4-23-2010 April 23 2010 D1 Games

APRIL 23 2010 D1 GAMES  

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TOP 25
ESPN/USA Softball Poll 4-19-2011  

1. Michigan upset by  Iowa  4-2 

2. Arizona State def Arizona  8-3

3. Alabama upset by Florida 6-5  

4. T Georgia upset by Arkansas 2-1; DH  

4 T Tennessee upset by Mississippi State 3-2  

6. Texas def Texas Tech  9-5  

7. Arizona def by  Arizona State 8-3 

8. Missouri def Nebraska   4-1

9. Florida upset Alabama 6-5  

10. Washington def UCLA 4-3 (9)  

11. Stanford def by California 4-1  

12. California def Stanford  4-1 

13. UCLA lost to Washington 4-3  

14. Baylor def Oklahoma State 5-1 (9)  

15. Oklahoma def Texas A&M 2-0  

16. Kentucky def South Carolina 5-3/3-2   

17. ULL def by Florida Atlantic 1-0 (10)/ DH   

18. Nebraska def by  Missouri 4-1 

19. Oregon def Oregon State 8-1 

20.  Oklahoma State def Baylor 5-1 (9) 

21. Texas A&M def by  Oklahoma 2-0  

22. Georgia Tech def Virginia 8-0, 9-2  

23. Notre Dame vs Villanova//cancelled – rain   

24. LSU def Mississippi  4-0 

25. Fresno State def Utah State 16-12 

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ARIZONA’s Kenzie Fowler.  Readers have asked why Wildcat ace Fowler did not start or even pitch in the crucial weekend series against Arizona State.  Those emails peaked last night after ASU had scored 3 runs in the 6th off Shelby Babcock (and went on to win 13-10); why not, reader asked, pitch Kenzie in the 7th.  Respecting Kenzie’s privacy, Spy has not published news of her latest injury, but the injury has now affected the game.  The last statement by the University, dated April 18, said Kenzie suffered a concussion when she was hit by a foul ball last Sunday, and there is no timetable for Kenzie’s return.  The press office said Kenzie is undergoing daily medical evaluation.  Photos from the Friday game show Kenzie with her teammates. We all remember too well her life-threatening surgery.  Arizona’s situation is similar to Florida’s when Stephanie Brombacher was out and the Gators went into a tailspin.  It’s still a pitcher-dependent sport.  We all hope for Kenzie’s quick return.
Texas 9, Texas Tech 5.  Texas, recording 18 hits for the second straight game, remain sundefested in Big 12.  Tech’s days in the Top 25 are a fading memory — but they made a fight of it, leading 5-1 after two.  After the Horns scored top 1st, Tech tied in the bottom; Bledsoe singled, Hall doubled, Bledsoe scored on a wild pitch by starter Rachel Fox.  Tech stranded 2, but they racked 4 more in the 2nd.  Hamada and Richardson singled; both advanced on an error; Gentsch doubled in 2 runs.  Luna relieved Fox.  One out, Hall singled, rbi; Kenney walked; James singled, rbi.  Texas took back two in the 3rd; consecutive singles by Thom, Hooks and Taylor loaded the bases; Thom scored on Schmidt’s groundout; Hooks was caught in a rundown on Craig’s fielder’s choice; Bruins singled, rbi.  The Horns took a 6-5 lead in the 4th; Washington, Thom and Hooks singled (rbi); Washington scored but Thom was out at 3rd; Taylor slugged a 2-run homer.  Ward relieved Talley.  Texas scored twice in the 6th, a sac fly by Schmidt, an rbi single by Bruins.  Horns 7th: Hoagland walked, scored with one out on Thom’s single. Thom posted a Texas single game record of 5 hits.  Texas 41-4/11-0.  Tech -11/4-10.
 Arkansas 2, Georgia 1.  Bulldogs stranded a runner in four of the first five innings.  Bottom 5th: Arkansas scored both runs.  One out, Gee and Robinkson walked; Owen relieved McCloud.  Two outs, Oprzedek doubled in both runs.  Georgia scored top 7th; Sandberg led with a single; Hubbard hbp; Echols hbp; pinch runner Couey scored on Paul sac fly; Schlopy grounded out, Wiggins popped to short. Georgia 40-7/14-6.  Arkansas 13-35/3-20.
Mississippi State 3, Tennessee 2.  There are some games a team remembers long after a season is over — and knocking off Top 25 teams has to loom large for the Bulldogs — Texas A&M, Auburn and now Tennessee.  Perhaps a portent: Bulldogs left 2 on in top 1st. Vols scored one in bottom; Chavanne singled; stole 2nd; Gibson walked, runners at the corners; Burchell hbp, bases loaded; Spigner singled, rbi.  But Gibson was out at home on a fielder’s choice by Davin.   Brown struck out, leaving bases loaded.  Having dodged a big bullet, MSU scored 3 runs top 2nd.  Shape singled, one out, Fisher walked.  Two out, Bainbridge walked, loading the bases.  Bell doubled in 2 runs.  Smith drove in Bainbridge.  Vols 2nd: one out, Dotson singled, Chavanne singled; Grieve sac fly, rbi. Ivy Renfroe relieved to pitch the 3rd.   MSU stranded 2 in 4th; then loaded the bases top 7th, one out, but Ivy Renfroe struck out Nesbitt and Lenahan.  Vols loaded the bases in 5th; three left.  Gibson singled with 2 out in 7th.  Tennessee 41-7/17-5.  Mississippi State 23-26/9-13.
Georgia Tech 8, Virginia 0.  Yellow Jackets blasted 7 homers enroute to winning 22nd consecutive ACC series. Weseman broke career doubles record.  Kuzma walked, scored on Priebe’s single, top 2nd.  Adkins had walked 2 in 1st before striking out 2, then struck out 2 in 2nd.  Tech owned the 3rd; 6 runs.  Thomas singled, Weseman walked, Jordan singled, Kuzma tripled 3 rbi; Rudni sijngled, rbi; Priebe belted a 2-run homer; 6 runs on 5 hits.  Tech stranded 2 in 4th, 2 in 5th, and 1 in 6th, before scoring final run in 7th on Priebe’s second homer. Georgia Tech 38-8.  Virginia 21-24.   
Oklahoma 2, Texas A&M 0.  Yesterday, the Sooners lost a heartbreaker; today, Ricketts dominated, limiting the Aggies to 1 hit, striking out 15.  And like Friday, OU had trouble scoring on Dumezich, despite 7 hits.  Dobbs opened the OU 7th with a single, but was forced at 2nd by McGregor. OU had stranded 5 runners in previous innings; Norris solved the issue of scoring on Deumezich, jacking a 2-run walkoff homer.  Oklahoma 34-15.  TAMU 34-13.
 LSU 4, Mississippi 0.  Tigers scored top 3rd; Blades singled, scored with 2 out on Santos double.  Langoni opened LSU 4th with a triple, scored with 2 out on Blades single.  Ole Miss threatened in the bottom; Broome singled, Parra sacrificed; Cantillo walked, Ladner singled, Boone was cutr down at home on throw from left field, and Ladner was nailed at 2nd 2-6-4.LSU 5th: one out, Boulet tripled, scored on Santos double; Young drove in Santos. 4-0.  Two out in Rebels 7th, Ladner walked, Barnhill singled, but Nimmo grounded out.  LSU 30-15/12-9.  Ole Miss 14-35/3-19.
Fresno State 16, Utah State 12.  A barn burner!  Fresno State had 18 hits, Utah State 10.  Bulldogs led 12-5 after three, starting with 7 runs top 1st.  One out, Ortega singled, Moses tripled, rbi.  Stiglich rbi double.    Two out, Angene rbi single.  Walked walked; Runge and Ortega rbi singles.  Tyteca relieved Harmon.  Utah State rebounded with 4 runs in bottom half; Landers singled, stole 2nd; Lenzora singled; Uchida reached on an error (Utah State made 6, Fresno State 4).  One out, McDonald singled, 2 rbi, with a third run on an error.  Cancelosi rbi single.  Bulldogs loaded bases in 2nd, without a hit; left them full.  Utah State stranded 2 in bottom.  Top 3rd: Fresno State scored 5; Angene jacked a grand slam.    Bottom: M. McDonald walked, scored on error.  Two out, bottom 4th, Utah State scored on Ferguson 3-run homer.  Leading 12-8, Moses relieved.  Stiglich led the Bulldogs 5th with a double, scored on error.  Fresno State scored 3 runs on 4 hits, top 7th.  Utah State scored in bottom on Tyteca rbi single, Bava 3-run homer.  Frsno State 29-11/13-2.  Utah State 10-38/4-11.
 Oklahoma State 5,   Baylor 1 (9).  Game was scoreless after eight innings.  The Cowgirls, who had stranded 7 runners in the first eight innings, broke through in the 9th when Brown walked, with one out; Boyd doubled, rbi; Diffendaffer was hbp; Graham singled, bases loaded.  Gearhart rbi single; Diffendaffer scored; Graham scored on Hamilton sac fly; Gearhart scored on double steal.  The Bears tried to rally; Paul and Hosack walked, with one out; with 2 out, Shelton singled, rbi.  Walker grounded out, leaving two.  OSU 35-11.  Baylor 35-10.
Florida 6, Alabama 5.  After Braud’s 2-run homer off Brombacher in the top half broke a 3-3 tie,  Bama had a 5-3 going into bottom 7th.  Fagan walked; Moultrie singled, runners at the corners; one out, Bruder jacked a 3-run walkoff home run.  Bama 42-5/16-4.  Florida 38=8/13-7.
Missouri 4, Nebraska 1.  The Tigers had 9 hits for the game, but only 2 in the first four innings.  In the 5th, Vock homered.  Four of the first five Missouri batters in the 7th struck singles, Fleming driving in 2 runs.  Hudson brought in the final run with a sac fly.  With  2 out in the bottom, Guile walked, pinch runner Wright advanced on a wild pitch; Tat Edwards walked; Wright scored on Foland’s single, one of just 2 Husker hits.  MU 38-6.  NU 32-9.
Washington 4, UCLA 3 (9).  Intersting similarity in the pitching data: 7 hits for both, 2 HRs each.  Kerr relieved styart Jessica Hall in the 3rd.  Bottom: UCLA scored on DiSalvatore’s homer, but left 2 on.  Huskies tied top 4th, Stuart scored on Ingelsby double.  UCLA reclaimed lead bottom 6th on home run by Tiumalu.   Huskies tied top 7th; with 2 out, Pohlman singled, Salling rbi double.  Top 8th, Ingelsby homered.  Bruins loaded bases; Schroeder drew rbi walk for tying run.  UW 9th: One out, Salling homered.  UCLA:  Harrison singled with one out; Yudin grounded into double play.  UW 31-8/6-6.  UCLA 31-10/7-5.
California 4,  Stanford 1.  J Reid scored Bears first run in bottom 3rd on Williams single.  After the Cardinal left 2 on top 4th, Cal scored 2: Williams hbp, E Reid homered.  Chin relieved Gerhart.  Echevarria and Ziegenhirt singled in Cal 5th; Decker sac fly rbi.  Down 4-0, Cardinal scored in 6th when Hanewich singled, scored on Hansen double.
Iowa 4, Michigan 2.  The Wolverines had lost just once in Big 10 games.  The Hawkeyes scored top 2nd on Schuelke’s 2-run homer.  Keim singled to lead the Iowa 3rd, scored on sac fly by Carmody.  Michigan 3rd: Doyle and Evans singled; both scored on Sappingfield’s double.  Michigan loaded the bases in the 4th, no score.  Iowa added a run in the 5th on consecutive singles by Keim Akers, Carmody and Ochoa (rbi), but left the bases loaded.  Bottom 7th: Chidewster singled with one out, but Lane and Blanchard struck out.  Michigan 41-4/9-2.  Iowa 26-16/8-3.
Arizona State 8,  Arizona 3.  Kemp is not even listed on the Wildcats stat sheet for pitchers; indeed, with Fowler’s continuing unavailability, Arizona was using position players like Lastrapes in the circle. A portent of things to come: Donnenwirth slugged a 3-run homer top 1st.  In the bottom, Schutzler and Lastrapes singled; Del Ponte rbi single.  ASU 5th: with Lastrapes pitching, Lockwood hit a 3-run homer.  The Wildcats fought back; Schutzler singled, with one out, Lastrapes homered.  6-3.  ASU 6th: Rogers rbi single, Castillo rbi double.  ASU 42-5/9-3.  Arizona 36-11/7-5.
 Florida Atlantic 1, Louisiana-Lafayette 0 (10).  Knuckle-biter.  Gressley went the full 10,allowing just one hit.  Bottom 10th: with Curfman on 2nd as the FAU runner, Parmeter popped up, trying to bunt but Curfman advanced on a passed ball.  Broyles reached on a fielder’s choice to 3rd, Curfman scored.  Florida Atlantic is 29-22.  ULL is 38-7.
Oregon 8, Oregon State 1.  Ducks crushed 2 homers in 1st: 2-run shot by Fulava, solo by Vitek.  In Ducks 3rd, Peterson drove in 2 runs with a double.  With 2 out in Ducks 5th, Cuico homered.  Roderfeld put the Beavers on the board with a solo in the 6th.  Oregon answered with 2. Oregon 33-11. OSU 18-19. 


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North Carolina 6, Boston College 2  

North Carolina 4, Boston College 0  

Georgia Tech 8, Virginia 0
WP Kristen Adkins 3-hitter, 11K.  LP Melanie Mitchell
Georgia Tech 9, Virginia 2
WP Lindsey Anderson  LP Melanie Mitchell  

Virginia Tech 6, North Carolina State 2  

North Carolina State 3, Virginia Tech 1  

Maryland 1,  Florida State 0  

Maryland 7,  Florida State 4 

America East 

UMBC vs Albany 12:00 PM Albany, N.Y.  

Boston vs Hartford 1:00 PM West Hartford, Conn.  

Boston vs Hartford 3:00 PM West Hartford, Conn.  

Maine vs Binghamton 1:00 PM Binghamton, N.Y.  

Maine vs Binghamton 3:30 PM Binghamton, N.Y.  

Atlantic 10  

George Washington vs Rhode Island 12:00 PM Kingston, R.I.  

Dayton vs Fordham 12:00 PM Bronx, N.Y.  

Dayton vs Fordham 2:30 PM Bronx, N.Y.  

Saint Joseph’s vs Saint Louis 12:00 PM St. Louis, Mo.  

Saint Joseph’s vs Saint Louis 2:00 PM St. Louis, Mo.  

Atlantic Sun  

Campbell vs South Carolina-Upstate 4:00 PM Spartanburg, S.C.  

Campbell vs South Carolina-Upstate 6:00 PM Spartanburg, S.C.  

Big 10  

Indiana 7,  Michigan State 2 

Illinois 4, Wisconsin 2  

Minnesota 3, Purdue 2  

Northwestern 14, Ohio State  0  

Iowa 4,  Michigan 2
WP Chelsea Lyon.  LP Stephanie Speierman

Big 12

Texas 9, Texas Tech 5
WP Blaire Luna in relief.  Lp Brittany Talley 

Kansas 8, Iowa State 6  

Oklahoma State 5,   Baylor 1 (9)
WP Kat Espinosa.  LP Whitney Canion  

Oklahoma 2, Texas A&M 0
WP Keilanie Ricketts 1-hitter, 15K.  LP Melissa Dumezich

Missouri 4, Nebraska 1
WP Chelsea Thomas 2-hitter, 9K.  LP Ashmley Hagemann 8H, HR.  


Big East
 DePaul vs Rutgers 11:00 AM Rutgers, N.J./rained out  

Pittsburgh vs St. John’s 11:00 AM Queens, N.Y./rained out  

Notre Dame vs Villanova 11:00 AM Villanova, Pa.//cancelled  

Providence vs Louisville 11:00 AM Louisville, Ky. /DH rained out 

Georgetown 4, Seton Hall 3
Seton Hall 13, Georgetown 0

South Florida 8, Connecticut 0  

Big South  

Coastal Carolina vs Presbyterian 12:00 PM Clinton, S.C.  

Winthrop vs Radford 1:00 PM Radford, Va.  

Gardner-Webb vs Charleston Southern 2:00 PM Charleston, S.C.

Big West  

UCSB 4, CS-Northridge 2  

CS-Fullerton 1, UC Davis 0  

 Cal Poly 5, Long Beach State 4 (8)  

Pacific 5, UC Riverside 4  


Towson vs Hofstra 12:00 PM Hempstead, N.Y.//DH rained out  

Delaware 3, UNC-Wilmington 3  

Drexel 2,  George Mason 1
George Mason 4, Drexel 3  

Georgia State swept  James Madison 8-0 (5), 11-2  

Conference USA  

Marshall 4, Southern Mississippi 2  

Tulsa 1, UAB 0 

East Carolina 6, UTEP 2 

Memphis 8, Central Florida 0  


Youngstown State vs Butler 10:00 AM Indianapolis, Ind.  

Wright State vs Loyola 12:00 PM Chicago, Ill.  

Cleveland State vs Illinois-Chicago 12:00 PM Chicago, Ill.  

Detroit vs Wisconsin-Green Bay 1:00 PM Green Bay, Wis.  

Detroit vs Wisconsin-Green Bay 3:00 PM Green Bay, Wis.


Brown vs Dartmouth 12:30 PM Hanover, N.H.  

Brown vs Dartmouth 2:30 PM Hanover, N.H.  

Yale vs Harvard 12:30 PM Cambridge, Mass.  

Yale vs Harvard 2:30 PM Cambridge, Mass.  

Penn vs Cornell 12:30 PM Ithaca, N.Y.  

Penn vs Cornell 2:30 PM Ithaca, N.Y.  

Columbia vs Princeton 12:30 PM Princeton, N.J.  

Columbia vs Princeton 2:30 PM Princeton, N.J.  


Central Michigan vs Akron 2:00 PM Akron, Ohio  

Eastern Michigan vs Ohio 2:00 PM Athens, Ohio  

Kent State vs Miami 2:00 PM Oxford, Ohio  

Bowling Green vs Western Michigan 2:00 PM Kalamazoo, Mich.  

Buffalo vs Ball State 2:00 PM Muncie, Ind.  

Toledo vs Northern Illinois 2:00 PM DeKalb, Ill.  

Metro Atlantic  

Canisius vs Siena 1:00 PM Loudonville, N.Y.  

Canisius vs Siena 3:00 PM Loudonville, N.Y.  

Iona vs Saint Peter’s 1:00 PM Jersey City, N.J.  

Iona vs Saint Peter’s 3:00 PM Jersey City, N.J.  

Fairfield vs Rider 1:00 PM Lawrenceville, N.J.  

Fairfield vs Rider 3:00 PM Lawrenceville, N.J.  

Missouri Valley  

Missouri State vs Southern Illinois 12:00 PM Carbondale, Ill.  

Indiana State vs Bradley 12:00 PM Peoria, Ill.  

Creighton vs Northern Iowa 12:00 PM Cedar Falls, Iowa  

 Illinois State vs Drake 12:00 PM Des Moines, Iowa  

Evansville vs Wichita State 12:00 PM Wichita, Kan.  

Mountain West  

Utah 12, New Mexico 9  

San Diego State 4, UNLV 0  

BYU 8, Colorado State 0 (5)  


Fairleigh Dickinson vs Quinnipiac 12:00 PM Hamden, Conn.  

Fairleigh Dickinson vs Quinnipiac 2:30 PM Hamden, Conn.  

Bryant vs Central Connecticut 1:00 PM New Britain, Conn.  

Bryant vs Central Connecticut 3:00 PM New Britain, Conn.  

Monmouth vs Mount St. Mary’s 1:00 PM Emmitsburg, Md.  

Monmouth vs Mount St. Mary’s 3:00 PM Emmitsburg, Md.  

Robert Morris vs Saint Francis 1:00 PM Loretta, Pa.  

Robert Morris vs Saint Francis 3:00 PM Loretta, Pa.  

Ohio Valley  

Morehead State vs Tennessee Tech 1:00 PM Cookville, Tenn.  

Eastern Illinois vs Austin Peay 1:00 PM Clarksville, Tenn.  

SIU-Edwardsville vs Tennessee State 1:00 PM Nashville, Tenn.  

Eastern Kentucky vs Murray State 1:00 PM Murray, Ky.  

Jacksonville State vs Tennessee-Martin 1:00 PM Martin, Tenn.  


Oregon 8, Oregon State 1 
WP Jessica Moore  LP Marina Demore

Arizona State 8,  Arizona 3
WP Dallas Escobedo 6H,7K,4BB,HR.   LP   Victoria Kemp

California 4,  Stanford 1
WP Jolene Henderson  LP Teagan Gerhart  

Washington 4, UCLA 3
WP Kaitlin Ingelsby.  LP Donna Kerr  

Pacific Coast  

Northern Colorado vs Utah Valley 12:00 PM Orem, Utah  

Northern Colorado vs Utah Valley 2:00 PM Orem, Utah  

Weber State vs Idaho State 12:00 PM Pocatello, Idaho  

Weber State vs Idaho State 2:00 PM Pocatello, Idaho  

Loyola Marymount vs Sacramento State 12:00 PM Sacramento, Calif.  

Loyola Marymount vs Sacramento State 2:00 PM Sacramento, Calif.  

CS Bakersfield vs Saint Mary’s 12:00 PM Moraga, Calif.  

CS Bakersfield vs Saint Mary’s 2:00 PM Moraga, Calif.  

San Diego vs Santa Clara 12:00 PM Santa Clara, Calif.  

San Diego vs Santa Clara 2:00 PM Santa Clara, Calif.  

Portland State vs Seattle 12:00 PM Seattle, Wash.  

Portland State vs Seattle 2:00 PM Seattle, Wash.  


Colgate vs Holy Cross 12:00 PM Worcester, Mass.  

Colgate vs Holy Cross 2:00 PM Worcester, Mass.  

Army vs Lehigh 12:00 PM Bethlehem, Pa.  

Army vs Lehigh 2:00 PM Bethlehem, Pa.  

Lafayette vs Bucknell 1:00 PM Lewisburg, Pa.  

Lafayette vs Bucknell 3:00 PM Lewisburg, Pa.  


Arkansas 2, Georgia 1
WP Kim Jones.  LP Sarah McCloud  

Georgia vs Arkansas 3:00 PM Fayetteville, Ark.//weather delay  

Kentucky 5,  South Carolina 3
WP Chanda Bell  LP Ashley Chastain
Westfall hits home run and triple

 Kentucky 3,  South Carolina 2
WP Rachel Riley  LP Audrey Broyles
DeMartine hits 2 solo homers, one in 7th.

Florida 6, Alabama 5
WP Hannah Rogers in relief.  LP Kelsi Dunne  

Mississippi State 3, Tennessee 2
WP Stephanie Becker  LP Ellen Renfroe

LSU 4, Mississippi 0
WP Rachel Fico 3-hitter 3BB.  LP Kendall Bruning.

Western Carolina vs Elon 1:00 PM Elon N.C.  

Western Carolina vs Elon 3:00 PM Elon N.C.  

UNC-Greensboro vs Georgia Southern 1:00 PM Statesboro, Ga.  

Chattanooga vs Furman 1:00 PM Greenville, S.C.  

Chattanooga vs Furman 3:00 PM Greenville, S.C.  


Stephen F. Austin vs Southeastern Louisiana 10:00 AM Hammond, La.  

Stephen F. Austin vs Southeastern Louisiana 12:00 PM Hammond, La.  

Northwestern State vs Central Arkansas 12:00 PM Conway Ark.  

McNeese State vs Texas A&M-CC 12:00 PM Corpus Christi, Texas  

Nicholls State vs Texas-San Antonio 12:00 PM San Antonio, Texas  

Sam Houston State vs Texas-Arlington 1:00 PM Arlington, Texas  


Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs Grambling State 12:00 PM Grambling, La.  

Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs Grambling State 2:00 PM Grambling, La.  

Southern vs Prairie View A&M 12:00 PM Houston, Texas  

Southern vs Prairie View A&M 2:00 PM Houston, Texas  

Alabama A&M vs Alabama State 1:00 PM Montgomery, Ala.  

Alabama A&M vs Alabama State 3:00 PM Montgomery, Ala.  

Jackson State vs Alcorn State 1:00 PM Lorman, Miss.  

Jackson State vs Alcorn State 3:00 PM Lorman, Miss.  


UMKC vs Oakland 12:00 PM Rochester, Mich.  

Centenary vs Western Illinois 12:00 PM Macomb, Ill.  

South Dakota State vs North Dakota State 1:00 PM Fargo, N.D.  

IUPUI vs Southern Utah 12:00 PM Cedar City, Utah  

IUPUI vs Southern Utah 2:00 PM Cedar City, Utah  

Sun Belt  

Troy vs Middle Tennessee 12:00 PM Murfreesboro, Tenn.  

Louisiana -Monroe vs Western Kentucky 12:00 PM Bowling Green, Ky.  

Florida Atlantic 1, Louisiana-Lafayette 0
WP Rose Gressley 1-hitter  LP Ashley Brignac  

Louisiana-Lafayette vs Florida Atlantic 7:00 PM Boca Raton, Fla.  


Nevada vs San Jose State 12:00 PM San Jose, Calif.  

Nevada vs San Jose State 2:00 PM San Jose, Calif.  

Louisiana Tech vs  New Mexico State 2:00 PM Las Cruces, N.M.  

Louisiana Tech vs  New Mexico State 4:00 PM Las Cruces, N.M.  

 Fresno State 16, Utah State 12
WP Mackenzie Oakes. LP Mandy Harmon.  S Michelle Moses  

Boise State vs Hawai’i 4:00 PM Honolulu, Hawai’i  

Boise State vs  Hawai’i 6:00 PM Honolulu, Hawai’i  

Non-conference games   

Texas Southern at UH-Victoria Tournament TBA Victoria, Texas  

South Dakota vs Sacred Heart 12:00 PM Fairfield, Conn.  

South Dakota vs Sacred Heart 2:00 PM Fairfield, Conn.  

Mount St. Mary’s vs Morgan State 12:00 PM Baltimore, Md.  

Mount St. Mary’s vs Morgan State 2:00 PM Baltimore, Md.  

Liberty vs Longwood 1:00 PM Farmville, Va.  

Liberty vs Longwood 3:00 PM Farmville, Va.  

Savannah State vs North Carolina A&T 1:00 PM Greensboro, N.C.  

Savannah State vs North Carolina A&T 3:00 PM Greensboro, N.C.  

Mississippi Valley State vs Auburn 12:00 PM Auburn, Ala.  

Mississippi Valley State vs Auburn 2:00 PM Auburn, Ala.  

IPFW vs Valparaiso 2:00 PM Valparaiso, Ind.  


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