4-21-2011 April 21 D1 Games


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TOP 25
ESPN/USA Softball Poll 4-19-2011

1. Michigan

2. Arizona State def Arizona 4-0

3. Alabama

4. T Georgia

4 T Tennessee def Mississippi State 2-0

6. Texas

7. Arizona def by  Arizona State 4-0

8. Missouri

9. Florida

10. Washington lost to  UCLA 4-0

11. Stanford def by California 2-0

12. California def Stanford 2-0

13. UCLA def Washington 4-0

14. Baylor

15. Oklahoma

16. Kentucky  

17. ULL

18. Nebraska

19. Oregon def Oregon State 7-1

20.  Oklahoma State

21. Texas A&M

22. Georgia Tech

23. Notre Dame SWEEPS Villanova 2-1 (8), 10-8

24. LSU

25. Fresno State


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Notre Dame 2, Villanova 1 (8). 
Late-breaking game, eight hits total.  Irish scored both runs top 6th; Buntin tripled, acored on Maldonado sac fly.  Clay doubled and scored with one out when Miller reached on an error.  Bottom 7th:  O’Hara singled, scored with 2 out on Burlin single. 
Notre Dame 10, Villanova 8.  Irish had comfortable 10-4 lead going into bottom 6th when Burlin jacked a grand slam off O’Donnell.  Villanova stranded one.  Irish scored 2 top 1st; Clay singled, Johnson homered.  Villanova took 3-2 lead bottom 2nd; Ewing, O’Hara and Marquez rbi’s.  Short-lived lead; Irish scored 4 in 3rd, including 3-run double by Johnson.  In 4th, Fleury tripled, Jorgensborg rbi; Maldonado 2-run homer.  Braga scored for Villanova in 4th on Marquez single.  Jorgensborg singled, scored top 6th.  In 4-run bottom, one out, O’Hara singled, Marquez hbp; Ortega singled, loading the bases; Burlin hit the dinger.  Winter pitched the 8th for the Irish.  Notre Dame 33-8.  Villanova 15-18-1.
California 2, Stanford 0.  The Cardinal had 5 hits, the Bears 4.  Henderson struck out 2 of the first 3 batters.  In the bottom, Vonk walked; Williams reached on catcher’s interference.  Rchavarria singled, bases loaded. Two out, Decker drew an rbi walk; Jones flied out.  Stanford stranded 2 in the 2nd, 1 in the 3rd, but no more base runners until the 6th when they loaded the bases, with one out, but couldn’t score.  In the bottom, Ziegenhirt led off with a home run.  Cal improved to 29-8.  Stanford is 31-9.
Tennessee 2, Mississippi State 0.  Despite 9 hits by the Vols, and 4 by the Bulldogs, neither team could score until bottom 5th, when Tennessee scored both runs.  After Renfroe struck out 2 in top half, Shipman singled, Dsvin homered.  MSU was oised to score top 3rd; Raines and Gates led off with singles, stranded.  MSU stranded a runner in the 6th and 7th.  Tennessee was just as frustrated, score-wise. Two on, no outs, bottom 1st; Becker struck out the side.  Gibson and Spigner singled in the Vols 6th; Flesher relieved Becker.  No score.
Oregon 7, Oregon State 1.  Almost even on hits but Beavers made 3 errors.  Bottom 3rd: Ceo walked; stole 2nd when Howard fanned; Pappas singled, Ceo scored on error in center.  Andreanna struck out three of the five batters.  Beavers left bases loaded in 4th.  Bottom: Vitek led with homer.  Bases loaded, Peterson scored on Ceo single.  Burger scored on Howard sac fly.  4-0.  Ducks addrd 3 runs in 6th, Hall pitching for the Beavers.  Petersonsingled, Burger reached on an error, but was forced at 2nd by Ceo. With 2 out, Pappas singled, rbi; Fulava doubled, 2 rbi.   Beavers scored top 7th; Cavestany singled, one out, Guzy doubled; Cavestany scored on Hall foul out.  Oregon 31-11.  OSU 18-17.
UCLA 4, Washington 0.  The Huskies were handcuffed by Kerr’s 1-hitter (1 walk).  Bruins scored bottom 1st; Schroeder singled, advanced on wild pitch; Fox singled; Schroeder scored on error in center.  Bottom 5th: Camuso hbp, inch runner Murray forced by Snow; Bates singled; Schroeder struck out; Fox jacked 3-run homer on a full count.  UCLA 30-9/6-4.  Washington 30-7/5-5.
Arizona State 4, Arizona 0.  Sun Devils held the advantage all evening, with Escobedo putting down the Wildcats, but Babcock and the Arizona defense kept ASU off the boards until the 7th, when they scored their four runs.  Lockwood singled; one out, pinch hittter Zambrana walked; Urfer singled, loading the bases.  Haro reached on fielder’s choice, Lockwood out at home.  Boyd smacked a grand slam homer, 4-0. ASU 40-5/7-3.  Arizona 36-9/7-3.


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 Atlantic 10

Philadelphia, Pa.
Dayton 2  La Salle 1
WP-Alysha Isaacson  (10-9)  2-Hitter  LP-DJ Guinn  (1-12)

Dayton 5, La Salle 1

St. Louis, Mo.
Temple 9,  Saint Louis 1
Temple scored 9 runs top 7th

Atlantic Sun

Nashville, Tenn.
Mercer 1, Belmont 0
Mercer 5, Belmont 1

Nashville, Tenn.
Lipscomb 2, Kennesaw State 0
Lipscomb 1, Kennesaw State 0

Big East

Queens N.Y.
Pittsburgh 6  St. John’s 5
WP-Cory Berliner  (9-6)  LP-Ashley Beza  (4-9)

Pittsburgh 8  St. John’s 1
WP-Alyssa O’Connell  (11-3)  10 K’s  LP-Kat Lawrence  (5-7)

Villanova, Pa.
Notre Dame 2  Villanova 1
WP-Laura Winter  (18-3)  3-Hitter  9 K’s  LP-Molly Manning  (7-8)

Notre Dame 10  Villanova 8
WP-Brittany O’Donnell  (6-0)  LP-Kaity Sitzman  (1-2)  S-Laura Winter  (4)

Louisville, Ky.
Louisville 4, Providence 0
WP Tori Collins.  LP Connie Claus


Valparaiso, Ind.
Valparaiso 11  Wright State 1   (6 inn)
WP-Sam McGee  (13-5)  LP-Kystian DeWitt  (12-13)

Valparaiso 4, Wright State 2

Chicago, Ill.
Loyola 4  Wisconsin-Green Bay 2
WP-Seana Stillson  (3-7)  LP-Katie Cooney  (8-6)

Mountain West

Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah 15, Colorado State 4 (5)

Provo, Utah
BYU 11, New Mexico 3
WP Paige Affleck LP Kaela DeBroeck


Brooklyn, N.Y.
Wagner v3, Long Island 1

Wagner vs Long Island 8:00 PM


Berkeley, Calif.
California 2, Stanford 0
WP Jolene Henderson.  LP Teagan Gerhart

Eugene, Ore.
Oregon 7, Oregon State 1
WP Jessica Moore. LP Tina Andreanna

Tucson, Ariz.
Arizona State 4,  Arizona 0
WP Dallas Escobedo 1-hitter, 11K. LPShelby Babcock 5H, HR

Los Angeles, Calif.
UCLA 4, Washington 0
WP Donna Kerr 1-hitter, 6K.  LP Kaitlin Ingelsby, HR


Knoxville, Tenn.
Tennessee 2, Mississippi State 0
WP Ellen Renfroe 4H, 9K  LP Stephanie Becker

Sun Belt

Mobile, Ala.
South Alabama 5, North Texas 0


Stony Brook, N.Y.

Iona 7  Stony Brook 0
WP-Sarah Jackson  (10-6)  4-IP  1-Hit  7 K’s  LP-Taylor Chain  (4-5)  S-Alyssa Maiase  (2)

Iona 5  Stony Brook 1
WP-Alyssa Maiase  (6-7)  LP-Colleen Matthes  (10-14)

Farmville, Va.
Longwood 9  Binghamton 0   (5 inn)

Binghamton 11,  Longwood 9 (8)

West Hartford, Conn.
Hartford 8  South Dakota 1
WP-Kaitlyn Meade  (4-11)  LP-Mel Johnson  (6-11)

South Dakota 8,  Hartford 1

Norfolk, Va.
Norfolk State 9  Maryland-Eastern Shore 2

Norfolk State 8, Maryland-Eastern Shore 0 (5)

Brown 8  Rhode Island 4
WP-Kristie Chin  (9-9)  LP-Jayshree Narendran  (2-7)

Rhode Island 18,  Brown 9 (5)

Loudonville, N.Y.
Siena 11  Holy Cross 5
WP-Jessika-Jo Sandrini  (9-7) LP-Julia Barrett  (4-3) S-Mandy Ferro  (2)

Holy Cross 5,  Siena 2

Teaneck, N.J.
Fordham 8  Fairleigh Dickinson 0   (6 inn)
WP-Jen Mineau  (14-7)  2-Hitter  15 K’s  LP-Kirsten Shreve  (4-8)

Fordham 18  Fairleigh Dickinson 0   (5 inn)
WP-Chelsea Plimpton  (15-9)  LP-Caitlin Bradac  (10-5)

Lawrenceville, N.J.
Columbia 9  Rider 1
WP-Prophet Gaspard  (10-10)  LP-Rachael Matreale  (3-16)

Columbia 10,  Rider 1 (6)

Boston, Mass.
Boston 5  Harvard 3
WP-Holli Floetker  (10-3)  LP-Laura Ricciardone  (9-5)

Amherst, Mass.
Massachusetts 1, Fairfield 0
WP Sara Plourde 2H, 11K.  LP Sara Minice


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