5-26-2012 NCAA Super Regionals Day Three


May 26 2012



Arizona State


South Florida



Tennessee 3, Georgia 2 Game One

Oklahoma 7, Arizona 1 Oklahoma advances

South Florida 2, Hofstra 1  (9)  Series tied.*
Game 3 South Florida 2, Hofstra 1  South Florida advances to World Series

Oregon 5,  Texas  4 Game Two
Game Three Oregon 10, Texas 6  Oregon advances to World Series

LSU 6, Missouri 1 Game One  Game Two Sunday

California 5, Washington 0  Game One

* Game Three if necessary follows immediately



Tennessee 3, Georgia 2  Game One.  Game Two on Sunday.
WP Ivy Renfroe.  LP Erin Arevalo.
Vols 3rd.  Lewis walked; advanced onChavanne sac bunt.  Dotson popped to 2nd; Shipman singled to Arevalo, stole 2nd.  Burchfield singled in both runners.  Gibson singled but was stranded.
Georgia 4th: The Bulldogs went down in order the first three innings, but Sito led the 4th with a single; One out, Wilson singled down left field line.  Sandberg hbp; bases loaded.  Renfroe fanned Razey, Olney.

Vols 4th: Brown singled, advanced on Andrews’ sac bunt; Lewis fanned; Chavanne singled in the run.
Georgia 5th: the Bulldogs loaded the bases again.  Griffin doubled, Goulder walked;one out,  Sito hbp; Pauly looked at a third strike; Wilson grounded out.

Vols 5th: Burchell doubled, was stranded.

Bulldogs 6th: Sandberg singled, Razey doubled.  Olney singled to left field; pinch runner Couey scored on rbi; runners advanced to 2nd and 3rd on left field error.  Griffin grounded out, rbi.  Olney stranded at 3rd.
Bulldogs 7th:  Down in order.


Oklahoma 7, Arizona 1.  Sooners win Game Two; advance to World Series.
WP Keilani Ricketts. 3H, 13K.  LP Kenzi Fowler. 9H, 2HR.

OU Top 1st:  A nightmare for any pitcher.  Casey led with a walk, advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch.  Martinez singled to Fowler, then stole 2nd.  Chamberlain walked, Fowler’s third 3-2 count, bases loaded..  Casey scored on Ricketts’ single.  Shults drew rbi walk, Martinez scored. Sampson hbp, rbi, Chamberlain scored/.   Turang hit into a fielder’s choice, Ricketts out at home 5-2. Shults scored; Sampson scored, on error at 3rd. Henson hit into fielder’s choice, Turang out at 3rd.  Casey grounded out. 5-0.

OU 2nd: Ricketts and Shults singled, with 2 out; no score.
Wildcats 2nd: Koria opened with a single; Pendley reached on fielder’s choice; Koria advanced on error at 2nd.  Ricketts struck out Ariola, Goodacre and Bryan.

Wildcats 3rd: Ricketts struck out Suitos, Buchanan and Wilson.

Wildcats 4th: Ricketts struck out Del Ponte, Koria and Pendley.
Sooners 5th: Shults led with a home run, her 19th.  One out, Turang and Norris singled; both stranded.

Wildcats 5th:  Down in order.

Sooners 6th: one out, Chamberlain homered, her 27th. Ricketts walked.  Babcock relieved Fowler. OU stranded two.

Wildcats 6th:  One out, Buchanan singled.  Two out, Del Ponte walked.  Buchanan scored on error at 3rd.  Koria reached on the error.  Pendley hbp.  Arriola grounded out.  Wildcats left bases loaded.

Wildcats 7th:  One out, Bryan singled; advanced on wild pitch; Lavine and Buchanan grounded out.

Second year in a row Oklahoma has denied Arizona a trip to the World Series.  Oklahoma, which was celebrating coach Patty Gassi’s 50th, improved to 50-8.  Arizona ended 38-18.  Oklahoma will play winner of Hofstra/USF Super Regional.

South Florida 2, Hofstra 1 (9) Game Two; series tied
WP Sara Nevins.  LP Olivia Galati.  Lindsay Richardson pitched a 2-hitter for 4 USF innings.  Nevins the last five.
Both games between these evenly matched contenders have been played like home plate was in a briar patch.  Each team had five hits. All of the runs were scored in the 9th.
Top 9th: USF’s Medina opened with a single.  Goff in to run.  Runner advanced on Richardson sac bunt.  Salvarola hbp.  Jackson singled to center, rbi.  Salvarola scored on Fountain’s sac fly.  USF had stranded five runners in eight innings.
Bottom 9th: Crews led with a single; one out later, Crews advanced on an illegal pitch.  Slugh hbp.  Two out, Senatore singled to short, loading the bases.  Bigler singled to short, rbi.  Bases stil loaded, Galati grounded  out.
Game Three to follow immediately.  Winner faces Oklahoma at World Series.

Oregon 5, Texas 4 (8) Game Two.  Series tied.
WP Jessica Moore.  LP Rachel Fox (in relief of Luna)
Rough and tumble game, with collisions at home and 1st, which lasted 3 hrs, 15 minutes.
Takeda scored winning run on Howard’s sac fly bottom 8th.
The Ducks scored 3 runs bottom 1st.  Two out, Chambers hit a olo shot over legt field.  Cuico and Nieto walked; Cuico scored on Peteson’s single.  A throwing error by Schmidt in left, trying to throw out Cuico at home, allowed Nieto to score.  Top 2nd, Craig hit a solo homer over the wall in left.  The Horns took the lead in the 3rd; Bruins singled; Hoagland walked; Bennett slashed an rbi double to right center, rbi; Hoagland advanced to 3rd.  Taylor reached on a fielder’s choice, advanced to 2nd as Hoagland was out at home.  Craig’s rbi single scored Taylor.  Craig was thrown out trying to steal 2nd; the alert Taylor scored easily.  Texas 4-3.  Luna was chased in the 3rd after walks to Cuico and Peterson; Fox ended the threat.  Oregon tied 4-4 on 2 hits and an error in the 4th.  Chambers reached on an error at short; Cuico singled.  After a sac bunt by Nieto, Peterson lined an rbi single to score Chambers, Peterson stole 2nd.  Moore’s attempted bunt went to Fox, who threw home to catcher Ogle in time to tag Cuico. Cuico was ejected for unsportsman-like conduct. Again Fox worked out of a jam.  Oregon missed an opportunity to score in the 7th; Nieto led off with a single; Peterson’s fly ball was dropped by Craig in center; Peterson stole 2nd; runners on 2nd and 3rd, no outs.  Moore popped to short, but Peterson was called for interference.  Moore stole 2nd.  Burger flew out to Schmidt inleft, whose throw was in time to outNieto at home.
Takeda led off the Oregon 8th with a single, and stole 2nd; Pappas fouled out.  Takeda stole 3rd.  Howard flied out to Schmidt in left but Takeda beat the throw home to score the winning run.

LSU 6, Missouri 1  Game 1.  Game 2 on Sunday.
WP Rachele Fico LP Chelsea Thomas
Fico, one of the nation’s ERA leaders, had perhaps the best support of the season from her offense.  LSU scored 2 runs top 3rd; Supak walked; Andrews singled; one out, Langoni walked, loading the bases.  two outs, Langoni singled in 2 runs.  Mizzou stranded two.  Bottom 4th: Hudson opened with a double, advanced on Muller groundout, scored on Kingsley single.  LSU 5th: Heyward walked; Langoni singled; Santos laid down a bunt single, loading the bases; Falcon hbp, rbi.  Applegate walked, rbi.  Two out, Russell hb[. rbi.  5-1.  LSU scored final run top 7th.  Santos and Falcon singled in the LSU 6th, but were left.  Top 7th: Trosclair tripled; Russell doubled, rbi.  LSU left two.  Those stranded LSU runners loomed large when Mizzou loaded the bases in the bottom. Two out, Marston singled.  Fleming singled; Hudson walked.  Randazzo forced Hudson at 2nd.

South Florida 2, Hofstra 1.  South Florida advances to College World Serie
WP Sara Nevins.  LP Olivia Galati.
The Bulls took a 1-0 lead, top 1st.  One out, Mouse hbp; two out, Richardson singled to center; Salvarola singled to short; Mouse scored.  Hofstra tied bottom 2nd; One ut, Rocha singled; two out, Lavagnino singled; Senatore given a pass; Rocha scored on a passed ball.  USF broke the tie top 5th. Kafalas singled, advanced on a sac by Mouse, and a wild pitch, scored on Medina sac fly.  Hofstra loaded the bases, bottom 5th with two out, no score, three stranded.  That was the last offensive hurrah.

Oregon 10, Texas 6  Game Three  Oregon advances to World Series
WP Jessica Moore 9H, 2 HR.  LP Blaire Luna
At one point, the imminent question, with the Ducks leading 10-3, was whether Oregon would run-rule Texas.  At end of game, the question was whether Oregon would outlast the tenacious Texans.  Oregon posted 6 runs in the bottom of the 2nd; Nieto was hbp; Peterson doubled; Moore reached on a fielder’s choice, rbi; one out, Peterson scored on Chambers’ sac fly; Takeda doubled, Moore scored on a fielding error; Pappas singled, rbi.  Fox relieved Blaire Luna.  Howard singled, rbi; Chambers doubled, rbi.  Top 4th: Texas came back with 3 runs.  One out, Bennett and Taylor singled; Craig reached on a fielder’s choice, forcing Taylor at 2nd.  Bruins singled, rbi; Schmidt singled, loading the bases; Ogle walked, rbi; Smith singled, rbi.  The narrow window was closed by 4 Oregon runs.  Bottom 4th: Takeda singled; Pappas homered, 8-3.  Kim Bruins relieved Fox.  Howard singled; Chambers singled, rbi; Nieto walked; a double steal put runners at 2nd and 3rd.  Peterson hit into a fielder’s choice, Chambers out at 3rd.  Moore singled, rbi.  Oregon up 10-3.  But Goodrum struck out and Chambers popped up.  Botom 5th, needing one score for run-rule, Oregon went down in order.  Neither side advanced in the 6th  Trailing 10-3, Texas rallied in the 7th.  One out, Hoagland homered.  Bennett homered.  Two out, Craig homered.  Bruins reached on an error in left.  But, Schmidt fouled out to left field.  Oregon will meet Arizona State in the Wrld Series.

 California 5, Washington 0 Game One
WP Jolene Henderson. 4H, 11K. LP Kaitlin Inglesby. 2 HR.
The Bears dominated during the Pac 12 season and again tonight.
After Henderson struck out 3 of 4 Huskies top 1st, the Bears racked three runs.  One out, Vonk singled, Arioto homered.  Two out, Williams homered.  Top 4th, Inglesby led with a single, but Henderson struck out two.  In the bottom, Kostreba hbp; Danielle Henderson sacrificed, runner E Reid to 3rd on a passed ball.  Vonk walked; stole 2nd; Cordes reached on a fielder’s choice, rbi; Jones scored on J Reid’s rbi groundout.  Top 4th: Cal pulled off a defensive gem.  UW had bases loaded; Williams grounded back to Henderson, who threw home for one out, catcher Jones threw to 1st for the double play.  UW loaded the bases top 7th with two out; Williams flied out.

 Sunday Series
Tennessee vs Georgia 1pm

LSU vs Missouri 330pm

Cal vs Washington 330pm






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