5-20-10 Final Super Regional Games


Games in progress

REGION 2: Tuscaloosa
Game 3: 1pm ESPN
#16 Hawaii 5, #1 Alabama 4 
WP Stephanie Ricketts (in relief of Kaia Parnaby).  LP Kelsi Dunne  Hawaii advances to the College World Series 
Top 1st: Morgan singled, stranded.  Bottom 1st: Hawaii came out firing.  Majam singled, with one out Gonzalesz walked, Rodriguez launched a 3-run homer.  Tide 2nd: Parnaby struck out two of three.  Bottom: Dunne struck out two of three.  Bama 3rd: Down in order.  Hawaii 3rd: One out, Rodriguez singled, Buchanan in to run; Aguirre struck out but Pu’u Warren was hbp, two on; Tauali’i struck out.  Bama 4th: one out, Morgan, who hits .464 against lefties, slugged a solo home run, the second hit for the Tide. 3-1.  Hawaii 4th:   Grimes, Yoshikawa, Majam down in order.  Bama 5th: Lunceford singled, but Conley struck out, Dawson lined to 2nd, Fenton popped to 2nd.  Hawaii 5th: Iwata struck out (Dunne’s 8th); Gonzalez singled. Rodriguez struck out; Aguirre  hbp (the fourth batter nicked by Dunne); Pu’u-Warren fanned.  Bama 6th:  Braud beat out a single to short. Boccia forced Braud at 2nd, Davis in to run for Boccia.  Morgan  walked.  Larsen crashed a 3-run home run to vault Bama into a 4-3 lead.  Locke popped up. Lunceford doubled down right field line.  Stephanie Ricketts relieved Parnaby.  Blewitt lined out. Bottom 6th: Dunne fanned Tauali’i ,Grimes (her 12th) and Yoshikawa.  Bama 7th:  Dawson ground out.  Fenton ground out.  Braud fanned.  Hawaii 7th: down 4-3, the Hawaiians have been handcuffed by Dunne since the 1st, except for two singles (3rd and 5th). Majam worked a 3-2 count and walked, the potential tying run.  Iwata fanned on a high rise.  Gonzalez looked at a third strike(screwball), Dunne’s 16th.  Rodriguez crushed the first offering from Dunne, a 2-run walkoff home run that landed the Hawaiians in Oklahoma City where they will face the winner of the Missouri-Oregon game.  Ranked #2 in national polls most of the year, the SEC champion Crimson Tide will be staying home.  Hawaii becomes the second team (Washington) to lose its first game and advance.

REGION 9: Columbia MO

Game 2: 1pm ESPN

#9 Missouri 7,  Oregon 2  Missouri advances to the World Series
WP Kristin Nottelmann  LP Jessica Moore
Top 1st: One out, Hudson singled, Marston reached fielder’s choice, Fleming singled rbi; Hudson scored, Marston went to 3rd, scored on passed ball.  Oregon 1st: Burger, Bryant singled; Pappas forced Bryant at 2nd; Howard lined out to 2nd; Burger scored on the error at 2nd.  Tigers 2nd: Simmons singled, Christopher (sac bunt) reached on catcher error. Both stranded.  Ducks 2nd: down in order.  Bama 3rd: Fleming doubled with one out; stranded.  Oregon 3rd: Bryant reached on error, stranded.  Tigers 4th: Simmons jacked the first pitch for a home run, 3-1. Mikayla Endicott relieved Moore.  Christopher walked, Krebs in to run.  Schneider fouled out. Taylor forced Krebs at 2nd. Hawaii 4th: Chambers singled with two out, stranded.  Missouri 5th:  One out, Fleming hbp, Lee singled.  Skillingstad relieved Endicott.  Simmons hbp loading the bases but Christopher flied out.  Oregon 5th: Re doubled, moved to 3rd on Williamson’s sac bunt; pinch runner Deadmon scored on Burger’s sac fly.  3-2.  Bryant singled. Pappas popped up.  Tigers 6th: Skillingstad struck out Muller and Taylor but Hudson slugged a solo HR to give Missouri a two-run advantage.  Marston singled; scored on Fleming double, 5-2.  Rumfelt relieved Skillingstad.   Double steal: Lee stole 2nd, Fleming stole home.  Poet reached on an error at 1st, Lee scored, 7-2.  Simmons walked but Christopher fouled out.  Howard singled to open the Oregon 6th, but was stranded.  Missouri 7th: Taylor singled with one out; stole 2nd.  Hudson struck out.  Marston ground out.  Oregon 7th: trailing Missouri 1-0 in games, and behind 7-2 after the Tigers’ big inning, the Ducks faced a formidable challenge.  Re led off with a single to right.  Pinch runner Barril ; pinch hitter Williamson struck out.  Burger ground out.  Bryant worked a 3-2 count, beat out a single to short.  Pappas looked at a third strike.  Missouri had 10 hits to Oregon’s 7; each team made 2 errors.  Missouri will face Hawaii in their first game at Oklahoma City.


REGION 5: Los Angeles

Game 2: 7pm ET  ESPN 2

#5 UCLA 10,  Louisiana-Lafayette 1  UCLA advances to the World Series
Megan Langenfeld. LP Brittany Cuevas
The Bruins, visitors in Game 2, scored when Monica Harrison doubled, Langenfeld walked, Harrison advanced on Andrea Harrison’s fly, Yudin singled, driving in the run.  Ragin’ Cajuns 3rd: Murphy singled to 2nd on a 3-2 count and beat the throw, then stole 2nd.  Gaspard, ULL’s most effective hitter in Game 1, fouled out.  Verde reached on an error by DiSalvatore at 2nd, Murphy scored, 1-1.  Megan Langenfeld relieved Kerr.  Bruins 4th: Yudin and Camuso flied out; Burney singled, Shull homered to right field, 3-1.  Cajuns 4th: down in order, two on strikes.  Bruins 5th: DiSalvatore singled, M Harrison popped to 3rd; Langenfeld singled, A Harrison singled to left, loading the bases; Yudin singled to left, DiSalvatore scored 4-1.  Camuso, whose homer in the first game was a factor, jacked a grand slam over the batting cage (about 210ft).  8-1.  Burney struck out.  Shull walked on four pitches. Bates slugged a 2-run, 2-strike home run which put UCLA in run-rule territory 10-1.  DiSalvatore flied out deep to left.
   Now, down a game, the Cajuns, with a line up of lefty slappers, were  nine runs behind, and not structured for major comebacks.  The Bruins had an 11-4 hitting advantage. More, UCLA is very mindful of Missouri upsetting them in last year’s Super Regionals, and showing the intensity of that memory.  Murphy struck out.  Gaspard grounded to 3rd.  Verde grounded out to 3rd.  At Oklahoma City, the Bruins play Florida, and possibly Missouri, their arch-nemesis in a second game.

Game 3: if necessary 9pm


REGION 4: Gainesville FL

Game 2: 330pm ESPNU

Florida 5,  Arizona State 2  Florida advances to the College World Series
WP Stephanie Brombacher LP  Megan Elliott
Top 1st, Florida: Bruder walked with two out, but Enea, in a 0-17 slump, struck out.  ASU 1st: After Boyd struck out, Rogers singled, Castillo struck out, Rogers was caught stealing.  Gators 2nd: Schutte flied out, Bush reached on an error at short, Brooks flied out, DeFelice doubled, Walker ground out.  Sun Devils went down in order: Donnenwirth, Urfer, Lockwood.  Top 3rd: Moultrie flied out  but Paculba singled up the middle on a 3-2 count, Bruder jacked a 2-2 pitch over the fence, 2-0.  Enea popped up; Schutte ground out.  ASU 3rd: One out, Parlich walked, but was forced by Hero at 2nd; Boyd singled to short, Rogers fouled out.  Florida set a new SEC record with 102 homers; Bush added to that total, tatooing the first pitch over center, 3-0.  DeFelice walked but was stranded.  Sun Devils 4th (playing as the home team in a staidum full of Florida fans): Castillo fouled out, Donnenwirth flied out, Urfer hbp, Urfer advanced on an illegal pitch by Brombacher, Lockwood ground out.  Gators 5th: Paculba flied out but Bruder jacked her second homer of the game, 4-0, the Gators’ 105th.   Enea popped up; Schutte flied out to 2nd.  Sun Devils 5th:  Carlson singled, Parlich flied out, Haro popped up, Boyd lined to Brombacher, who was charged with her third illegal pitch during the inning.  Gators 6th: Elliott struck out the side: Bush, Brooks, DeFelice.  Sun Devils have been a World Series presence since Clint Myers took over the program, but they were now down 1-game and had six at-bats to stay alive in Game 2.  ASU 6th: Rogers ground out to 2nd.  Castillo doubled down left field line.  Donnenwirth  ground out to 2nd.  With Urfer at bat, Brombacher was called for a fourth illegal pitch, Castillo scored.  Urfer flied out.  4-1.  Gators 7th: Walker, a speedster, tripled. Moultrie grounded out. Paculba lined to Walker.  After a conference with pitching coach Kirsten Voak, Elliott gave Bruder a pass.  Enea came to the plate and the senior was given a standing ovation in what was probably her last at-bat as a Gator.  Enea, 0-19, worked a 3-2 count; the ASU catcher attempted to nail Bruder stealing 2nd, the throw was off, and Walker scored.  Enea ground out to short.  5-1 Florida.  ASU 7th: Lockwood flied out to right.  Carlson singled.  Pinch hitter Crabb was safe when Brombacher fielded her grounder and elected to go to 2nd, the throw was wide, both runners safe.  Muenz flied out to Moultrie in center.  Boyd singled up the middle, loading the bases.  Rogers singled off Brombacher’s glove, Carlson scoring, 5-2.  Bases still loaded.  Castillo popped up to sho

 WCWS First Round Opponents

Hawaii vs Missouri
UCLA vs Florida
Washington vs Georgia
Arizona vs Tennessee




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