5-21-2011 Saturday May 21 D1 Regionals



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ESPN/USA  Softball poll May 17 2011

1.  Arizona State def Long Beach State 8-0 (5)
2.  Michigan lost to Kentucky 7-6, def Notre Dame 9-0
3.  Alabama def Memphis 7-1
4.  Missouri def Illinois State 12-3 (5); lost to DePaul 2-1 (11); def Missouri State 8-4
5T. California def Louisville 4-0
5T. Florida def UCLA 4-2
7.  Tennessee loses to Oklahoma State 6-1
8.  Georgia def UAB 9-2
9.  Texas lost to Houston 1-0; eliminated by ULL 5-3
10.  Arizona def New Mexco State 8-0
11.  Oregon def Fordham 2-0
12T Oklahoma def Tulsa 6-0
12T Stanford def Fresno State 3-1
14.  Washington def BYU 7-5
15.  Baylor def East Carolina 2-0
16.  UCLA lost to Florida 4-2
17.  Texas A&M def Syracuse 13-5
18.  Georgia Tech eliminated by Tennessee 7-0
19.  Notre Dame def Western Michigan 4-0, eliminated by Michigan
20.  Nebraska
21.  Kentucky def Michigan 7-6
22. LSU def Sacred Heart 10-0 (6); def Syracuse 5-0
23.  Auburn eliminated
24.  ULL def Texas State 11-2; def Texas 5-3
25.  Oklahoma State def Tennessee 6-1

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DePaul 2, Indiana 1.  Morgan Melloh threw a one-hitter with 11 Ks — and lost.  Melloh’s 4 walks hurt. The Blue Demons scored in the 3rd (Yniguez) and 7th (Coronado), without an rbi. DePaul was also stingy: 4 hits.  Indiana scored in the 2nd; Melloh singled, advanced on a sac and wild pitch, scored on Stander’s single.  DePaul squashed a Hoosier threat with a double play.  In the 7th, Matthews walked; Coronado in to run; she afvanced on a sacrifice.  Two out, Indiana gave a pass to Morocco, and the Blue Demons executed  a double steal; Coronado scored on a wild pitch.  Dodd singled for DePaul in the 6th; that at-bat ended with 2 Blue Demons in scoring position, but Melloh notched her 10th K to end the rally.
Baylor 2, East Carolina 0.  Tough game.  Walker singled, one out, top 1st; two out, Leal singled; Walker scored on passed ball.  Shelton singled, stole 2nd in Baylor 6th; took  3rd on sacrifice; scored on Turk sac fly.
Oklahoma State 6, Tennessee 1.  Hamilton was 3-3, 3 rbi against the Vols, who had 9 hits but couldn’t capitalize.  Hamilton drove in Gearhart for a run, top 1st.   Diffendaffer doubled in a run top 2nd.  Hamilton homered to open the 5th.  Tennessee scored its run in the bottom 5th; Lewis scored on Dotson double, but 2 were left.  The Cowgirls scored 3 top 6th; Hamilton rbi single, Garcia 2-run single.
Kentucky 7, Michigan 6.  #2 Michigan had more success hitting Bell than Notre Dame, but the outcome was the same.  21st-ranked Kentucky kept UM off the board until top 6th.  The Wildcats, who scored all 7 runs off Wolverine ace Jordan Taylor, tallied the first run bottom 2nd.  One out, Cervantes and DeMartine singled, with 2 out, Cumbess reached on an error at 1st, Cervantes scored.  KU added 3 in the 4th; Riley doubled, Cervantes walked, DeMartine doubled, rbi; after 2 Ks, Jolly hit a 2-run single.  One out in the Kentucky 5th: Aull walked, stole 2nd; two out, Cervantes walked, DeMartine doubled again, rbi; Speierman relieved Taylor; O’Brien singled, 2 rbi, 7-0.  Chidester and Blanchard singled, top 6th; Powers singled with 2 out, rbi.   Top 7th, the Wolverines showed why they have been one of the top five teams all season.  Evans and Doyle singled, Shaw walked, loading the bases; Chidester rbi single;  Lane teed off on a 1-1 pitch, grand slam.  Suddenly, with no outs, the score was 7-6.  Rachel Riley relieved Bell.  Blanchard lined out; two strikeouts ended the game.  Michigan had lost just 4 games this season.ell relieved Torres
Georgia 9, UAB 2.  Streetman pitched just 2 innings, gave up 3 home runs. The Dawgs would rack 5 during the game.  Razey opened the 2nd with a solo shot.  Pauly and Wiggins hit back-to-back dingers in the 3rd.  Smith relieved Streetman.  Walden reached on an error with 2 out, bottom 3rd; scored on Orr single.  Georgia pulled further away when Sandberg jacked a 3-hruder grounded out, Scutte walked, Bush singled, rbiot in the 5th.  The Bulldogs added another trio in the 6th; After Torres relieved Smith, Pauly sinottom 7th.  gled, Wiggins hit her second dinger, 2 rbi.  Campbell relieved Torres, 9-1.  UAB scored a final run in the bottom; with 2 out, McGrath homered.
Missouri vs Illinois State.  The Tigers, who racked 13 hits in  their first 3 at-bats,scored 4 bottom 1st.  Marston rbi single; Fleming2-run homer; Simmons rbi single.  Illinois State loaded the bases top 3rd, and scored when Olson drew an rbi walk.  Like the thunder before the lightning, the Tigers roared back in the bottom with 8 runs  Simmons rbi single; Schweisberge 2-run double; Vock singled, Schweisberge scored on an error; Two out, Hudson belted a 3-run homer.  Burton relieved Baxter.  Undaunted, ILS scored 2 runs top 4th on Canopy’s 2-run homer; 2 were stranded.
Florida 4, UCLA 2.  The Bruins took a 2-0 lead, top 1st.  DiSalvatore reached on an error at 3rd; after 2 Ks, Bates homered.  In the bottom, Moultrie led, was hbp; Paculba sacrificed Bush singled, rbi.  After a double play halted a UCLA rally attempt top 2nd, the Gators tied the score in the bottom; with 2 out, Fagan reached on an error, Moultrie doubled, rbi.  One out, Paculba ulba broke the tie with 2 out in the 3rd, scoring on a passed ball.  UCLA stranded 2, top 5th; Florida scored its final run in the bottom.  One out, Paculba and Bruder singled, with 2 out, runners advanced on wild pitch, Bruder scoring.
LSU 5, Syracuse 2.  After heart-breaking 3-0 loss in 11 to TAMU, in which Fico set strikeout records, the Tigers rebounded with 2 strong wins today, both won by Mack.Top 1st: Heyward singled, Langoni tripled, and scored on wild pitch, 2-0.  In 5th, Langoni slugged 2-run homer.  Heyward rbi single in 6th.
Louisiana-Lafayette 5, Texas 3.  The Ragin Cajuns led 5-0 after six; the Top 10-ranked Horns rallied for 3 bottom 7th. ULL scored 3, top 3rd; added 2 in 4th on rbi by Orgeron and Bridges.  Texas 7th:  Scott hbp; inch runner Schmidt advanced onwild pitch, scored on Bennett single.  Hoagland jacked 2-run homer.
Tennessee 7, Georgia Tech 0.  Stung by their earlier loss to Oklahoma State, after which their coaches complained about lost opportunities for rbi’s, Vols rebounded strongly, scoring 4 runs top 1st.  Chavanne, Grieve and Dotson singled, loading the bases; Spigner fouled out, rbi; two outs, Gibson jacked a 3-run homer.  Gibson added a 2-run shot in the 3rd, and hit an rbi single in the 4th, accounting for 6 of the Vols’ runs.
DePaul 2, Missouri 1 (11).  The Blue Demons are certainly one of the surprises of the tournament, first defeating surging Indiana State, then upsetting 4th ranked Missouri, which had dominated the Big 12 at season’s end.  DePaul had scored with 2 out , bottom 2nd; Dean, Coronado, Yniguez singled ikn succession, Dean scoring, but stranding two.  Lee led the Missouri 5th with a solo shot, tmying the game.  Top 11th: Taylor led with a single, stole 2nd; one out, Fleming walkd.  Ruggeberg flied into double play.  In the bottom, pinch hitter Braget reached on an error at short, went to 2nd on Braden sacrifice; Morocco singled, stike 2bdm Yniguez to 3rd; Warren reached on a fielder’s choice;  Yniguez out at home, but as the catcher walked the ball back to Thomas, Morocco stole home with the winning run.
California 4, Louisville 0.  All of the scoring occurred bottom 2nd.  Echavarria singled, Jones sac bunt, Wallace reached on fielder’s choice, forcing Echavarria; Elia Reid homered, 2-0.  J Reid walked, Vonk singled, Williams reached on an error in rilght, 2 runs scored.  The Cards committed 3 errors.
Arizona 8, New Mexico State 0.  Chambers jacked a 3-run homer, top 1st, her second round-triper of the tournament.  Del Ponte added a 2-run shot in the 5th.  Top 7th: Del Ponte doubled, Chambers walked, one out, Arriola doubled, rbi; Buchanan rbi.  Arizona will play for regional championship.
Washington 7, BYU 5.  Washington became the first team to advance to Super Regionals with this win over BYU.  Delahoussaye singled, scored top 1st.  Huskies answered in bottom; Pohlman walked, Salling singled, Pohlman scored on groundout.  Salling walked, scored on Ingelsby double in 3rd. BYU scored 3 runs in 5th for a 4-2 lead; Clayton rbi single, Atagi 2-run single.  Huskies resolved all doubts with 5 runs in 6th, including 2-run double by Williams and rbi single by Ingelsby.
Penn State 5, Fordham 2.  A testament to both itchers in this elimination game: Hill pitched 11.2 innings, Mineau 13.2.  Top 16th, Lady Lions: Ostman singled, advanced on wild pitch; Bell walked, Akamine doubled in 2 runs; Johnson singled, rbi.  Fordham went down in order.
Nebraska 5, Fresno State 0.  The Bullogs’ 30th appearance in the tournament didn’t end as planned. Limited to 3 hits, they were also hurt by 2 errors.  Haget singled, scored on an error in thr Huskers 1st.  Nebraska loaded the bases in the 3rd; Brechtel scored on a fielder’s choice play.  Top 4th: Banda singled, but was forced at 2nd by Drake; Haget singled; runners advanced on Brechtel groundout; Tay Edwards hit 2-run single;   
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Regional #1–Tempe, Ariz.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 4:00 PM     ESPNU
W2 #1 Arizona State 8,  W1 Long Beach State 0 (5)
WP Dallas Escobedo  LP Erin Jones-Wesley
Sun Devils 3 homers: Boyd (3 rb
i), Urfer, Parlich 2rbi

Game 4 – 6:30 PM     ESPNU
L1 San Diego State 5,  L2 North Dakota State 4
North Dakota State eliminated 
Game 5 – 9:00 PM     ESPNU
W4 San Diego State 6, Long Beach State 4
Long Beach State eliminated

Regional #16–College Station, Texas     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 1:00 PM
W2 #16 Texas A&M 13,  W1 Syracuse 5
WP Melissa Dumezich  LP Jenna Caira

Game 4 – 3:30 PM
L1 LSU 10, L2 Sacred Heart 0 (6)
WP Brittany Mack 10K.  S Meghan Patterson
 Sacred Heart eliminated
Game 5 – 6:00 PM
W4 LSU 5, L3 Syracuse 0
WP Brittany Mack 11K.  LP Jenna Caira
Syracuse eliminated

Regional #8–Tucson, Ariz.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 3:00 PM
W2 #8 Arizona 8,  W1 New Mexico State 0
WP Kenzie Fowler 15K.  LP Celisha Walker

Game 4 – 5:30 PM
L1 Texas Tech 7,  L2 Harvard 0
Harvard eliminated

 Game 5 – 8:00 PM
W4 Texas Tech 6, L3 New Mexico State 4
New Mexico State eliminated

Regional #9–Norman, Okla.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 1:00 PM
W2 #9 Oklahoma 6,  W1 Tulsa 0
WP Keilani Ricketts 1-hitter  LP Aimee Creger

Game 4 – 3:30 PM
L1 Missouri State 4,  L2 Iona 2
Iona eliminated

Game 5 – 6:00 PM
L3 Tulsa 11,  W4 Missouri State 0
Missouri State eliminated

Regional #4–Gainesville, Fla.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 1:00 PM
W2 Florida 4, W1 UCLA 2
WP Hannah Rogers 5H,HR.  LP Jessica Hall

Game 4 – 3:30 PM
L1 Jacksonville 8,  L2 Bethune-Cookman 0
Bethune-Cookman eliminated
Game 5 – 6:00 PM
L3 UCLA 12,  W4 Jacksonville 4
Jacksonville eliminated

Regional #13–University Park, Pa.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 2:30 PM
W1 #13 Oregon 2,  W2 Fordham 0
WP Jessica Moore  1H, 11K.  LP Jen Mineau

Game 4 – 5:00 PM
L2 Penn State 6,  L1 Albany 1
Albany eliminated
 Game 5 – 7:30 PM
W4 Penn State 5, L3 Fordham 2 (16)
WP Jackie Hill.  LP Jen Mineau
Fordham eliminated

Regional #5–Columbia, Mo.     Tournament Central
Game 1 – 10:00 AM
DePaul 2, Indiana 1
WP Lindsey Dean  LP Morgan Melloh 1-hitter, 11K

Game 2 – 12:30 PM
#5 Missouri 12,  Illinois State 3
WP Kristin Nottelmann.  LP Jordan Birch

Game 3 – 3:00 PM
W1 DePaul 2,  W2 Missouri 1 (11)
WP Bree Brown  LP Chelsea Thomas

Game 4 – 5:30 PM
L2 Illinois State 3, L1 Indiana 1
Indiana eliminated
Game 5 – 8:00 PM
L3 Missouri 8,  W4 Illinois State 4
Illinois State eliminated; Missouri plays DePaul for regional title

Regional #12–Seattle, Wash.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 2:30 PM
W3 #12 Washington 7,  W5 BYU 5
WP Kaitlin Ingelsby  LP Tori Almond
Washington becomes first team to advance to Super Regionals

Regional #3–Austin, Texas     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 1:00 PM
W1 Houston 1, W2 #3 Texas 0
WP Amanda Crabtree  LP Blaire Luna

Game 4 – 3:30 PM
L1 Louisiana-Lafayette 11,  L2 Texas State 2
WP Ashley Brignac
Texas State eliminated 
Game 5 – 6:00 PM
W4 Louisiana Lafayette 5, Texas 3
WP Ashley Brignac  LP Rachel Fox
Texas eliminated

Regional #14–Knoxville, Tenn.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 2:00 PM     ESPN3
W1 Oklahoma State 6, W2 #14 Tennessee 1
WP Kat Espinosa  LP Ellen Renfroe

Game 4 – 4:30 PM     ESPN3
L1 Georgia Tech def L2 Liberty 4-3
Liberty eliminated

Game 5 – 7:00 PM     ESPN3
L3 Tennessee 7,  W4 Georgia Tech o
WP Ivy Renfroe 2H, 10K.  LP Lindsey Anderson
Georgia Tech eliminated

Regional #6–Athens, Ga.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 12:00 PM
W2 #6 Georgia 9,  W1 UAB 2
WP Morgan Montemayor 3H.  LP Leigh Streetman

Game 4 – 2:30 PM
L1 Florida State 6, L2 Georgia State 1
Georgia State eliminated 
Game 5 – 5:00 PM
Florida State 13, L3 UAB 1
UAB eliminated
Regional #11–College Park, Md.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 12:00 PM
W1 #11 Baylor 2,  W2 East Carolina 0
WP Whitney Canion 2-hitter, 8K.  LP Toni Paisley 3H, 9K

Game 4 – 2:30 PM
L2 Maryland 11,  L1 Lehigh 0
Lehigh eliminated
Game 5 – 5:00 PM
L3 East Carolina 2,  W4 Maryland 0
Maryland eliminated

Regional #2–Tuscaloosa, Ala.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 1:00 PM
W2 #2 Alabama 7,  W1 Memphis 1
WP Kelsi Dunne  LP Carly Hummel

Game 4 – 3:30 PM
L1 Chattanooga 8,  L2 Jackson State 1
Jackson State eliminated
Game 5 – 6:00 PM
W4 Chattanooga 2, L3 Memphis 1
Memphis eliminated
Regional #15–Stanford, Calif.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 12:00 PM
W2 #15 Stanford 1,  W1 Fresno State 0
WP Teagan Gerhart  LP Michelle Moses

Game 4 – 2:30 PM
L1 Nebraska 11,  L2 Pacfic 1
Pacific eliminated
 Game 5 – 5:00 PM
W4 Nebraska 5, L3 vFresno State 0
WP Ashley Hagemann.  LP Mackenzie Iajes
Fresno State eliminated

Regional #7–Louisville, Ky.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 2:00 PM
W1 #7 California 4,  W2 Louisville 0
WP Jolene Henderson  LP Tori Collins

Game 4 – 4:30 PM
L1 Jacksonville State 1, L2 Illinois-Chicago 0
Illinois-Chicago eliminated
Game 5 – 5:00 PM
L3 Louisville 12,  W4 Jacksonville State 0
Jacksonville State eliminated
Regional #10–Ann Arbor, Mich.     Tournament Central
Game 3 – 12:00 PM — ESPN
W1 Kentucky 7, W2 Michigan 6
WP Chanda Bell.  LP Jordan Taylor.  S Rachel Riley

Game 4 – 2:30 PM — ESPN
L1 Notre Dame 4,  L2 Western Michigan 0
WP Laura Winter  LP Meredith Whitney//HR Jorgensbrg
Western Michigan eliminated
 Game 5 – 5:00 PM — ESPN
L3 Michigan 9,  W4 Notre Dame 0
Notre Dame eliminated


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