5-18-2013 Saturday May 18 NCAA Regionals


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ESPN.com/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25
2013 Season – Week 14– May 14, 2013

  1. Oklahoma def #24 Arkansas 10-5
    2.  Florida def #25 South Florida 11-1
    3.. Oregon def Wisconsin 3-0
    4.. Arizona State def #21 Georgia 2-0
    5.  Tennessee def NC State 1-0 (11)
    6.. Missouri def Hofstra 1-0
    7.  Texas def South Carolina 11-2
    8.  Michigan def #22 California 5-0
    9.  Washington def #23 Hawaii 2-0
    T10 LSU def by Louisiana-Lafayette 3-0/def Central Conn 11-0
    T10 Alabama def Western Kentucky 7-6
    12.  Louisville upset by UAB 7-4/upset by UCLA 19-2
    T13 Stanford def by #16 Nebraska 7-1
    T13 UCLA def IPFW 8-0/def Louisville 19-2
    15 South Alabama def #19 Florida State 2-1/def Mississippi State
    16 Nebraska def #13 Stanford 7-1
    17 Kentucky def Virginia Tech 6-2
    18 Baylor def by #20 Texas A&M 6-5/def Arizona 8-4
    19 Florida State def #15 South Alabama 2-1
    20 Texas A&M def #18 Baylor 6-5
    21 Georgia def by  #4 Arizona State 2-0
    22 California def by #8 Michigan 5-0/def Valpo 6-0 no hitter
    23 Hawaii def by #9 Washington 2-0/def Minnesota 3-0
    24 Arkansas def by #1 Oklahoma 10-5/def Fordham 5-2
    25 South Florida def by #2 Florida 11-1 (5)/def GA Southern 2-1


NOTE: Friday’s detailed report disappeared off the web and has been revised

Austin Regional
Texas 11, South Carolina 2 (5)

WP Blaire Luna  LP Julie Sarratt. Horns scored every inning. Hoagland HR + 4rbi. SC Page 2 -run HR.
Houston 7,  Army 5,
WP Outon  LP Lashley. Houston overcame Army 4-3 lead with 4-run 5th.  Army eliminated.
South Carolina 5, Houston 1.  Houston eliminated.

Ann Arbor Regional
Michigan 5, California 0

WP Sara Driesenga LP Jolene Henderson. Sweet 2 solo homers.
Valparaiso 7, Central Michigan 4.  Central Michigan eliminated.
California 6, Valparaiso 0.  Jolene Henderson no-hitter.  Valparaiso eliminated.

Columbia regional
Missouri 1, Hofstra 0

WP Chelsea Thomas  LP Olivia Galati. Hofstra 8H, no score.  Mizzou 1 hit, Crane rbi single in 3rd.
Oregon State 6, Stony Brook  0.  Stony Brook eliminated
Hofstra 8, Oregon State 4.  Oregon State eliminated.

Lexington Regional
Kentucky 6, Virginia Tech 2

WP Kelsey Nunley  LP Kelly Heinz.  KY hrs: Cumbess, Smith
Marshall 3, Notre Dame 1  Notre Dame eliminated
WP Williamson  LP Winter.  Webster solo for Marshall.
Virginia Tech 3, Marshall 2.  Marshall eliminated.

Gainesville Regional
Florida 11, South Florida 1 (5)

WP Hannah Rogers  LP Sara Nevins.  Gator HRs: Haeger 3run, Fuller.  Haeger 7 rb
Georgia Southern 3, Hampton 0.  Hampton eliminated.
South Florida 2, Georgia Southern 1.  Georgia Southern eliminated.

Baton Rouge Regional
Louisiana-Lafayette 3, LSU 0

WP Jordan Wallace  LP Rachele Fico.  Fico had 7K, only 2 ULL hits: Cherry 2-run HR, Corbala solo.
Central Conn State def Northwestern State 9-1.  Northwestern State eliminated.
LSU 11, Central Connecticut State 0 (6)
WP Ashley CZechner 2H.  Simmons 4 rbi. Wray 3 rbi. Bell 2 rbi.

Knoxville Regional
Tennessee 1, NC State 0 (11)

WP Ellen Renfroe  LP Emily Weiman.  Vols scored bottom 11th; two out, Tarango singled, Gaffin tripled.
James Madison 5, Longwood 0.  Longwood eliminated.
NC State vs James Madison: tied 4-4 after 4 at midnight

Lincoln Regional
Nebraska 7, Stanford 1

WP Tatum Edwards 3H  LP Teagan Gerhart. Breault 3rbi, Taylor Edwards 2, Tatum Edwards 1, Armstrong 1.
UNI def Tulsa 2-1.  Tulsa eliminated.
Stanford 4, UNI 1.  UNI eliminated.

Mobile Regional
Florida State 2, South Alabama 1

WP Lacey Waldrop 10K  LP Hannah Campbell.  O’Brien HR/rbi single.  Campbell rbi single.
Mississippi State def Miss Valley State 2-1.  Miss Valley State eliminated.
South Alabama 3, Mississippi State 0.  Mississippi State eliminated.

Louisville Regional
Louisville upset by UAB 7-4

WP Lannah Campbell  LP Rachel LeCoq.  UAB overcame Cards 4-1 lead with 4 runs bottom 5th, and added 2 in 6th. After LeCoq relieved Connell, UAB took lead, highlighted by Fletcher 2-run triple.  Cards first lead on Wolny 2-run shot; 3 rbi for game.
UCLA 8, IPFW 0.  WP Hall.  Bruins scored 6 runs top 7th.
UCLA 19, Louisville 2 (5) Louisville eliminated
WP Ally Carda LP Caralisa Connell. Carda, Sataraka and Bemmett homered; the Bruins scored bottom 1st on Sataraka 3-run HR, then 9 in the 2nd, 6 in the 3rd inc Carda’s 2-run shot.  One of the larger UCLA victory margins, and one of the worst Cardinal defeats — a promising season which began with a win over Oklahoma ends in a blowout.

Norman Regional
Oklahoma 10, Arkansas 5

WP Keilani Ricketts  LP Hope McLemore S Michelle Gascoigne.  OU 2-0 in 1st, Ricketts, Williams rbi; Williams HR in 3rd, Ricketts rbi in 4th after Gelle HR; Chamberlain 2 rbi in 5th. Arkansas knocked Ricketts out with 4-run 6th; Sooners racked 4 in 6th inc Chamberlain 3-run double.  Lady Backs has 2 on, no outs, top 7th; double play + lineout.
Fordham 5, Marist 3,  Marist eliminated.
Arkansas 5, Fordham 2.  Fordham eliminated.

Tuscaloosa Regional
Alabama 7, Western Kentucky 6

WP Jackie Traina  LP Emily Rousseau. Tide 6 HRs: Braud, Fichtner, Spencer, Conley, Hays, Hawkins.
SC Upstate 8, Jacksonville St 0.  Jacksonville State eliminated.
Western Kentucky 3, USC Upstate 0USC Upstate eliminated.

College Station Regional
Texas A&M 6, Baylor 5

WP Mel Dumezich  LP Whitney Canion.  Exciting. Bears led 5-2 bottom 7th; one out, Arbus, Garza singled; Lanphear jacked 3-run homer to tie, Morgam slugged a walkoff game winner.  Dumezich accounted for first 2 Aggie runs with a homer.  Hosack hit a grand slam for Baylor in the 4th.
Arizona 3, Penn 2 (8).  Wildcats win on Rodriguwz sac fly in 8th.
Baylor 8, Arizona 4.  Arizona eliminated

Eugene OR Regional  Oregon advances to Super Regionals
Oregon 3, Wisconsin 0

WP Cheridan Hawkins  LP Cassandra Darrah.  Darrah gave up 3 hits: a solo to Pappas in the 2nd, a 2-run shot to Lindvall 7th.

Seattle Regional
Washington 2, Hawaii 0

WP Kaitlin Inglesby 2H, 9K.  LP Kaia Parnaby.  After Inglesby struck out side top 6th, Huskies scored Lahners rbi double, McNeill rbi single.
Minnesota 5, Portland State 0.  Portland State eliminated.
Hawaii 3, Minnesota 0.  Minnesota eliminated.

Tempe Regional
Arizona State 2, Georgia 1

WP Dallas Eacobedo 1H, 11K.  LP Chelsea Wilkinson.  Coyle rbi double in 3rd; Freeman HR in 6th.
San Jose State 2, San Diego State 5.  San Jose Styate eliminated.
Georgia vs San Diego State.  Georgia leading 3-0 in 4th at midnight
ASU plays winner on Sunday

SUNDAY GAMES (remember: double elimination)
Austin Regional: Texas vs South Carolina
Ann Arbor regional: Michigan vs California
Columbia Regional: Missouri vs Hofstra
Lexington Regional: Kentucky vs Virginia Tech
Gainesville Regional: Florida vs South Florida
Baton Rouge Regional:ouisiana Lafayette vs LSU
Knoxville Regional: Tennessee vs tbd
Lincoln Regional: Nebraska vs Stanford
Mobile Regional: Florida State vs South Alabama
Louisville Regional: UAB vs UCLA
Norman Regional: Oklahoma vs Arkansas
Tuscaloosa Regional: Alabama vs Western Kentucky
College Station Regional: Texas A&M vs Baylor
Seattle Regional: Washington vs Hawaii
Tempe Regional: Arizona State vs tbd
Seattle Regional: won by Oregon



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