5-18-2012 Friday NCAA Regional Bracket

Friday NCAA Regional Bracket

Agate Bracket
Berkeley Regional – May 18-20 at Berkeley, California
No. 1 seed California* (50-4) 8, Iona (35-24) 0 (6)
Boston U. (40-14) 2, Arkansas (27-26) 3
Seattle Regional – May 18-20 at Seattle, Washington
Texas Tech (40-15) 6, Maryland (34-20) 1
Harvard (33-13) 0, No. 16 seed Washington* (36-17) 2
Columbia Regional – May 18-20 at Columbia, Missouri
No. 9 seed Missouri* (43-12) 6. Illinois St. (35-21) 0
Massachusetts (38-11) 0, DePaul (35-20) 3
College Station Regional – May 18-20 at College Station, Texas
LSU (34-22) 1, Texas St. (38-15) 5pm 0
Bethune-Cookman (30-29) 0, No. 8 seed Texas A&M* (39-16) 11
Gainesville Regional – May 18-20 at Gainesville, Florida
No. 5 seed Florida* (46-11) 1, Fla. Gulf Coast (37-22) 2
UCF (39-17) 0, South Fla. (45-11) 1
Los Angeles Regional – May 18-20 at Los Angeles, California
Florida St. (46-14) 0, San Diego St. (30-22) 1
Hofstra (38-13) 7, No. 12 seed UCLA* (36-18) 2
Tucson Regional – May 18-20 at Tucson, Arizona
No. 13 seed Arizona* (35-17) 11, North Dakota St. 0
Notre Dame (38-14) 7, Hawaii (44-7) 3
Norman Regional – May 18-20 at Norman, Oklahoma
Oregon St. (34-21) 7, Tulsa (41-12) 9
Lehigh (40-17) 3, No 4 seed Oklahoma* (45-8) 19
Tempe Regional – May18-20 at Tempe, Arizona
No. 3 seed Arizona St.* (46-7) 9,  LIU Brooklyn (25-33) 0
Long Beach St. (28-23) 2, Syracuse (40-14) 4
Lafayette Regional – May 18-20 at Lafayette, Louisiana
Stanford (38-17) 1, Baylor (33-20) 0
Mississippi Val. (34-17) 0,  No. 14 seed La.-Lafayette* (49-4) 8 (6)
Eugene Regional – May 17-19 at Eugene, Oregon
No. 11 seed Oregon* (39-15) vs. BYU (43-13) 2pm//Oregon 6-4
Mississippi State 0, Portland State 2
BYU vs PSU  8pm
Austin Regional – May 18-20 at Austin, Texas
Auburn (33-21) 1,  Houston (34-22) 2
Northwestern (27-27) 2, No. 6 seed Texas* (42-10) 0
Knoxville Regional – May 18-20 at Knoxville, Tennessee
No. 7 seed Tennessee* (46-10) 0,  Miami (OH) (40-18) 1
UAB (37-20) 1, Virginia Tech (40-19) 4
Athens Regional – May 18-20 at Athens, Georgia
North Carolina (41-13) 2, Ga. Southern (42-18) 1 (8)
Coastal Caro. (43-18) 3, No. 10 seed Georgia* (41-15) 13
Louisville Regional – May 18-20 at Louisville, Kentucky
No. 15 seed Louisville* (53-3) 6, Valparaiso (42-17) 4
Kentucky (29-28) 2, Michigan (39-15) 3
Tuscaloosa Regional – May 18-20 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Georgia Tech (36-21) 3, South Ala. (39-15) 4
UT Martin (39-20) 1, No. 2 seed Alabama* (50-7) 5
* Indicates host institution
Regional championships are double elimination.
Note: ESPN3 not available in Northern Virginia except as pay-per-view — and was not hosting softball today.
Oregon 6, BYU 4.  WP Jessica Moore.  LP Hannah Howell.  Second game in which Ducks carried the day with a big run outburst.  Oregon broke scoreless tie with 5-run 3rd.  Cuico rbi single followed by Nieto grand slam. Howard rbi double in 4th. BYU 2 in 4th, 2 in 5th.
 Houston 2, Auburn 1.  WP Bailey Watts.  LP Lauren Schmidt.  Houston’s Outon singled, scored on wild pitch top 4th.  Auburn tied bottom 6th on Melero’s 2-out solo shot.  Ducks loaded bases top 7th; lost one runner on 6-3 out at home, but Anderson scored on illegal pitch.
LSU 1, Texas State 0. WP Rachele Fico 2H.  LP Chandler Hall 3H.  LSU, which has suffered from anemic hitting this season, and has been particularly run-shy with Fico in all of her losses, came through bottom 7th.  After Texas State stranded 2 top 7th; Hayward opened the Tigers half with a single; one out, Langoni singled.  Santos singled up the middle, rbi, Hayward scored.  Fii fired 93 pitches to claim her 21st career shutout. Hall had a np-hitter into the 7th, and rertired 17 consecutive batter.
North Carolina 2, Georgia Southern 1 (8). WP Lori Spingola.  LP Sarah Purvis.  In the 8th, Scarboro hbp with bases loaded (rbi), to bring home winning run.
Michigan 3, Kentucky 2.  WP Haylie Wagner.  LP Chanda Bell. Exciting to watch.  Michigan had led 1-0 on Kirkpatrick’s rbi single in the 4 and had 2 outs top 7th when the Wildcats rallied.  O”Brien singled; Cumbess sacrificed; Carroll singled, runners at the corners.  Two out, Jolly reached on a fielder’s choice, throw to 2nd was mishandled, O’Brien scored tying run.  Cervantes reached on an error at short, Carroll scored the go-ahead run.  But, the Wildcats left two on base.  UM 7th: Doyle singled, but was forced at 2nd by Evans.  Sappingfield singled.  Two out, Driesenga doubled down left field line, 2 rbi.
Notre Dame 7, Hawaii 3 (9).  WP Laura Winter.  LP Stephanie Ricketts. Winter yielded 3 homers, Ricketts 2.  One of the biggest upsets in Irish history was sealed when Notre Dame broke a 3-all tie with 4 runs top 7th.  Notre Dame, which outhit Hawaii 14-7, scored top 1st ; both teams had rallied and were tied 3-all after five.  The SID running Gametracker needs to say three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys; the game tracker report was empty. But, saved 2 hrs later by the ND media rep:  Rmilee Koerner drove in the go-ahead run before Katy Haus jacked a 3-run homer to cap off a four-score ninth inning.
Florida Gulf Coast 2, Florida 1.  WP Morgan.  LP Rogers.  Among the many upsets of Top 25 teams was the Gators loss.  We learned before the game that Coach Walton had suspended three starters: Kasey and Sammi Fagan and Cheyenne Coyle.  No reason given publicly.  FGC scored top 2nd on Bembrowski’s homer.  Little scored the tying run in the Gator 3rd on Haeger’s single.  The tie held until top 6th when FGC scored  on Lanier’s 1-out homer.  FGC threatened top 7th but stranded two runners.  Florida went down in order.
Miami 1, Tennessee 0.  WP Jessica Simpson.  LP Ivy Renfroe.  Renfroe yielded 2 hits while striking out 7, but Miami capitalized on the 2 hits, both top 1st.  Fehrenbach singled; with 2 outs, runner on 3rd, Torres singled in the game’s only run.  The Vols, who had 5 hits, now face UAB on Saturday in an elimination game.
Northwestern 2, Texas 0.  WP Amy Letourneau.  LP Blaire Luna.  It’s been a while since the Purple won a big game in the NCAA tourney but this was a big win over the Top-Ten ranked Longhorns.  Allard opened the game with a single; two outs later, Ball singled, rbi, and Allard scored from 2nd.  NU 5th: Scharkey, Allard and Majam (rbi) hit consecutive singles.  The Wildcats stranded two; could have been consequential because the Horns loaded the bases in the bottom but left 3 without recording a hit.  The Horns rallied bottom 7th, loading the bases again, but with 2 outs, and again could not score.
Virginia Tech 4, UAB 1.  WP Jasmin Harrell.  LP Lannah Campbell.  Bottom 1st: Gaskill walked; one out, Courtney Liddle doubled home the first run and scored on Mericka’s single.  All the guns were quiet until top 6th when Crawford scored for UAB’s 2-out single.  Tech added 2 runs in the bottom.  Two out, two on; Gaskill singled, rbi; Smith, who had walked, scored on an error.
South Florida 1, Central Florida 0.  WP Sarah Nevin 4H, 10K.  LP Mackenzie Audas.  The Bulls tagged Audas just twice for hits; neither was a factor in the scoring.  Bottom 3rd: Goff walked; Kafalas hbp; Mouse sacrificed; Medina intentionally walked; Goff scored on Richardson sac fly.  South Florida now plays Florida Gulf Coast, while UCF faces the Gators in an elimination game.
Stanford 1, Baylor 0.  WP Tegan Gerhart.  LP Courtney  Repka.  One of the few opening round matchups between Top 25 teams.  Each team had 6 hits.  The hit which counted was Roulund’s two-out single on a 3-2 pitch, bottom 5th which drove in Winter.  Baylor faces Mississippi Valley State in an elimination game, while Stanford meets the Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette.
Louisiana Lafayette 8, Mississippi Valley State 0 (6).  WP Ashley Brignac. 1H, 9K.  LP Alicia Lorenz.  The Ragin Cajuns scored twice, bottom 3rd, then rolled out the guns in a 5-run 5th.  Haack belted a 2-run homer; then Cormier jacked a 3-run shot.  Cormier singled in a final run, bottom 6th.
Hofstra 7, UCLA 2.  WP Olivia Galati 14 K.  LP Jessica Hall.  The strikeouts notwithstanding, the Bruins put up a fight, tagging Galati for 9 hits including 2 home runs.  Alas, they were too late, coming in the bottom of the 6th.  LaRosa and Harrison hit back-to-back dingers.
Galati gives Hofstra a chance to answer the annual question: can a mid-major advance in the NCAA.  Hofstra scored twice each in the 3rd, 4th and 6th innings, and a final run in the 7th.Senatore had 3 rbi, Bigler 2.  Thorn hit a solo homer.  UCLA plays Florida State.
California 8, Iona 0 (5).  WP Jolene Henderson 2H.  LP Sarah Jackson.  The Bears scored 3, bottom 1st, 2 on a Kostreba homer.  The Bears reached run-rule with a 5-run 5th.  Kostreba, Danielle Henderson and Ebhevarria all had rbi hits.
Oklahoma 19, Lehigh 3 (5).  What superlatives apply to a team which scores 13 runs in one inning?  The Sooners racked 19 runs on 17 hits.  WP Keilani Ricketts, who gave up no hits in her three innings while striking out 7.  LP Rebecca Bliss who yielded 7 runs in less than 2 innings.  Sooner homers: Chamberlain (4 rbi on 2-3 hitting); Williams; Ricketts and Norris.  OU led 2-0 after one, then scored 13 runs in the 2nd, 3 runs in the 3rd, and a singleton in the 4th. The 13-run 2nd included a 2-run shot by Norris and a grand slam by Ricketts, a 2-run double by Norris; a Chamberlain 2 run single, and a 2-run triple by Ricketts.  The Lehigh runs were scored top 4th on Lucas 3 run homer off Michelle Gascoigne.

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