4-21-2013 Sunday April 21 D1 Softball



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ESPN USA SOFTBALL Poll April 16, 2013


1.  Oklahoma
2.  Tennessee
3.  Arizona State
4.  Florida
5.  Oregon
6.  Alabama

8.  Louisville
9.  Michigan
10.  California
11.  Missouri
12.  LSU
13.  Texas A&M
14.  Washington
15. Stanford
16.  Baylor
17.  Kentucky
18. Nebraska
19. UCLA
20. Hawaii
21. South Alabama
22. Tulsa
23. Florida State
24. South Florida
25T North Carolina
25T Arizona


Three of today’s games are televised, but not in every area: 1pm CSN LSU vs Missouri; 3pm BTN Michigan vs Iowa; 7pm ESPNU Georgia Tech vs North Carolina


#1. Oklahoma def #7 Texas 5-3
Wp Keilani Ricketts  LP Blaire Luna S Michelle Gascoigne.  Sooners resumed command of Big 12 but the ending was as taut as the strings on a bluegrass banjo.  Top 1st: started like previous game, Luna striking out first two batters.  Pendley homered, 1-0.  Sooners had 2 more hits, Williams rbi single,  but left bases loaded.  Ricketts struck out the first 2 Texans (6 for the game) but Thom homered.  Sooners had bases loaded in 2nd, one out, but Ricketts struck out and Shults grounded to 2nd. Sooners left 2 on in 4th, but finally scored again in 5th. Turang hit a 2-out, 2-run double.  Top 6th: Pendley homered again. Bruins relieved Luna.  Horns narrowed the gap in the bottom when Hoagland tripled, scored on Thom’s sac fly.  Three groundouts ended OU at-bats.  Texas 7th: Scott hbp; Bruins singled to short, Ceo reached on a fielder’s choice, forcing Bruins at 2nd. Schmidt singled, RScott scored. Michelle Gascoigne relieved Ricketts.  Shireman walked, loading the bases, one out. Hoagland, the hard hitting Texan, popped to 3rd. Washington struck out on three pitches.   OU is now 39-3/8-1.  Texas 39-6/9-2.  Big bats Chamberlain, Ricketts and Shults were hitless yesterday and today.  Ricketts stranded five.
#2  Tennessee def Ole Miss 9-1 (5)
WP Ellen Renfroe.  LP Carly Hummel.  Chavanne led attack, 3-4, with a 2-run homer. Tennessee scored 4 in the 1st, inc a  2-run hit by Gibson. Davin followed with a 2-run shot.  Payne two-out double gave Ole Miss ts score.  Vols 3rd, three more runs inc 2-eun shot by Chavanne.  Tarango drove in 2 runs in the 4th.  Tennessee 42-6/15-3.  Ole Miss 22-29/2-19.
#3 Arizona State upset by Utah 6-5/DH
WP Kayce Nieto  LP Mackenzie Popescue.  After the Sun Devils stranded 2 top 1st, the Utes raced to a 4-0 lead in the bottom. One out, Sweet walked, Dickman singled, Frankhauser singled, bases loaded, Stewart singled down the right field line, 2 rbi; Mendenhall rbi groundout, Ramirez singled, rbi.  ASU posted two, top 2nd; Caporuscio walked, Parlich singled, runners moved on Aubrecht sac, Soria singled, 2 rbi.  That comeback was immediately offset by Utah in the bottom; Elliott doubled, advanced on a sac, scored on Sweet’s single; two out, Frankhauser rbi.  Dallas Escobedo relieved Popescue. ASU scored top 3rd, Kemp and Caporuscio singled, Kemp scored on error.  ASU scored again ion 4th on Coyle’s 2-out homer. Steele scored on Caporuscio’s sac fly in the 5th.  After going down in order in the 6th, ASUtried to overcome that one run deficit; Freeman led with a single but was forced at 2nd by Steele; Kemp walked, but both were stranded when Caporuscio grounded out and Kemp flied out.  ASU 38-7/9-5.  Utah 21-23-1/6-11  Game Two: ASU 6-4
#4 Florida def Longwood 8-0 (6)
WP Hannah Rogers  No-hitter. LP Libby Morris.  Gators scored in 1st on Horton sac fly; again in 2nd on Schwarz homer. Tofft slugged a 2-run homer in the 5th. Gators put the game away with 4 runs in 6th. Merritt rbi single; Tofft 2-run double; Schwarz rbi single.  Florida is 45-5.  Longwood 33-13.
#6 Alabama def Mississippi State 9-8
WP Leslie Jury in relief. LP Alison Owen.  The Bulldogs were in the fight.  Top 1st, Offut singled with one out, scored with 2 out on Shape’s single. Bama rolled up three, two on a Traina single, Conley sac fly.  The Tide posted 3 more bottom 2nd; after 2 runs scored on an error, Owen relieved Becker.  The third runof the inning scored on a Traina sac fly.  Trailing 6-1, the Bulldogs racked 3 in the 4th, the posted 2 in the 5th on a Cooley homer and Echols double, game tied at 6-6.  The Tide broke the tie bottom 6th on McCleney’s 2-run homer.  But Bell tied the score again top 7th with a 2-run homer.  Bottom 7th: 2 on, one out, Conley singled but Ficjtner was out at home.  Hays ended the game with a single to center. Alabama 40-7/12-6.  Miss State 29-16/7-11.
#8 Louisville def Villanova 8-1
WP Caralisa Connell  LP Kate Poppe  S Rachel LeCoq.  Late breaking game.  Cards scored 5 in 4th: Arion walked, Kiyohara reached on a fielder’s choice, Soles single,  one out, runners advanced on wild pitch, Mann hbp; Miller 2-run single; Sitzman relieved Poppe; two more runs scored.  Bottom 5th, bases loaded, LeCoq relieved Connell. Sandy-Alvara scored on wild pitch. Lowe singled, Ortega lined into double play, stranding two.  Cardinals scored 3 top 6th: Trimble rbi double, Wolny 2-run single. Louisville 42-6/15-1.  Villanova 15-24/2-14.
#9  Michigan def Iowa 8-6/DH
WP Sara Driesenga  LP Kayla Massey.  Hawkeyes loaded bases, top 1st, no score; UM nailed a runner at home and Driesenga struck out the final batter.  Michigan scored in the bottom on Romero’s one-out dinger. Michigan racked 5 runs in the 3rd.  Bases loaded, Blanchard rbi single. Lane rbi sac fly; Lawrence 2-run double; Sweet rbi fielder’s choice.  Iowa stranded 2 in the 4th when Driesenga struck out the last 2 batters. Lane opened the final stanza with a round-tripper.  Sweet singled, with two out, Susalla tripled. Michigan 39-7/16-0.  Iowa 24-19/4-11. Game Two: Michigan 8-0
#10 Cal upset by Oregon State 1-0
WP Tina Andreana 2-hitter  LP Jolene Henderson. Top 4th: Sanchez led with a single, one out, Cavestany reached on throwing error, Sanchez scored on Hampton’s groundout.  Cal left runners on in the 4th and 5th, two on in the 6th, and left bases loaded in the 7th. Cal is 35-9.  Oregon State 27-17.
#11 Missouri def #12 LSU 3-2
WP Chelsea Thomas  LP Rachelle Fico.  Missouri 26-7/11-6.  LSU 37-11/12-6.  LSU now tied with Alabama for lead in SEC Western division. They meet next weekend in Baton Rouge.  Mizzou’s Hudson was 3-4, 2 homers, and drove in all 3 runs.  Thomas is 17-4; Fico 22-9.
#13 Texas A&M upset by Georgia 6-3
WP Morgan Montemayor.  LP Lauren Ainsley. Bottom 1st: Griffin singled, scored with 2 out on Puailoa single.  Aggies took lead on Clopton’s 2-run single in 2nd, but Dawgs came back with 2 in the bottom on Lazear’s groundout rbi and Griffin rbi single. Georgia secured the victory with 3 runs bottom 6th.  Iosefa slugged a 2-run homer; Sito reached on an error, Swafford walked, and TAMU relieved Ainsley. Davenport now in the circle, Afteran out, Olney singled, Swafford scored.  Garza led the Aggies 7th with a homer, but they stranded two. Texas A&M 35-12.  Georgia 34-15.
#14 Washington def by #15 Stanford  6-4/DH
WP Kelsey Stevens.  LP Bryana Walker. S Teagan Gerhart. Cardinal scored in 1st on two-out solo by Rich.  Huskies took lead in bottom, on successive homers by Hayward and Fagaly.  Stevens relieved Nyree White. Stanford regained lead in 3rd on Bonstrom 2-run homer.  Hayward’s second homer tied the score in the 5th.   Top 6th: Stanford took lead with three runs: Plaza rbi double; Winter rbi walk; Bonstrom sac fly. Huskies threatened in 7th: one out, Lahners walked, Souza doubled.  Gerhart relieved. Wright walked, bases loaded, Jones sac fly rbi; but McNeil looked at a third strike. Washington 33-12.  Stanford 29-14.  Game Two Washington 7, Stanford 1
#17 Kentucky def Arkansas 5-3
WP Lauren Cumbess.  LP Kim Beasley.  S Kelsey Nunley. Cumbess aided her cause with a 2-run homer while Sagerman jacked a 3-run shot.  The Razorbacks scored their first run when Schroeder drew a bases-loaded walk in the4th, followed by Gee’s sac fly. Their final run was also off a bases-loaded walk by reliever Nunley.  Kentucky is 34-14/10-8. Arkansas is 30-17/8-10.
#18 Nebraska upset by Purdue 6-5
WP Lexy Moore  LP Tatum Edwards  S Lilly Fecho.  Lady Huskers scored top 1st on Decker sac fly, but left two.  Purdue went heavy on the offense, scoring 5 runs in bottom.  Rain singled, but was caught stealing; Burkhardt singled, Varsho walked, Fletcher singled, two runs scored on error in center; Chiodo walked, Andrew rbi single, Monchek rbi double; Courtney rbi single.  NU fired back with 3 runs; bases loaded, Taylor Edwards hbp, Tatum Edwards scored, Thomason 2-run single, 6-4. Nebraska scored a fifth run top 6th,  on Taylor Edwards sac fly.  Nebraska 34-10/12-4.  Purdue 21-25/8-9.
#21 South Alabama def Louisiana-Monroe 8-0
#22 Tulsa def Houston 2-0
#23 Florida State def Virginia Tech 4-3
#24 South Florida def DePaul 4-3/DH 4-3 (13)
#25 North Carolina def Georgia Tech 7-1/DH Georgia Tech 8-5



OTHER GAMES (posted as scores are received)
East Carolina 4 Memphis 3
Evansville 6, Missouri State 3
Fairfield 5, Siena 4
Fresno State 5, Colorado State 0
George Washington 4, Massachusetts 3
Illinois 8, Indiana 0
Louisiana Lafayette 8, Florida Atlantic 4/ULL 1-0
Loyola 3, Cleveland State 0
Maryland 10, Boston College 1
NC State 2, Virginia 0
Northwestern 2, Penn State 1
Notre Dame 7, Pittsburgh 0
Oklahoma State 3, Kansas 1
San Diego 5, Utah Valley 0
SF Austin 6, Texas A&M CC 0
South Carolina 3, Auburn 1
Southern Miss 3, UCF 2
Texas Tech 15, Iowa State 5

UConn 7, St John’s 2
Western Carolina 5, Georgia Southern 2
Wisconsin 4, Ohio State 2

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