4-6-2013 Saturday April 6 D1 Softball



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  1. Oklahoma
  2. Arizona State
  3. Florida
  4. California
  5. Tennessee
  6. Missouri
  7. Alabama
  8. Texas
  9. Oregon
    10. Texas A&M
    11. Louisville
    12. Michigan
    13. LSU
    14. Stanford
    15. Washington
    15. UCLA
    17. Baylor
    18. Tulsa
    19. Nebraska
    20. Kentucky
    21. Hawaii
    22. Arizona
    23. Wisconsin
    24. South Alabama
    25. North Carolina


#1 Oklahoma def #17 Baylor 9-3
Starter Michelle Gascoigne hit a rough patch, giving up 2 homers in the first two innings.  Shelton led off the game with a triple, scored on a wild pitch; two out, Smith went yard; top 2nd, one out, Hosack homered.  OU’s Shults singled in the 2nd; was left. Bottom 3rd: one out, Turang and Chamberlain singled, Casey infield fly, Pendley doubled in two runs; Shults walked, Ricketts, who fanned in the 1st, doubled, rbi, tying game at 3-all.  Williams singled in 2 runs, OU 5-3. Martinez lined to short.  Top 5th: Baylor loaded the bases. Ricketts relieved Gascoigne and caught Hosack looking at a third strike. Bottom 5th: Pendley homered. Courtney Repka relieved Heather Stearns. Shults  walked, Ricketts hbp, Williams jacked a 3-run homer, Townend walked, Chamberlain singled; Liz Paul relieved Repka. OU 9-3.  The Sooners loaded the bases, bottom 6th, no score.  Baylor stranded two, top 7th; Ricketts fanned the last two batters.
#2 Arizona State def #14 Stanford 12-6/DH 11-2
#3 Florida def Miss State 4-2
WP Lauren Haeger.  LP Alison Owen.  S Hannah Rogers. Bulldogs scored a run top 3rd on Foulks double, and another run in 4th on an error.  Gators scored 4 runs bottom 6th.  Castro hbp; Schwarz and Horton walked, bases loaded, Damico jacked a grand slam.  Florida 38-3/12-2.  Miss State 23-14/2-9.
#4 California upset by #9 Oregon 5-1/DH Cal won second game 3-1
WP Jessica Moore  LP Jolene Henderson.  Top 4th, Ducks’ Howard one-out solo, Cuico doubled and scored.  Top 5th, Takeda rbi double, two out, Howard rbi single.  Cal scored its run in the bottom, tripled, scored on an error.  Oregon answered with Takeda’s rbi single.  Cal 29-5.  Oregon 32-5.  Game 2: WP Jolene Henderson. LP Cheridan Hawkins.  Danielle Henderson 2 home runs.
#5 Tennessee def Georgia 9-2.  Weekly’s win #1100.
WP Ellen Renfroe.  Gibson 4 rbi and home run.
#6 Missouri def #7 Alabama 9-4
WP Chelsea Thomas.  LP Leslie Jury.  Mizzou evened series with a barnburner.  Top 4th: Marston and Hudson hit rbi singles; two more runs scored on a throwing error at 3rd. Crane boosted the Tigers lead with an rbi single top 5th.  The lead went to 6-0 on Kingsley’s rbi top 6th.  Missouri upped the lead to 9-0 on Roth’s 2 run homer top 7th. The Tide began to roll bottom 7th after Hudson relieved Thomas.  McCleney singleone out, Hunt homered.  Traina reached on an error, Patterson walked, Spencer singled, pinch runner Davis scored; Richard rbi fielder’s choice, 9-4. After Hays walked, Thomas retirned to strike out Hawkins.  Missouri 23-3/8-2.Alabama 34-6/9-5.
#8 Texas def Western Kentucky 4-1
#10 Texas A&M vs Colorado State
#11 Louisville def St John’s 6-4 (8)/DH 15-0
WP Caralisa Connell  LP Tori Free.  St John’s scored 2 runs bottom 1st, on Reed’s rbi groundout and Burner’s rbi triple, and held that lead until the Cardinals scored top 5th on Kiyohara’s 3-run shot. Soles rbi single top 6th, 4-2.  St John’s tied game bottom 7th.  Montez led with a homer; bases loaded, tying run scored on Marcelino’s sac fly, but St John’s left bases loaded.  Two runs scored in Cards 8th on Kiyohara’s single and error.
#12 Michigan def Ohio State 11-0 (5)/DH 5-1
WP Sara Driesenga  LP Olivia O’Reilly.  Wolverines scored 3 bottom 1st, rbi’s by Romero, Lane and Sweet. Plant relieved O’Reilly.   The Michigan 2nd was a cruncher: bases loaded, Romero rbi single, Blanchard jacked a grand slam.  Nichols relieved Plant. UM loaded the bases again, Lawrence rbi single. UM scored 6 runs on 4 hits; left bases loaded. The Buckeyes left bases loaded top 4th; Michigan hit back to back homers by Susalla and Lawrence. DiDomenico relieved Nichols. Michigan 30-7/8-0.  Ohio State 21-13/3-5.
#13 LSU upset by Arkansas 4-3
WP Sammy Beasley.  LP Rachele Fico in relief.  LSU had 3-0 lead.  Arkansas 2 runs bottom 7th.  Bell homered for LSU.
#15 Washington def Oregon State 14-2/DH 8-6
Game 2: WP Kaitlin Inglesby. LP Marina Demore.  Inglesby and Sugura each hit 2-run home run.
#15 UCLA def Utah 6-4/DH Utah won second game 7-4
WP Ally Carda  LP Naomi Amu  S Jessica Hall.  Top 1st: Bruins led on Carda’s rbi single, 1-0.  Utah Utah came back in the bottom on Dickman’s 3-run homer.  UCLA back on top in 2nd on Bates grand slam.  Top 5, UCLA up 6-3 on Carda’s rbi double.  Utah added a run in bottom on Dickman rbi triple. UCLA 26-11/3-7.  Utah 14-20-1/1-9
#18 Tulsa def East Carolina 8-0 (5)/DH 3-1
WP Lacey Middlebrooks.  LP Sarah Christian.  Hurricanes scored in 4th on Henshaw rbi single, then racked 7 runs top 5th, Kernen and Bowen each hit a 2-run double, Barrett rbi double, Cobb rbi single.
#19 Nebraska def Iowa 11-1
#20 Kentucky def South Carolina 9-4
WP Kelsey Nunley  LP Julie Sarratt.  Wildcats scored two runs top 1st, left bases loaded. Gamecocks fired all their cannons bottom 1st; Hathom rbi single, Struett rbi fielder’s choice, Sarratt 2 run single, 4-2.  KU tied top 3rd; on Cumbess 2-run homer. Johnson’s rbi sac fly broke tie in 4th.  KU padded lead on Steed’s rbi double in 6th.  Carroll’s 3-run homer in 7th ended scoring.  KU 26-10/7-4. SC 19-16/1-10.
#21 Hawaii vs UC Riverside /DH
#22 Arizona def UC Santa Barbara 12-2 (5)
#23 Wisconsin upset by Minnesota 2-1
#24 South Alabama def Middle Tennessee 9-1/DH 13-3
#25 North Carolina def Virginia 5-1/DH UNC 2-1



OTHER GAMES (posted as scores are received)
Auburn 2, Ole Miss 1
Cal State Fullerton 4, Long Beach State 1
Charleston Southern 6, Liberty 4/DH Charleston Southern 11-0
Chattanooga 6, Georgia Southern 5/DH Chattanooga 3-0
Coastal Carolina 5, Radford 1
DePaul swept Syracuse 11-0, ,15-6
Florida State 10, Boston College 0/DH FSU 4-2
Fordham 17, U Mass 11
George Washington 4, Butler 1
Georgetown 12, Rutgers 11
Rutgers 7-4
Illinois State 1, Missouri State 0
Iowa State 8, Oklahoma State 6
IUPUI 3, Oakland 2
James Madison swept UNC Wilmington 11-2, 12-1
Kansas 3, Texas Tech 0
Lamar 7, Texas A&M CC 6
Loyola 9, Valparaiso 1
Loyola Chicago 7, Valparaiso 0
Loyola Marymount 3, Saint Mary’s 2/DH LMU 5-1
Marshall 13, Houston 1
Maryland 2, NC State 1/DH NC State 4-0
Memphis 10, So Miss 4/DH Memphis 19-1
Missouri State 7, Illinois State 4,
Northwestern 8, Illinois 0 Meghan Lamberth 1-hitter
Notre Dame 4, Villanova 1/DH Villanova 1-0
Villanova 1, Notre Dame 0
Penn State 3, Indiana 0/DH Indiana 4-3
Purdue 7, Michigan State 2
Radford 4, Coastal Carolina 1/DH Coastal Carolina 5-1
San Diego State 8, Nevada 1
San Jose State swept Seattle 6-3, 10-7
Saint Joseph’s 6, Saint Bonaventure 0/DH 8-0
South Dakota 7, South Dakota State 1
Southern Illinois 7, Wichita State 6
UC Davis 5, CS Northridge 2/DH Davis 5-2
UConn 11, Providence 3
UNLV 8, Fresno State 2
USF 10, Pittsburgh 0 Sara Nevins no-hitter
Utah State 1, UTSA 0
Virginia Tech 10, Georgia Tech 2/ DH 7-2

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