5-22-2011 Sunday Regional Championships



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ESPN/USA  Softball poll May 17 2011

1.  Arizona State eliminated SDSU 6-1/Arizona State Super Regionals
2.  Michigan eliminated by Kentucky 2-1/Kentucky Super Regionals
3.  Alabama def  Chattanooga 11-2/Alabama Super Regional
4.  Missouri def DePaul 7-3, what if /  Missouri 8-0/Missouri Super Regionals
5T. California eliminated Louisville 3-0/California Super Regionals
5T. Florida def by UCLA 3-2, what if/Florida  11-3/ Florida Super Regionals
7.  Tennessee eliminated by Oklahoma State 6-5
8.  Georgia eliminated  Florida State 10-2/Georgia Super Regionals
9.  Texas eliminated
10.  Arizona 10, Texas Tech 2/Arizona Super Regionals
11.  Oregon eliminated  Penn State 3-1/Oregon Super Regionals
12T Oklahoma def by Tulsa 4-3/what if /Oklahoma 5-0/ Oklahoma to Super Regionals
12T Stanford eliminated  Nebraska 4-1/Stanford NCAA Super Regionals
14.  Washington advanced to Super Regionals
15.  Baylor eliminated  East Carolina 1-0/Baylor Super Regionals
16.  UCLA def Florida 3-2/what if/Florida 11-3/Florida Super Regionals
17.  Texas A&M eliminated LSU  3-1/Texas A&M Super Regionals
18.  Georgia Tech eliminated
19.  Notre Dame eliminated
20.  Nebraska eliminated by Stanford 4-1
21.  Kentucky eliminated Michigan 2-1/Kentucky Super Regionals
22. LSU eliminated by Texas A&M 3-1
23.  Auburn eliminated
24.  ULL def by Houston 4-1/Houston Super Regionals     
25.  Oklahoma State eliminated  Tennessee 6-5/Oklahoma State Super Regionals


Arizona State vs Texas A&M at Tempe Thursday
Oklahoma vs Arizona at Tucson Friday
Missouri vs Washington at Columbia Saturday
Oregon vs Florida at Gainesville Friday

Houston vs Oklahoma State at Stillwater Friday
Baylor vs Georgia at Athens Saturday
California vs Kentucky at Lexington Saturday
Stanford vs Alabama at Tuscaloosa Thursday

Spy will post the schedule tomorrow

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Baylor 1, East Carolina 0.  Canion had no hitter for 5+ innings.  Baylor 6th: Turk singled; Leal sac bunt; Hall doubled, rbi.
Texas A&M 3, LSU 1.  The Aggies brought an end to LSU coach Yvette Girouard’s stellar 25-year career.  Tigers loaded bases bottom 1st; Santos scored on Houston rbi.  LSU held that slim lead until the 7th when May led off with a home run.  Top 9:  Walker, Orsak scored.  LSU down in order.
Alabama 11, Chattanooga 2.  Tide rolled to seventh straight regional title.  Irwin pitched only one inning in relief, faced 11 batters, gave up 6 hits, 7 earned runs, as Bama racked 12 hits, including 3-run homer by Locke in 6th.
Missouri 7, DePaul 3. Tigers scored 4 runs in 2nd; were leading 4-1 when Taylor jacked 3-run homer.
Stanford 4, Nebraska 1.  Gerhart walked, scored on Hansen double in 5th.  Louisville tied bottom 6th on Brechtel homer.  Cardinal 2 on, 1 out in top 7th, broke tie when Becerra scored on Hansen single; Gerhart scored on Rich rbi; Hansen scored on Pura single.
Oklahoma State 6, Tennessee 5.  Gearhart scored for OSU bottom 1st.  After Vols stranded 2 top 3rd, Cowgirls scored twice; Hamilton rbi sac fly, Ward rbi single.  Vols 4th: Dotson singled; wioth two out, Shipman rbi double, 3-1.  Vols took 4-3 lead in 5th; Burchell homered.  Odom relieved Espinosa.  Davinwalked, Chavanne singled, Dotsonsingled in 2 runs.  UT left runners on 2nd and 3rd in 6th; OSU regained lead with 3 runs.  Bases loaded, Ellinger singled in 2 runs; a third run scored on an error.  Chavanne scored on Spigner sac fly in Vols 7th.  Gibson, the home run hitting marvel of the previous game singled, but Grieve was out at home trying for the tying run.
California 3, Louisville 0.  Cards had 8 hits off Henderson, but couldn’t convert to runs.  Echevarria scored first Cal run in 2nd onone of the 2 Cardinal errors.  Echevarria scored again in 4th on wild pitch.  Cal 5th: Ja Reid scored on Williams single.  Cardinals stranded 9 runners.
Kentucky 2, Michigan 1.  Observers could consider this decision the major upset of the Regionals, #2 Michigan and its top-ranked pitcher losing to 21st ranked Kentucky. Riley’s 1-hitter subdued powerful Wolverines.  UM broke scoring ice in4th when pinch runner Crummey scored on error.  Wolverines held lead until bottom 7th when Aull led off with home run.  Riley and Cervantes walked; DeMartine was hbp, loading bases.  Rowlands singled, pinch runner Allen scred winning run.
UCLA 3, Florida 2.  After Rogers relieved Brombacher in 5th, Bruins loaded bases; Murray scored on Bates sac fly.  Gators took lead in 6th; Heil scored on DeFelice sac fly, Coyle scored on error.  Gators 7th: Hall relieved Kerr; Macon relieved Hall.  Gators down in order.  Bottom: Di salvatore singled; Schroeder sac bunt; Harrison rbi single tied score; Fox and Camuso singled; bases loaded, Crawford singled to center, Harrison scored winning run, forcing what-if game. 
Oregon 3, Penn State 1.
 Penn State took 1-0 lead bottom 3rd; Ostman scored on Akamine single.  Two errors led to 3 runs in Oregon 6th. Howard reached on an error; Fulava doubled, Hill to pitch.  Vitek reached on dropped fly ball, Howard scored; Pappas reached on fielder’s choice, Peterson out at 3rd;  Fulava scored; Kotz scored. 
Tulsa 4, Oklahoma 3 (9).  Sooners took lead bottom 1st on Ricketts 2-run homer.  Tulsa tied with 2 runs top 5th.  Top 9th: Menke walked, Blantonsac bunt, Bowen grounded out; 2down, Menke scored on wild pitch; Cobb doubled, rbi, 4-2.  OU took one back in bottom,  Jones, Dobbs singled; Jones scored on Norris fielder’s choice, but McGregor lined out, Martinez grounded out. 
Oklahoma 5, Tulsa 0.  OU was forced into a what-if game, losing the first match on 2 runs in 9th.  In the rematch, top 3rd, after Middlebrooks relieved for Tulsa, Henson walked, advanced on a wild pitch, Martinez was out on an interference call; Turang grounded out; Nix singled, rbi; Ricketts walked; runners advanced on an illegal pitch; Williams singled, rbi, Jones singled, rbi, Jones and Williams scored on error at 3rd.  Gascoigne had a shaky 4th. Swanson struck out but Menke walked; Blanton struck out but Bowen walked; Barrett walked, loading the bases, Cobb grounded out.  Gascoigne had 9 Ks.
Georgia 10, Florida State 2.  Top 1st: Wiggins doubled, scored on Schlopy single; Schlopy scored on an error.  Georgia scored 4 top 2nd, 2 on errors.  Bottom: Bullock rbi for Seminoles.  Bottom 3rd: FSU loaded bases, Brown scored on Gomez fly.  Top 5: Hubbard homered.  Top 6: Trout 2-run double, Pauly rbi single.
Arizona 10, Texas Tech 2 (6).  Wildcats were leading 6-0 before Tech scored bottom 4th;   Koria was 3-3, 3rbi, HR.  Kirker had 2-run homer.  Buchanan 3-3, 2 rbi.  Richardson homered for Tech in 4th; Gentsch had rbi in 6th.
Arizona State 6, San Diego State 1.  Boyd led off the game with a solo shot.  Lockwood opened the ASU 6th with a homer.  SDSU tallied a run on Maeva’s rbi bottom 6th.  ASU scored 4 runs in 7th, including  Boyd rbi single and Lockwood rbi double.
Houston 4, ULL 1.  Freshman catcher Haley Outon smacked 2 homers, driving in 3 of Houston’s 4 runs — a solo shot in the 2nda 2-run shot in the 6th.  Gregson scored the other UH run inthe 6th; Martin scored in 7th.  ULL’s run was scored in the 5th, Smith scoring on Bridges sac fly.. 

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Regional #1–Tempe, Ariz.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:30 PM     ESPNU
W3 #1 Arizona State 6,  W5 San Diego State 1
WP Dallas Escobedo  LP Samantha Beasley//Sun Devils score 4 in 7th
Arizona State advances to Super Regionals

Regional #16–College Station, Texas     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:30 PM
W3 #16 Texas A&M 3, W5 LSU 1  (9)
WP Melissa Dumezich  LP Brittany Mack
Texas A&M advances to Super Regionals

Regional #8–Tucson, Ariz.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 12:00 PM
W3 #8 Arizona 10, W5 Texas Tech 2 (6)
WP Kenzi Fowler  LP Kelsey Dennis
Arizona advances to Super Regionals/

Regional #9–Norman, Okla.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W5 Tulsa 4, W3 #9 Oklahoma 3 (9)
WP Jordan Kinard  LP Keilani Ricketts
Tulsa forces what if game with 2 runs in 9th

Game 7 – 3:30 PM
L6 Oklahoma 5, W6 Tulsa 0
WP Michelle Gascoigne 9K.  LP Lacey Middlebrooks
Sooners score 5 runs in 3rd
Oklahoma advances to Super Regionals

Regional #4–Gainesville, Fla.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W5 UCLA 3, W3  #4 Florida 2
WP Aleah Macon  LP Hannah Rogers
UCLA forces what if game

Game 7 – 3:30 PM
L6 Florida 11, W6 UCLA 3
WP Hannah Rogers  LP Donna Kerr
Florida advances to Super Regionals

Regional #13–University Park, Pa.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 12:00 PM
W3  #13 Oregon 3,  W5 Penn State 1
WP Jessica Moore  LP Jackie Hill
Oregon advances to Super Regionals

Regional #5-olumbia, Mo.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W5 #5 Missouri 7, W3 DePaul 3
WP Chelsea Thomas 2-hitter.  LP Lindsey Dean
Missouri forces what if game

Game 7 – 3:00 PM
W6 Missouri 8,  L6 DePaul 0
WP Chelsea Thomas No Hitter  LP Kirsten Verdun
Missouri advances to Super Regionals

Regional #3–Austin, Texas     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W3 Houston 4, W5 Louisiana-Lafayette 1
WP Amanda Crabtree  LP Ashley Brignac
Outon jacks 2 home runs
Houston advances to Super Regionals

Regional #14–Knoxville, Tenn.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 2:00 PM     ESPN3
W3 Oklahoma State 6, W5 #14 Tennessee 5
WP Sarah Odom  LP Ellen Renfroe
Oklahoma State advances to Super Regionals

Regional #6–Athens, Ga.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 12:00 PM
W3 #6 Georgia 10, W5 Florida State 2
WP Morgan Montemayor.  LP Sarah Hamilton
Georgia advances to Super Regionals

Regional #11–College Park, Md.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 12:00 PM
W3 #11 Baylor 1, W5 East Carolina 0
WP Whitney Canion  LP Toni Paisley
Baylor advances to Super Regionals

Regional #2–Tuscaloosa, Ala.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W3 Alabama 11, W5 Chattanooga 2
WP Kelsi Dunne 1hitter  LP Kandice Irwin
Alabama advances to Super Regionals

Regional #15–Stanford, Calif.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W3 Stanford 4,  W5 Nebraska 1
WP Teagan Gerhart 5H,HR.  LP Ashley Hagemann
Stanford advances to Super Regionals 

Regional #7–Louisville, Ky.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W3 California 3, W5 Louisville 0
WP Jolene Henderson 11K.  LP Tori Collins
California advances to Super Regionals 
Regional #10–Ann Arbor, Mich.     Tournament Central
Game 6 – 1:00 PM
W3 Kentucky 2,  W5 Michigan 1
WP Rachel Riley 1-hitter LP Jordan Taylor 5H,11K
Kentucky advances to Super Regionals



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