner Amelia Nemeth was getting ready to hire the head coach for her inaugural year in the National Pro Fastpitch league (NPF), she knew she needed someone with experience getting a team up and running.   She didn’t realize that she could find someone who could do that both figuratively and literally.   The Diamonds are pleased to announce that Teresa Wilson has agreed to take the head coaching position this year.
Wilson, a 10-time participant in the College World Series as both a player and coach, started the softball program at the University of Washington in 1991.  Prior to that, she was head coach at Minnesota and Oregon, and has earned honors of NCAA National Coach of the Year, Pac 10 Coach of the Year, Big Ten Coach of the Year, as well as many other awards.  As a player, the All-American pitcher set records at the University of Missouri that stand to this day.  Her commitment to hard work and conditioning will assure that the team will be up and running administratively, as well as on the field.
Coach Wilson will be joining the core players of the Diamond’s squad that includes Brittany McKinney, GiOnna DiSalvatore, Rachel Folden, Amy Hooks, Loryn Johnson, Jami Lobpries, Bianca Mejia, Angie Quiocho, and Morgan Melloh.  This very talented group of players will be joined by the 2012 NPF Draftees at the end of the school year.
Something else is happening in Carolina.  Katie Burkhart has agreed to bring her years of experience to this team.  As the old TV ads like to say, “and if that’s not enough”, Caitlin Lever is also joining the team.  More on these two signings in the next 3 days.  With these two veterans coming back into the league, the youth and energy that the draftees bring, and the core group of the Carolina Diamonds, this team is ready be successful immediately.
Over the next week, the Diamonds will be giving you more information on their team and coaching staff, as well as where to see our games.  Go to the website for more information as well connecting to our Facebook and Twitter sites.   You can find our fun new YouTube videos by connecting there as well.

The Chicago Bandits have announced that three-year NPF coaching veteran, Mike Steuerwald, and former Northern Illinois University (NIU) coach, Keith Berg, as Associate Head Coaches for the 2012 season.


Spy can’t copy he graphic but the schedule is posted on the NPF web site. www.profastpitch.co



compiled by Jan Winslow, Fresno State


Division I Coaches With Most Wins, By Sport (* and counting)


Wins      Sport     Coach (School(s))                                                             Years Coaching

1,838*   Baseball               Augie Garrido (Cal Poly, CS Fullerton, Illinois, Texas)                        44 years


1,449*   Softball                 Margie Wright (Illinois State, Fresno State)                          33 years


1,106     W. Volleyball      Andy Banachowski (UCLA)                                                           43 years


1,098     W. Basketball     Pat Summitt (Tennessee)                                                            38 years


927*      M. Basketball     Mike Krzyzewski (Army, Duke)                                  37 years


924         M. Hockey          Ron Mason (Lake Superior State, Bowling Green, Michigan State) 36 years


728*      W. Soccer            Anson Dorrance (UNC)                                                  33 years


544         M. Soccer            Jerry Yeagley (Indiana)                                                  31 years


409         Football                Joe Paterno (Penn State)                                                             46 years

compiled by Michael Walsh, Boise State

Louisiana (Lafayette)- 36

Boise State- 26

Texas Southern- 16

Nebraska- 14

Army- 10

Northern Iowa 10



Carly Piccinich,highly recruited shortstop, has signed NLI with Notre Dame.



contributed by my daughter who reminds me daily of my age

A senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership.  Taking off down the road, he floored it to 80mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little gray hair he had left.  “Amazing,” he thought as he flew down I-94, pushing the pedal even more.  Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a state trooper behind him, lights flashing and siren blaring.  He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120.  Suddenly he thought, “what am I doing?  I’m too old for this,” and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.  Pulling in behind him, the trooper walked up to the Corvette, looked at his watch, and said, “sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes.  Today is Friday.  If you can give me a reason for speeding that I’ve never heard before, I’ll let you go.”  The old gentleman paused.  Then he said, “years ago, my wife ran off with a State trooper.  I thought you were bringing her back.”  “Have a good day sir,” replied the trooper

CARTAGENA’S HOTEL CARIBE: the Secret Service watering hole
In the mid-80s, when the House had a Select Committee on Narcotics (which did a lot of good before it was disbanded), chaired by Rep. Charles B. Rangel, the committee capped off a fact-finding tour of the Southern Hemisphere, with a stop in Jamaica.  Many highlights – and low.

The wife of our then Ambassador would have dressed out over 200 pounds.  At a reception on the lawn of the Ambassador’s manse, she was seven sheets in the wind when someone proposed photos.  They stood the guests of honor and hosts on the edge of a terrace; actually, they were all standing on a railroad tie which defined the terrace.  Madame Ambassador began swaying like a palm tree, then, since they were interlocking arms, when she went down like the Titanic, they all fell backward into a pile.  The DCM, true to his roots, called out “no pictures.” Poor Alma Rangel, thin as a Mizuno post, yelled “Rayburn get this woman off of me.”  I yelled, “Get a crane.”  When they were later in DC, Madame would not speak to me.

We left Kingston for Cartagena, and encamped at the Caribe – very fashionable, old World elegante.  Like most upscale Caribbbean hostelries, the Caribe has the ladies of pleasure sit on benches or chairs, in something of a cluster.  Back then, the price was $50 an hour or $300 a night.  (There’s something for everyone in the world’s oldest profession; I remember at the end of the Paris-Dakar road race; an old crone sat on a chair near the Dakar Hilton bar; I told the Asst Sec State that the time to leave would be when he found her attractive; I think she started the HIV epidemic in Western Africa.)  Allegedly, the price asked of the Secret Service was $800.

None of our delegation engaged in any extra-curricular versions of the horizontal mamba – the temptation for a few of us came at a private party.  East of Cartagena these is a very private enclave of homes, an area called Wyrall.  It’s the kind of place a god would live if he had money.  We were entertained in a house which once belonged to Texas Governor John Connally.  The seven bedrooms were all color coordinated – the towels, carpets, drapes, furniture etc.  The most glamorous decorations were all about 5’7”, tanned, blonde, lithesome, and very versed in the background of each of us who had been invited.  Very sophisticated conversation.  All on the up-and-up.  But there is a reason boys have been leaving home since the Stone Age, and I think each one of these beauties was well versed in the answer.

We were still wondering why this elaborate setup when the Prime Minister’s helicopter landed.  Jamaica had concerns about its bauxite agreement with the USA.  Charlie and two Congressmen were on committees which could influence the decision.  When the PM came over to me, I knew why I had been invited; Congress had a new law which required the State Department to rank order countries on the adequacy of their efforts to control narcotics.  In Jamaica’s case, this meant cutting down the ganja harvest; their ganja was at that time the world’s most potent.  He knew I had been selected to write the report.  We politely disagreed on the adequacy of the effort; the blonde bundle taking notes pouted by sucking on her lower lip.  If Jamaica got a negative narcotics rating, it could lose valuable trade concessions and aid. Two weeks later, I was invited into a one-on-one with the Prime Minister in a suite at the Mayflower; he provided maps and aerial photos illustrating the destruction of ganja in the Negril and other areas.  No, he didn’t bring the blonde.  No matter, I had gotten into enough trouble during my single days over a relationship I had with a blonde Russian ballerina in Dubrovnik.

While not disposed to comment on the affair in Cartagena, there have been other instances where sex played a compromising role in what could truly be called “foreign affairs.”  We had considerable diplomatic heat over a camp set up by DEA in Bolivia’s coca growing region; seems young girls were enticed/encouraged to take part in the social life of the camp.

So far as has been reported, all of this alleged sex was heterogenous.  On a Nancy Reagan trip to Europe, two young aides were caught in bed together – both boys.

As Willie Nelson once observed, “What ever in hell is in second place ain’t even close.”







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