4-25-2013 Thursday April 25 D1 Softball



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1. Oklahoma
2. Tennessee
3. Florida
4. Oregon
5. Arizona State
6. Alabama
7T. Texas
7T. Louisville
9. Michigan
10. California
11. Missouri
12. LSU
13. Washington
14. Baylor
15. Stanford
16T Nebraska
18. Texas A&M
19. Kentucky
20. Hawaii
21. South Alabama
22. Florida State
23. Georgia
24. South Florida
25. Arkansas


TV this week:
Thursday: #6 Alabama vs #12 LSU
Friday: #5 Arizona State vs #10 California
Saturday: #3 Florida vs #23 Georgia


#6 Alabama upset by #12 LSU 3-2 (8)
WP Rachele Fico 6H, 4BB. LP Jackie Traina 7H.LSU and Alabama started the night tied for the lead in the SEC West. The Tigers won a game of tremendous momentum swings.  LSU took the lead bottom 4th on Kloss 2-run homer. Top 7th, 2 out, Fico was three strikes away from handing the Crimson Tide its first shut out since LSU did it in 2011.  Spencer singled, Davis in to run. Lafaele singled to left, a dying liner Blades couldn’t handle. Hays hbp, and Bama had bases load.  Surprisingly, Fico, who thrives on location, walked the next two batters, score tied, bases still, loaded.  But, McCleney hit a line drive at Fico.  Bottom 7th: LSU down in order.  With Bama fans in full outcry, the Tide loaded the bases again.  Traina struck out. Spencer fouled out to left. Hays fouled out to 3rd, the Tide stranded three.  Now, Tiger fans roared.  Heyward singled, Andrews walked, Blades forced Andrews at 2nd. Bell, the leading slugger for the Tigers, was given a pass, loading the bases. Falcon popped to 2nd. Two out,  Simmons singled, rbi.  LSU is 13-6 SEC, Alabama is 12-7.
OTHER GAMES (posted as scores are reported)
Boston College 6, Harvard 4
Connecticut 10, Albany 6
Cornell swept Ithaca 9-2, 4-0
DePaul 4, Loyola 0
Fairfield 4, Sacred Heart 0
Hofstra 9, LIU 1
Illinois State swept Indiana State 6-1, 5-3
Iowa 10, Northern Iowa 1
Monmouth 6, Rutgers 3
Oklahoma State swept Wichita State 9-4, 11-3
SE Missouri 14, Southern Illinois 7
Villanova 4, Lafayette 3/DH 2-0


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