5-19-2013 Sunday NCAA Regional Tournaments



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ESPN.com/USA Softball Collegiate Top 25
2013 Season – Week 14– May 14, 2013

1.  Oklahoma
2.  Florida
3.. Oregon
4.. Arizona State
5.  Tennessee
6.. Missouri
7.  Texas
8.  Michigan
9.  Washington
T10 LSU (eliminated)
T10 Alabama
12.  Louisville (eliminated)
T13 Stanford (eliminated)
T13 UCLA (eliminated)
15 South Alabama
16 Nebraska
17 Kentucky
18 Baylor (eliminated)
19 Florida State
20 Texas A&M
21 Georgia (eliminated)
22 California (eliminated)
23 Hawaii (eliminated)
24 Arkansas (eliminated)
25 South Florida (eliminated)


SUNDAY NCAA REGIONAL GAMES (remember: double elimination)

James Madison 4, NC State 6
Knoxville Regional: Tennessee 7, NC State 0
Louisville Regional: UAB upset by UCLA 4-1
What if: UAB def UCLA 3-2 (13)
Ann Arbor regional: Michigan def California 3-1
Lexington Regional: Kentucky upset by Virginia Tech 2-0
What if game: Kentucky def Virginia Tech 1-0
Gainesville Regional: Florida def South Florida 2-0
Austin Regional: Texas def South Carolina 6-0
Columbia Regional: Missouri upset by Hofstra 10-0
What if: Missouri def Hofstra 5-0
Baton Rouge Regional: Louisiana Lafayette def LSU 1-0
Lincoln Regional: Nebraska 10, Stanford 5
Norman Regional: Oklahoma def Arkansas 14-1 (5)
Tuscaloosa Regional: Alabama def Western Kentucky 13-1
College Station Regional: Texas A&M vs Baylor 330pm/Bears force what-if game 9-5
What-if game: Texas A&M 8, Baylor
Mobile Regional: Florida State upset by South Alabama 3-0
What-if game: Florida State 7, South Alabama 6
Seattle Regional: Washington 8, Hawaii 0 (5)
Tempe Regional: Arizona State 2, Georgia 0
Eugene Regional: won by Oregon


Norman Regional Oklahoma vs College Station Regional Texas A&M
Baton Rouge Regional ULL vs Ann Arbor Regional Michigan
Tempe Regional Arizona State vs Lexington Regional Kentucky
Mobile Regional Florida State vs Austin Regional Texas

Oregon vs Lincoln Regional Nebraska
Seattle Regional Washington vs Columbia Regional Missouri
Knoxville Regional Tennessee vs Tuscaloosa Regional Alabama
Louisville Regional UAB vs Gainesville Regional Florida

Louisiana-Lafayette 1, LSU 0 Louisiana-Lafayette wins regional
WP Jordan Wallace  4H  LP Rachelle Fico 2H.  Ragin Cajuns scored B1st; Myers led with double, scored when Draheim reached on error by Bell at short.  Tigers loaded bases top 7th, one out, but Bell popped to Wallace, Falcon struck out.

Texas 6, South Carolina 0  Texas wins regional
WP Blaire Luna 8K LP Katie Marks.  Thom slugged 2-run HR B1st, jacked grand slam in 5th.

Oklahoma 14, Arkansas 1  (5) Oklahoma wins regional
WP Michelle Gascoigne. LP Kimmy Beasley.  OU scored T1st on Casey rbi single, then added 5 in 3rd, inc Chamberlain 3-run HR.  Sooners scored 6 runs on 5 hits in 4th; Pendley led with homer, later hit 2-run single. Wallace homered with 2 out in 4th.  Henson closed scoring with 2-run homer in 5th.

Hofstra 10, Missouri 0  Hofstra forces what-if game
WP Olivia Galati 4H.  LP Nicole Hudson.  Hofstra scored 9 runs on 7 hits, bottom 2nd.  Bigler 3-run homer; Hawkins rbi single, Bailey 3-run homer.  Bottom 3rd: Bigler walked, scored on Rocha single.  Can Galati win back-to-back?

Missouri 5, Hofstra 0  Missouri wins regional
WP Chelsea Thomas 1-hitter. LP Olivia Galati, who was tagged for 8 hits, 2 homers.  Tigers scored on Sykes’ rbi single in 1st; Hirschbuhl doubled for Hofstr’a hit top 2nd; Roth homered in bottom. Bottom 5th: Crane scored on error, Hudson smacked 2-run homer.

Virginia Tech 2, Kentucky 0  Hokies force what-if game
WP Kelly Heinz.  LP Kelsey Nunley.  Hokies scored 2 top 5th; Gaskill and McGoldrick. Tech walked five.

Kentucky 1, Virginia Tech 0  Kentucky wins regional
WP Kelsey Nunley 3H.  LP Jasmin Harrell.  Top 5th: Samuel reached on error at 2nd, scored on Cumbess rbi single.

UCLA 4, UAB 1  Bruins force what-if game
WP Hall.  LP Campbell.  All scoring in 6th.  Orr drove in run for UAB.  UCLA: Carda solo, Lindvall rbi; Goulder 2 rbi.

Alabama 13, Western Kentucky 1  Alabama wins regional
WP Jackie Traina 1-hitter.  LP Mallorie Sulaski.  Braud scored on sac fly in 1st; Richard led 2nd with solo, capped by Hunt’s grand slam.  Bama scored twice in 4th, the added 4 in 5th. McCleney 2 run single, Fitchner rbi groundout, Branham rbi double. Sulaski doubled, scored on Sadler single.

Michigan 3, California 1  Michigan wins regional
WP Sara Driesenga  LP Jolene Henderson. Romero doubled in 2 runs, UM 3rd. Cal responded in bottom with Cordes homer. Nlanchard led Wolverines’ 6th with solo shot.

Florida 2, South Florida 0.  Florida wins regional.
WP Hannah Rogers 3H.  LP Sara Nevins 1-hitter. Merritt and Horton scored top 4th as Gators took advantage of 4 of Nevins 8 walks.

Baylor 9, Texas A&M 5.  Baylor forces what-if game.
WP Stearns.  LP Dumezich. The Aggies took a 5-2 lead into the 5th; Hays had slugged a 2-run shot in the Baylor 1st, which the Aggies overcame with 5 runs in the 2nd; May slugged a 3-run shot; Garza and Morgan added rbi’s. Baylor regained the lead with 4 runs in the 5th: Hosack rbi single, Kettler rbi single; Shelton 2-run single. The Bears cemented the win with a 3-run 6th.

Texas A&M 8, Baylor 0 (5)  Texas A&M wins regional
WP Lauren Ainsley 2-hitter  LP Heather Stearns.  The what-if game turned quickly; bottom 1st, Garza jacked 3-run homer.  May homered to lead the 2nd; Canion relieved Stearns. May crushed her second homer in the 4th.   The Aggies reached run-rule with 3 in the 5th.  Garza belted her second homer, a 2-run job, and Repka relieved Canion., and promptly gave up a walk0ff homer to Lanphear. Sets up Super Regional against long-time foe Oklahoma.

Nebraska 10, Stanford 5  Nebraska wins regional
WP Tatum Edwards  LP Teagan Gerhart.  Stanford led 3-1 after scoring 3 in 1st on Ashby single, and rbi walks by Plaza and Schmidt.  Armstrong started a 5-run 5th for NU with a solo; Banda rbi bunt; Tay Edwards rbi single; after 32 minute rain delay, Breault doubled in 2 runs.  Stanford added a run in the 5th, but Nebraska added 4 in 6th, 2 on Thomason’s double, Breault rbi single; 10-4.  Rich singled and scored for Stanford.

UAB 3, UCLA 2 (13)  UAB wins regional
Leigh Streetman LP Jessica Hall.  UAB scored bottom 1st on Armdtrong rbi double.  Bruins tied top 2nd Rodriguez scored on Goulder single.  Bennett scored on Sataraka sac fly in 11th, but Bruins stranded two. Attfield tied in bottom on Fletcher sac fly.  Hall relieved Carda bottom 12th.  UCLA loaded the bases, one out, top 13th, but Sataraka struck out and Rodriguez looked at a third strike.  After Attfield walked in the UAB 13th, Carda came back to the circle; Attfield was forced at 2nd by Pearson, who scored the winner on Fletcher’s triple.

Washington 8, Hawaii 0  Washington wins Seattle regional on No-Hitter
WP Bryanna Walker No-Hitter.  LP Kaia Parnaby, 2HR.  Top 3rd: Inglesby 2-run homer; Jones solo. Huskies added three in 5th to reach run-rule.

Florida State 7, South Alabama 6 (8)  Florida State wins regional
WP Monica Perry  LP Hannah Campbell 2 HRs. South Alabama carried a 6-1 lead after 8 innings but the Seminoles rallied for 5  runs in the 7th to tie, then took their first lead top 8th.  South Alabama had forced Lacey Waldrop out with that 6-run burst in the 2nd.  FSU scored top 4th.  Top 7th, two out, FAU scored one run on Kossoff’s single, before Hensley jacked a grand slam.  East opened the 8th with a solo HR which proved to be the game winner. FSU stranded two.  South Alabama got a single from Moss with 2 out before Collins struck out to end the regional.

Tennessee 7, NC State 0  Tennessee wins regional
WP Ellen Renfroe 1-hitter.  LP Emily Weiman.  Vols scored 2 runs top 1st inc Dotson rbi; scored 2 more in 2nd on Shipman 2-run HR; and 3 in the 4th on Shipman rbi double and Tarango 2-run single.

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