4-24-2011 Sunday April 24 D1 Games

D1 SOFTBALL April 24, 2011


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TOP 25 April 19
ESPN/USA Softball Poll 4-19-2011 

1. Michigan def Iowa 3-2

2. Arizona State

3. Alabama upset by Florida 3-2 (9)

4. T Georgia vs Arkansas DH rained out

4 T Tennessee

6. Texas

7. Arizona

8. Missouri

9. Florida def Alabama 3-2 (9)

10. Washington

11. Stanford

12. California

13. UCLA

14. Baylor

15. Oklahoma

16. Kentucky upset by South Carolina 4-3 (8)

17. ULL loses to Florida Atlantic 6-2

18. Nebraska

19. Oregon

20.  Oklahoma State

21. Texas A&M

22. Georgia Tech

23. Notre Dame

24. LSU def Mississippi 4-0

25. Fresno State

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Florida Atlantic 6, Louisiana-Lafayette 2.  FAU swept three games from the Ragin’ Cajuns –1-0, 4-2 (8) on Saturday — and 6-2 today. ULL started strong; top 1st, Myers singled, scored on Orgeron’s double; Bridges reached on an error at short; Orgeron scored on Cormier’s groundout.  Those 2 hits were ULL’s total for the game.  In the bottom, Basrnes doubled with 2 out, Gressley homered, 2-all.  FAU broke the tie, bottom 2nd; Speerin singled, Broyles singled with 2 out; double steal, Broyles stole 2nd, Speerin stole home, 3-2.  FAU loaded bases, one out in 4th; Parmeter scored on Walker sac fly.  FAU 5th: Gressley doubled; one out, Speerin homered.  ULL 38-9.  FAU 31-22.
 Florida State 5, Maryland 0.  On Saturday, KerryHickey “owned” the Seminoles, winning both games — a 1-0 no-hitter and 4-2 (8) — but Florida State snapped the string today, shutting out Hickey and the Terps.  Bottom 1st: Brown singled, advanced on an error at 3rd; one out, Lapicki walked, Brown scored on passed ball.  Maryland had 2 on, no outs, in the 2nd, no score.  Bottom: Seminoles scored twice.  McConn opened with a triple; Bryant walked; McConn scored on an illegal pitch.  Bullock singled.  Bryant scored on an illegal pitch.  Maryland left 2 more in the 3rd.  Knight relieved Hickey.  After Terps stranded 2 more in 5th, FSU scored last 2 runs.  Two out, Lapicki singled, Stager homered.  FSU 26-23.  Maryland 32-14.
 South Carolina 4, Kentucky 3 (8).  Gamecocks won on  in 8th.  After Wildcats left 2 on top 1st, SC scored a run.  Garcia doubled, with 2 out, Hudson singled, rbi.  Kentucky took 2-1 in 3rd; Jolly singled, Yocke homered.  SC tied in bottom, Milks scored on error.  Gamecocks broke tie in 4th when Childs led off with a home run.  Kentucky tied 3-3 on DeMartine’s 2-out homer in 6th.  SC had 2 on, 1 out, in bottom, no score.  Both teams went down in order in the 7th.  Top 8th: Aull doubled; Cervantes intentionally walked; both advanced on wild pitch; Riley lined into double play.  DeMartine given a pass; Cumbess flied out.  With one out in bottom, Brossart singled, Dillon in to run.  Childs looked at a third strike.  Sarratt doubled, Dillon scored the winner.  Kentucky 35-10/13-6.  South Carolina 22-24/5-16.
 Florida  3, Alabama 2 (9).  A genuine duel; neither team scored until both scored in the 8th.  Alabama: Braud, Lunceford singled; advanced on sac by Larsen; Locke hbp, loading bases; Braud and Lunceford scored on error.  Florida: One out, Horton hbp; Gammel pinch runner, stole 2nd; two out, Moultrie hbp; Traina relieved Dunne;  Bruder singled, rbi; Bush intentionally walked; Schutte hbp, rbi, tying game.  Florida left bases loaded.  Bama went down in order in the 9th.  Florida: DeFelice walked; Coyle singled; Gammel reached on a bunt; Fagan struck out; Moultrie reached on a fielder’s choice, DeFelice out at home 1-2; Bruder singled, Coyle scored winning run.  Alabama 42-6/16-5.  Florida 39-8/14-7.
 Michigan 3, Iowa 2. Down 2-0, Michigan rallied for 3 runs bottom 7th.  Keim led off Iowa 3rd with home run.  Hawkeyes left 2.  Top 6th, Schuelke scored on Luna double.  Again, the Hawkeyes stranded 2.  Bottom 7th: Lane doubled, Blanchard singled, Shaw walked, loading bases with no outs.  Lane scored on Powers sac fly.  Doyle reached on fielder’s choice.  Evans reached on fielder’s choice, Blanchard scored tying run.  Sappingfield fouled out.  Ryan singled, Hasselbach scored winning run.  Michigan 42-4/10-2.  Iowa 26-17/8-4.


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Tallahassee, Fla.
Florida State 5, Maryland 0 
WP-Sarah Hamilton  (16-15)  LP-Kerry Hickey  (14-6)

America East 

West Hartford, Conn.
Boston 11, Hartford 2
Boston 9,  Hartford 2

Binghamton, N.Y
Binghamton sweeps Maine 6-5, 7-3

Atlantic 10 

Amherst, Mass.
Massachusetts sweeps George Washington 6-0, 5-4
Sara Plourde wins both games, 22Ks total

Big 10 

Indiana 4,  Michigan State 2
WP Morgan Melloh 11K.  LP Lauren Kramer

Wisconsin 2, Illinois 1

Michigan 3, Iowa 2
WP Hilary Payne  LP Kayla Massey

Northwestern 12, Ohio State 2 (5)


Hempstead, N.Y.
Hofstra  8 , Towson 2 
WP-Olivia Galati  (21-6)  15 K’s  LP-Dominique Ortega  (7-11)
Hofstra 2, Towson 0  Galati wis both games


Green Bay, Wis.
Wisconsin-Green Bay 13,  Detroit 6
WP-Ashley Nannemann  (3-5) LP-Anna Bondy  (0-9)
S-Allison Goecks  (1)


Brown 13, Dartmouth 0
Dartmouth 6, Brown 3

Harvard sweeps Yale 8-0 (6), 11-1 (5)

Columbia sweeps  Princeton 5-3, 2-0


Eastern Michigan vs Ohio 1:00 PM Athens, Ohio//rained out

Miami 4, Kent State 0

Western Michigan 5, Bowling Green 4

Northern Illinois 13, Toledo 4 (6)


Worcester, Mass.
Colgate 2  Holy Cross 0 
WP-Rachel LeCoq  (13-7)  2-Hitter  LP-Kali Haas  (5-7)
Colgate 2, Holy Cross 1

Bethlehem, Pa.
Army 6,  Lehigh 4
Lehigh 14, Army 5

Lewisburg, Pa.
Lafayette 5, Bucknell 4
Bucknell 1, Lafayette 0


South Carolina 4, Kentucky 3
WP Julie Sarratt 8H, 2HR.  LP Lauren Cumbess 7H, 1HR.

Florida  3, Alabama 2 (9)
WP Hannah Rogers 3-hitter, 10K.  LP Jackie Traina

LSU 4,  Mississippi 0
WP Brittany Mack 1-hitter 8K.  LP Kendall Bruning

Georgia vs Arkansas 11:00 AM Fayetteville, Ark.//DH rained out


Elon 9, Western Carolina 1 (6)


Rochester, Mich.
UMKC 5,  Oakland 4
WP-Deanna Friese  (21-7) 9K.  LP-Marissa Everitt  (5-7)

Fargo, N.D.
North Dakota State swept South Dakota State 9-0 (5), 9-7 (9)

Sun Belt

Boca Raton, Fla.
Florida Atlantic 6, Louisiana-Lafayette 2
WP Rose Gressley 2-hitter.  LP Ashmley Brignac 6H, 2HR


Lawrenceville, N.J.
Rider 9, Stony Brook 6
Stony Brook 7,  Rider 5

University Park, Pa.
Longwood swept  Penn State 5-3 (8), 3-0
Briana Wells won both games (29-11)



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