4-24-2013 Wednesday April 24 D1 Softball


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1. Oklahoma
2. Tennessee
3. Florida
4. Oregon
5. Arizona State
6. Alabama
7T. Texas
7T. Louisville
9. Michigan
10. California
11. Missouri
12. LSU
13. Washington
14. Baylor
15. Stanford
16T Nebraska
18. Texas A&M
19. Kentucky
20. Hawaii
21. South Alabama
22. Florida State
23. Georgia
24. South Florida
25. Arkansas


TV this week:
Thursday: #19 Kentucky vs Ole Miss
Thursday: #6 Alabama vs #12 LSU
Friday: #5 Arizona State vs #10 California
Saturday: #3 Florida vs #23 Georgia

#2 Tennessee vs James Madison/DH ?
#7 Louisville upset by #19 Kentucky 2-1
WP Kelsey Nunley.  LP Varalisa Connell.  Wildcats won on Cumbess’ infield single, bottom 7th.  Scoreless tie until Kentucky scored in the 6th. Bases loaded, 2 out, Smith hbp, O’Brien scored. Fowler led Cards7th with a home run.  Louisville loaded the bases with 2 out; the at-bat ebded on Ruckenbrod’s fly ball.  In the bottom, Samuel singled, Walks to Joiner and Sageman loaded the bases; Cumbess singled.  Louisville left 9 on base, including runners in scoring position in the 5th, 6th and 7th. Louisville 42-7. Kentucky 35-14.
#11 Missouri upset by Western Kentucky 1-0/DH
Game 1:
WP Emily Rousseau  LP Nicole Hudson 1-hitter. Hudson gave up one hit in her 4 innings: a one-out single to Mattox top 2nd, but with 2 out, Hudson walked Metoyer, Mattox scored when Sadler reached on an error at 3rd. WKU left bases loaded.  The Tigers managed just 4 hits off Rousseau.  The other 2 WKU hits were off Lindsay Muller.
Game 2: Missouri 7, WKU 1. 
WP Nicole Hudson  LP Mallorie Sulaski  S Lindsey Muller.  Marston and Rose 2 rbi each.
#12 LSU vs Northwestern State (moved to Tuesday)

#15 Stanford upset by  Pacific 9-6
WP Nikki Armagost  LPKelsey Stevens in relief of Teagan Gerhart.  Pacific took 2-0 lead bottom 1st on Petty 2-run homer.  Stanford took lrad with 3 runs top 3rd on White’s 3-run homer.  Pacific tied in bottom on Moore’s rbi single.  Stevens relieved Gerhart. Pacific broke tie with 3 runs in 5th; Armagost single, Allen double, and a run on a wild pitch. Cardinals forged another tie top 6th on Ashby 3-run homer.  Again Pacific scored a trio; Fogelsong rbi double, Armagost 2-run single.  Stanford left 2 in 7th. Stanford 29-16.  Pacific 28-22.
#16 UCLA def UC Santa Barbara 8-3
WP Paige McDuffie  LP Shelby Wisdom  S Jessica Hall.  Bruins loaded bases, LaRosa scored on Hall’s sac fly, but left bases loaded. Bates drove in 2 runs UCLA 2nd.  UCSB tied top 3rd on Wisdom’s 3-run homer. Bruins went back on top in 4th on Carda’s 2-run shot. Bruins pulled away with 3 runs in 5th, Carda 2-run single, Hall rbi single. 8-3. UCLA 31-15.  UCSB 26-20.
#16T Nebraska def Creighton 6-0
#21 South Alabama def Troy 9-0
#23 Georgia upset by Georgia State 10-7 (8)
WP Katie Worley. LP Chelsea Wilkinson.  Georgia led 5-2 after 3, but State scored 3 runs top 4th and kept control.  Each team scored 2 runs  in 6th and carried a 7-7 tie into the 8th.  Coleman jacked a 2-run shot, Horne an rbi double. Georgia 34-16. Georgia State 33-16.
#24 South Florida vs Seton Hall/DH ?


Albany 8, Boston 0/DH 3-0
Army 10, Yale 2
Boston College 10, Hartford 2
Bucknell 3, Saint Francis 2/DH
DePaul 11, St John’s 0/DH 4-0
East Tennessee State 3, USC Upstate 2
Fairleigh Dickinson 9, Iona 1
Hofstra 10, Fordham 2
Idaho State 3, Utah State 2
Kansas 12, UMKC 0
Kennesaw State 9, Georgia Tech 8
Maryland 11, Delawarr State 0/DH 12-3
Minnesota swept IOoea State 12-6, 13-1
Mississippi State 1, Mississippi Valley State 0
New Mexico 6, UTEP 5
North Carolina 7, UNC Greensboro 3
NC State 11, Elon 0
Ohio State 4, Michigan State 1/DH Ohio State 6-3
Penn State 2, Kent State 1
Presbyterian 5, Western Carolina 4
Purdue 8, Valparaiso 2
St Louis swept Butler 6-4, 2-0
Saint Peter’s 6, Delaware 3
South Carolina 10, Charlotte 2/DH 5-0
Syracuse 6, Rutgers 0/Syracuse 11-3
UIC 5, Northern Illinois 4
Utah 14, Southern Utah 2/DH 11-6
UT Arlington 2, North Texas 1
Virginia 7, Liberty 3/DH 7-6
Virginia Tech 2, Radford 1
Wisconsin 3, Northwestern 0


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