5-22-10 NCAA Regionals Saturday

REGIONALS MAY 22 2010               

SPY follows the schedule laid out in the NCAA bracket, and follows Ultimate College Softball, Gametracker, NCAA, NFCA, and college web sites for scores and game notes. 

We apologize; a virus knocked out our computer repeatedly and the many game notes we typed for each game kept disappearing.  Did the best we could but quit at 1am.                

Regionals  Campus Locations               

Region 1–Tuscaloosa, Ala.     Mostly Sunny, 89               

Game 3–1:30 PM               

W2 #1 Alabama 5,  W1 #3 Lipscomb 2
WP Kelsi Dunne.  LP Whitney Kiihnl
Tide scored 3 in 1st, led 5-0  before Lipscomb scored.

Game 4–4:00 PM               

L1 #2 UAB 10,  L2 #4 Alcorn State  Alcorn State eliminated               

Game 5–6:30 PM               

L3 Lipscomb  7, W4 UAB 6 (9)  UAB eliminated
WP Whitney Kiihnl.  LP Alissa Smith.
Bottom 9th: 2 on, 2 out.  Mason singled, rbi, Mitchell scored.

Championship Sunday: Alabama vs Lipscomb               


Region 16–Stanford, Calif.     Tournament Central     Mostly Sunny, 66               

Game 3–12:00 PM               

W1 #1 Hawai’i 6,  W2 #2 Stanford 3
WP Stephanie Ricketts.  LP Ashley Chinn 
Gonzalez racked 2-run shot for Hawaii, Tuali’i solo

 Game 4–3:00 PM               

L2 #3 Texas Tech 1,  L1 #4 UC Davis 0  UC Davis eliminated

Game 5–9:00 PM PT               

W4 Texas Tech 6, Stanford 3  Stanford eliminated
WP Brokeshoulder.  LP Ashley Chinn.             

Championship Sunday:  Hawaii vs Texas Tech 4pm               


Region 8–Atlanta, Ga.     Tournament Central     Slight Chance of Scattered Thunderstorms, 84               

Game 3–12:00  W1 #2 Oregon 11, W2 #1 Georgia Tech 2 (5)
WP Jessica Moore.  2-hitter.  LP Hope Rush
Tech scored twice, top 1st, Weseman rbi double, Rush rbi single.  Unfortunately for the ACC champions, that was their offense for this game.  The Ducks came back with four, Howard jacking a two-out grand slam.  Moore struck out the side, top 2nd.  Bottom: Bryant scored on Fulava single.  Oregon 3rd: Bryant rbi single, Pappas 2-run double.  Bottom 4th: Howard rbi double, Howard scoring on an error; Bryant rbi single.  Georgia Tech will now play winner of Auburn vs Jacksonville State. 

Game 4–2:30 PM               

L1 #3 Auburn 15,  L2 #4 Jacksonville State 1  Jacksonville State eliminated
WP Jenee Loree.  LP Ashley Eliasson
Tigers assault included grand slam by Eisterhold, 2-run shot by Smiley, solo by Cartwright. 

Game 5–5:00 PM               

L3 Georgia Tech 4,  W4 Auburn 1  Auburn eliminated
WP Jessica Coan.  OP Angel Brunner.  Jen Yee jacked 2 run homer.

Championship Sunday:  Oregon vs Georgia Tech  (1pm)               


Region 9–Columbia, Mo.     Tournament Central     Sunny, 87               

Game 3–12:00 PM               

W2 #1 Missouri 3,  W1 #2 Illinois 1
WP Kristen Nottelmann.  LP Monica Perry 3H
Missouri 1st:Taylor scored with two out on Fleming single.  Illinois 3rd: Howard scored with two out on Pinchback single.  Missouri 4th: Hudson launched a one-out homer.  Tigers 6th: Krebs scored on Fleming single.

Game 4–2:30 PM               

L1 #3 DePaul 3,  L2 #4 Creighton 2  Creighton eliminated   
WP Bree Brown.  LP Tara Oltman.            

Game 5–5:00 PM               

L3 Illinois 9,  W4 DePaul 1  DePaul eliminated
WP  Monica Perry.  S Pepper Gay.  LP Bree Brown
Illini benefitted from long ball: Howell 3-run shot, Zymkowitz solo HR.

Championship Sunday: Missouri vs Illinois (2pm)               

Region 5–Los Angeles, Calif.     Tournament Central      Sunny, 69               

Game 3–1:00 PM               

W2 #1 UCLA 4,  W1 #2 San Diego State 3
WP Aleah Macon.  LP Samantha Beasley.
   Andrea Harrison’s single drove in Bates with the winning run.  Langenfeld had 2 home runs.            

Game 4–3:30 PM               

L1 #3 Fresno State 6, L2 #4 Saint Mary’s 0  St Mary’s eliminated
WP Morgan Melloh 4H, 12K.  LP Britany Linton               

Game 5–9:00 PM               

W4 Fresno State 4, San Diego State 3.  San Diego State eliminated         

Championship Sunday: UCLA vs Fresno State 3pm              


Region 12–Baton Rouge, La.     Tournament Central     Mostly Sunny, 91               

Game 3–12:00 PM               

W1 #3 Louisiana-Lafayette 1, W2 #1 LSU 0
WP Donna Bourgeois.  LP Cody Trahan
Bottom 4th: Ragin Cajuns scored.  Verde was hbp, with one out Bridges was hbp, Verde scored on Myers single. Rachele Fico relieved with two on in 5th; struck out Orgeron looking to end threat.

Game 4–3:00 PM               

L1 #2 Texas A&M 2,  L2 #4 McNeese State 0  McNeese State eliminated               

Game 5–6:00 PM               

W4 Texas A&M 1, L3 LSU 0  LSU eliminated
WP Mellisa Dumezich.  LP Rachel Fico.  TAMU scored on Megan May’s solo home run.               

Championship Sunday: Louisiana-Lafayette vs Texas Aa&M (2pm)               


Region 13–Amherst, Mass.     Cloudy, 80               

Game 3–2:30 PM               

W1 #1 Arizona State 3,  W2 #3 Long Island  2               

Game 4–5:00 PM               

L1 #4 Boston 10, L2 #2 Massachusetts 4  U Mass eliminated               

Game 5–7:30 PM               

L3   Long Island 5,  W4 Boston 4   Boston eliminated                

Championship Sunday: Arizona State vs LIU (5pm)               


Region 4–Gainesville, Fla.     Tournament Central     Slight Chance of Isolated Thunderstorms, 89               

Game 3–1:00 PM               

W2 #1 Florida 6,  W1 #3 Central Florida  0
WP Stephanie Brombacher 1-hitter, 8K.  LP Ashleigh Cole.               

Game 4–3:30 PM               

L1 #2 Florida International 2,  L2 #4 Bethune-Cookman 0 (10)  Bethune-Cookman eliminated               

Game 5–6:00 PM               

W4 Florida International 7, L3 Central Florida 0  Central Florida eliminated               

Championship Sunday: #1 Florida vs #2 Florida International (1pm)               

Region 3–Seattle, Wash.     Tournament Central      Slight Chance of Showers, 57               

Game 3–3:00 PM               

W2 #1 Washington 1, W1 #2 North Carolina 0
WP Danielle Lawrie.  LP Danielle Spaulding               

Game 4–8:30 PM               

L1 #3 Nebraska vs L2 #4 North Dakota State               

Game 5–11:00 PM               

L3 North Carolina vs W4               


Region 14–College Park, Md.     Tournament Central     Chance of Showers, 74               

Game 3–12:00 PM               

W1 #1 Oklahoma 1,  W2 #2 Fordham 0
WP Keilani Ricketts 5H, 9 K.  LP Jen Mineau 5H, 9K
A showdown between two very talented pitchers which lived up to advance expectations.  Mineau, one of the nation’s premier strikeout artists, generally kept the powerful Sooner bats at bay, but Ricketts, matched her K for K.  Shults doubled with two out in the 1st; stranded.  Fordham 1st: Pellechio singled after two strikeouts; Fisher was hbp, and Wiggins bezt out an infield hit, loading the bases.  But, Shager hit into a fielder’s choice at 3rd, the out at home.  OU 2nd: Mineau struck out the side.  Bottom: Ricketts fanned two of three.  The Sooners did nothing in the 3rd, but the Rams threatened again.  Dearborn led with a single to center; LaBovick followed with a single to right.  Pellochio looked at a third strike, and Fisher ground into a double play, lining to Flores at 2nd.  Sooner 4th: after two popups, Vandever jacked a home run over the fence in left center.  Nix walked but was stranded.;  Rams down in order.  Mineau fanned 2 of 3 in the OU 5th.  Callahan reached on a fielder’s choice,but was forced by Dearborn, Ricketts fanning two.  The 6th looked like a big Sooner inning: Huey led with a single to center; with one out, Shults slashed a single to right; with two out, Nix hit a line drive to left.  Fisher walked in the Rams sixth and was stranded.  Pinch hitter Jones doubled for OU to lead the 7th, but was left.  The Rams went down in order in their 7th, Richards grounded out to short, one of the best defensive plays we’ve seen Karolyne Long make.  Callahan grounded to 2nd; Ricketts striking out the last batter.  Oklahoma now awaits settlement of the losers’ bracket to determine its opponent for Sunday’s championship game.

Game 4–2:00 PM               

L2 #3 Maryland 4,  L1 #4 Syracuse 1  Syracuse eliminated
WP Kendra Knight.  LP Brittany Gardner
Terps scored 3, top 1st.  Acosta and Schultz walked with two out; Hickey singled through the gap.  Branson singled, 2 rbi.  Hickey scored on shortstop throwing error.  Syracuse 4th: Watts walked and went to second on passed ball.  Saco walked. with two out, Nandin walked, bases loaded; Grant drew an rbi walk; Hickey relieved Knight and got the third out, stranding three.  With Hickey hurling for Maryland, and Gardner for Syracuse, the game had two former Shamrock teammates opposing.    With two out in Maryland 6th, Hickey singled, Branson singled, Blackie singled, rbi.  The Terps stranded two, top 7th.  Syracuse also stranded two in the bottom.  Now, Maryland has to defeat Fordham to stay in the hunt.

Game 5–4:00 PM               

L3 Fordham 5,  W4 Maryland 2  Maryland eliminated;
WP Jen Mineau.  LP Kerry Hickey

Championship Sunday:
#1 Oklahoma vs #2 Fordham (noon)


Region 11–Columbus, Ohio     Tournament Central     Chance of Scattered Thunderstorms, 75               

Game 2–10:00 AM     Resume Suspended Game–Kentucky Leads 3-0 Top 4th               

#3 Kentucky 6, #2 Ohio State 5
WP Chanda Bell.  LP Melanie Nichols
Kentucky built a 6-0 lead — 3 rbi by Cervantes,3 rbi by Smith — before the Buckeyes scored 4 bottom 7th. 

Game 3–2:30 PM               

W1 #1 California 1,  W2 Kentucky 0               

Game 4–5:00 PM               

L2 Ohio State 6,  L1 #4 Bucknell 0  Bucknell eliminated               

Game 5–7:30 PM               

W4 Ohio State 5, L3 Kentucky 3              Kentucky eliminated   

Championship Sunday: #1 California vs #2 Ohio State (230pm)
Region 6 Athens   
Game 3–12:00 PM   

W2 #1 Georgia 5,  W1 #2 Florida State 2
WP Sarah McCloud  SV Erin Arevalo  LP  Sarah Hamilton
Top 4th: Pauly scored first Georgia run on error; Schlopy singled, Gober relieved Hamilton; Schlopy scored on Wiggins single.  Top 5th: Couey scored on Sandberg single.  Seminoles narrowed score with two in bottom 5th.  Lapicki singled, Haddad walked, McConn sacrificed, Wynn was intentionally walked,Brown singled rbi, Joseph scored on wild pitch. Bulldogs scored two in 7th: Goler doukbled, Hesson rbi double, Sandberg rbi single

Game 4–2:30 PM     


L1 #3 Radford 8,  L2 #4 Elon 0  Elon eliminated      


Game 5–5:00 PM       


W4 Radford 3, L3  Florida State 2  Florida State eliminated        


Championship Sunday: #1 Georgia vs #3 Radford         


Region 7–Austin, Texas     Tournament Central      Mostly Sunny, 90          

Game 6–1:00 PM              

W3 #2 BYU 8,  W5 #3 East Carolina 3               

 BYU advances to Super Regionals             




    Region 10–Tucson, Ariz.     Sunny, 93      Game 3–2:00 PM          

W2 #1 Arizona 6,  W2 #3 Hofstra 0           

Game 4–4:00 PM     L1 #2 Oklahoma State 7,  L2 #4 Cornell 0  Cornell eliminated             

Game 5–9:00 PM       L3  Hofstra vs W4 Oklahoma State               

     Region 15–Knoxville, Tenn.     Tournament Central     Chance of Scattered Thunderstorms, 82    Game 3–1:00 PM   W2 #1 Tennessee 11,  W1 #3 Virginia 2         

Game 4–3:30 PM     L1 #2 Louisville 5,  L2 #4 Ball State 1  Ball State eliminated          

 Game 5–6:00 PM       W4 Louisville 7, L3 Virginia 4  Virginia eliminated               

Championship Sunday: #1 Tennessee vs #2 Louisville               

     Region 2–Ann Arbor, Mich.     Tournament Central     Chance of Scattered Thunderstorms, 72  Game 2–11:00 AM     Resume Suspended Game–Michigan Leads 8-2 Bottom 4th       

1 Michigan 11,  #4 Wright State 2
WP Nikki Nemitz.  LP Allison Cox
WSU scored both runs top 3rd,rbi’sby Haney and Frost (triple).  Wolverines scored 8 bottom 3rd. Bausher and Findlay scored on illegal pitches; Shaw jacked a 2-run homer.  Kirkpatrick rbi double, Bausher rbi, Kirkpatrick scored on wild pitch, Evans rbi.  Play was suspended in 4th.  When resumed Saturday, Michigan scored three; St Clair laid down an rbi sac bunt; Shaw belted her second two-run home run.

 Game 3–1:00 PM     W2 Michigan 8, W1 #2 Notre Dame 0

Game 4–3:30 PM      Wright State 10, L1 #3 Illinois State 8  Illinois State eliminated           

Game 5–6:00 PM               

L3 Notre Dame 6,  W4 Wright State 5  Wright State eliminated                

Championship Sunday: #1 Michigan vs #2 Notre Dame               

     Region 6–Athens, Ga.     Tournament Central     Chance of Thunderstorms, 83                   

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