5-24-10 May 24 Update

MAY 24 2010 UPDATE


Several of the Southern California teams who will be playing this summer in the initial Premier tournament are participating in the So Cal A’s tournament in June – including 20 of the 42 players invited to try out for the USA Junior National Team.

So Cal Athletics

June 19th/20th

Los Alamitos High School

3591 Cerritos Ave 90720-2485



      Pool A                                             Pool B


1)      So Cal Athletics                           1) OC Batbusters

2)      Cal Cruisers                                 2) Worth Firecrackers

3)      Corona Angels-Tyson                  3) Sorcerer – Phil

4)      Az Hot Shots – Gatti                     4) Lady Magic


Sat                 Field 1                          Field 2


8:00                A1-A3                             A2-A4

9:45                A1-A2                             A4-A3

11:30              B1-B3                              B2-B4

1:15                A1-A4                             A2-A3

3:00                B1-B2                              B3-B4

4:45                B2-B3                              B1-B4



SPY has published one of the two brackets prepared  by NCAA for this coming weekend’s Super Regional contests.  Note that a more detailed bracket (which we could not download) is available on ncaa.com/championships.  This version shows game times.

Super Regionals begin on Thursday Seattle (Washinton vs Oklahoma) and in Ann Arbor (Michigan vs Tennessee).The other six regionals begin on Friday.


Well-planned and skillfully run regional at College Park this past weekend.  The Terps didn’t make it to Sunday, but they turned out decent crowds despite threatening weather.  The grounds crew was very impressive repairing the field on Sunday after a heavy over-night rain.  Fans appreciated the score of students who wiped down every seat before the championship between Oklahoma and Fordham.  Communications was above average, not just broadband access but printed lineups and quickly distributed post game stats and recaps.  The many volunteers knew their tasks and were helpful.  Good job, Terps.


Syracuse coach Leigh Ross talked to SPY after Thursday’s warm-ups.  Watching ace Jenna Caira, SPY expressed an opinion that the umpires would call her for illegal pitches.  Her windup could be seen by some in blue as a balk, and her foot movement was of the kind drawing IP calls all across the country.  Lee acknowledged that Caira had been called several times in recent games, and, she was called four times early in the Oklahoma game – and came out.  Maryland’s Kerry Hickey drew two IP calls facing the first two Fordham batters and left the circle.


We are approaching the highlight of the college year – the World Series – a time of exhuberation  for all who participate.  Yet, there is a sadness to this and every season at this time of year.  We say goodbye to some players whom we have known and watched since junior high school – and know a great many of them on a personal basis – and parents even grandparents as well.  The awareness of who is leaving the scene begins at the end of the conference year, when so many teams do not make the NCAA tournament, and the process repeats every week of regionals and super regionals.  Some you see in person at games, others on television, most through game reports.  I go through lineups and remember particular games, even  moments, and each year I am grateful for having had an opportunity to witness their immense talent on display.  Wherever their paths take them, I wish them well.


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