4-25-2012 Weekly Conference Honors

April 24 2012

Information from conference web sites


America East player of the week                                               Charlise Castro, Albany

America East pitcher of the week                             Brittany McFawn, Albany

America East rookie of the week                              Vicky McFarland, Albany

Atlantic 10 player of the week                                    Tiffany Meeks, U Mass

Atlantic 10 pitcher of the week                                  Heidi Penna, George Washington

Atlantic 10 rookie of the week                                   Lauren Rendon, St Joseph’s

Atlantic Coast player of the week                             Candice Beards, Maryland

Atlantic Coast pitcher of the week                           Lacey Waldrop, Florida State

Atlantic Sun player of the week                                 Chelsey Zgrabik, FCGU

Atlantic Sun pitcher of the week                                               Shelby Morgan, FCGU

Big 12 player of the week                                             Cassie Tysarcyzk, Texas A&M

Big 12 pitcher of the week                                           Keilani Ricketts, Oklahoma

Big East player of the week                                         Taner Fowler, Louisville

Big East pitcher of the week                                        Laura Winter, Notre Dame

Big South player of the week                                      Nichole Beall, Radford

Big South pitcher of the week                                    Jackie Jenkins, Radford

Big Ten player of the week                                          Amanda Wagner, Indiana

Big Ten co-pitcher of the week                                  Kayla Massey, Iowa

Big Ten co-pitcher of the week                                  Cassandra Darrah, Wisconsin

Big Ten freshman of the week                                   Brianna Meyer, Indiana

Big West player of the week                                       Jessica Vasser, Riverside

Big West pitcher of the week                                     Justine Vela, Riverside

Colonial player of the week                                         Jessica Clifton, Georgia State

Colonial co-pitcher of the week                                 Olivia Galati, Hofstra

Colonial co-pitcher of the week                                 Kaitlyn Medlam, Georgia State

Colonial rookie of the week                                        Lauren Coleman, Georgia State

CUSA hitter of the week                                                               Whitney Fletcher, UAB

CUSA pitcher of the week                                            Amber Torres, UAB

Horizon player of the week                                         Samantha Snodgrass, Youngstown State

Horizon pitcher of the week                                       Leah Bry, Butler

Ivy League player of the week                                   Georgia Guttadauro, Penn

Ivy League pitcher of the week                                 Rachel Brown, Harvard

Ivy League rookie of the week                                   Liz Caggiano, Columbia

Metro Atlantic player of the week                           Jessica-Jo Sandrini, Siena

Metro Atlantic pitcher of the week                          Jen Consaul, Canisius

Metro Atlantic rookie of the week                           Michelle DelPrince, Canisius

Mid-America East pitcher of the week                   Jessica Simpson, Miami

Mid-America West pitcher of the week                 Meredith Whitney, Western Michigan

Mid-America East player of the week                     Shannon Laughlin, Kent State

Mid-America West player of the week                   Amanda Montalto, Ball State

Mid-Eastern player of the week                                                Bria Green, Delaware State

Mid-Eastern pitcher of the week                              Jennifer Lindsey, Florida A&M

Mid-Eastern rookie of the week                                               Haley Ward, Norfolk State

Missouri Valley player of the week                          Allie VadeBoncouer, Southern Illinois

Missouri Valley pitcher of the week                        Jordan Birch, Illinois State

Mountain West player of the week                         Haley Miles, San Diego State

Mountain West  pitcher of the week                      Rebecca Arbino, San Diego State

Northeast player of the week                                    Sterling Hohan LIU

Northeast pitcher of the week                                  Nicole Sleith, Robert Morris

Northeast rookie of the week                                    Nicole Sleith, Robert Morris

Ohio Valley player of the week                                  Alexa Becker, Murray State

Ohio Valley pitcher of the week                                                Chelsea Jones, UT Martin

PCSC Coastal player of the week                                               Sam Fischer, LMU

PCSC Mountain player of the week                         Melissa Marcovecchio, Northern Colorado

PCSC Mountain pitcher of the week                        Anna Bertrand, Portland Dtate

PCSC Coastal pitcher of the week                             Dana Waldusky, LMU

Pacific 12 player of the week                                      Katelyn Boyd, Arizona State

Pacific 12 pitcher of the week                                     Jolene Henderson, California

Patriot League player of the week                           April Ortenzo, Army

Patriot League pitcher of the week                          Morgan Lashley, Army

Patriot League rookie of the week                           Cassie Waggy, Lehigh

Southeastern player of the week                             Amanda Locke, Alabama

Southeastern pitcher of the week                           Stephanie Becker, Mississippi State

Southeastern freshman of the week                      Paige Wilson, Georgia

Southern Conference player of the week             Jessica Traxler, Chattanooga

Southern Conference pitcher of the week           Jordan Garrett, Western Carolina

Southland hitter of the week                                     Katie McGregor, Central Arkansas

Southland pitcher of the week                                  Shelby Lancaster, Sam Houston State

Southwestern player of the week                            Brianna Parker, Texas Southern

Southwestern pitcher of the week                          Alicia Lorenz, Mississippi Valley State

Sun Belt player of the week                                        Christi Orgeron, Louisiana-Lafayette

Sun Belt pitcher of the week                                      Jordan Wallace, Louisiana-Lafayette

Summit League player of the week                         Mikkel Griffin, Southern Utah

Summit League co-pitcher of the week                 Whitney Johnson, North Dakota State

Summit League co-pitcher of the week                 Heather Black, Southern Utah

Western Athletic player of the week                      Jessica Garcia, San Jose State

Western Athletic pitcher of the week                     Michelle Moses, Fresno State






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