5-29-2011 NCAA Super Regionals Day Four

May 29 2011
The latest NCAA statistics for individuals and teams have been posted on www.spysoftball.org.  The data are inclusive for all games thru May 22 including NCAA Regionals.  RPI has not been updated since May 17.  NCAA Championship bracket is on www.spysoftball.org. 

 Active Top 25
ESPN/USA Softball last poll May 17 

 1.  Arizona State advanced to Women’s College World Series 
3.  Alabama advanced to Women’s College World Series 
4.  Missouri eliminates  Washington 6-2; advances to the Women’s College World Series  
5T. California upset by Kentucky 8-0 (5) in Game Two/wins Game 3 9-0
         California advances to Women’s College World Series
5T. Florida advanced to Women’s College World Series 
8.  Georgia run-ruled  Baylor 14-2 (5); Baylor won Game Three 9-2
Baylor advances to the College World Series.
12T Oklahoma advanced to Women’s College World Series 
14.  Washington eliminated by  Missouri  6-2
15.  Baylor run-ruled by  Georgia  14-2 (5); eliminbates Georgia 9-2
21.  Kentucky upset  California 8-0 (5) in Game Two; loses Game Three 9-0. 
25.  Oklahoma State advanced to Women’s College World Series 

Arizona State vs Oklahoma
Florida vs Missouri/Washington winner
Oklahoma State vs Baylor
Alabama vs California

Big 12 4 teams
SEC 2 teams
Pac 10 2 teams*
On numerous occasions in the last 20 WCWS, the Pac 10 would have 4 teams, never less than three.


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Kentucky vs California.  Game Two.
  The Wildcats bared their claws, tripling the number of hits off Henderson in Game 1 with 3 hits in the first, and racking five runs in the first 2 innings.  Cal wasted a double by Williams, top 1st.  Yocke led the KU attack in the bottom with a single; after foulin goff 6 pitches, Dill singled; Aull singled to left, Dill and Yocke scored, Aull went to 3rd; left fielder Reid threw to 3rd but no one covered (an error on Reid but the second of two uncharacteristic mental mistakes by Cal in the first two innings).  Riley lined out; Cervantes grounded to short, Aull scored.  The Bears stranded 2 top 2nd.  The Wildcats scored twice in the bottom; O’Brien and Rowlands singled; Jolly lined out to Wallace at 1st who wheeled to throw to 1st for the double play but the 2nd baseman was slow to cover.  Yocke walked, loading the bases; O’Brien scored on Dill’s single; Rowlands scored on Aull’s sac fly; Riley walked but Cervantes flied out.  Kentucky 5-0.  Cal down in order in the 3rd; KU added a run in the bottom after Erceg relieved Henderson.  DeMartine walked, advanced on O’Brien’s groundout; Rowlands doubled, rbi.  Jolly and and Yocke grounded out, 6-0.  One out in Cal 4th, Jones singled but was forced at 2nd by Decker.  Ziegenhirt singled to 2nd but Decker was put out unassisted.  The Wildcats entered run-rule territory in the bottom.  Dill reached on an error at short, and stole 2nd.  Aull lined into a double play.  Riley and Cervantes singled; DeMartine doubled in 2 runs.  O”Brien grounded out, 8-0.  Top 5th: Wallace grounded out,  Elia Reid singled but was forced at 2nd by Jamia Reid.  Reid stole 2nd;  Vonk flied out to left.  Kentucky had forced a third game.
California 9, Kentucky 0.  Game 3.  How quickly these well-trained athletes put he preceding game behind them!  Both teams returned their Game 1 starters: Jolene Henderson for Cal, Chanda Bell for KU.  And, just as quickly as the Wildcats knocked Henderson ut in Game 2, the Bears drove Bell out of the circle, scoring 5 runs top 1st.  Jamia Reid began the game striking out, but Vonk and Williams singled.  Ziegenhirt fouled out.  Two down, Echevarria walked, loading the bases.  Decker walked on a 3-2 count, rbi.  Victoria Jones singled, rbi.  Wallace drove in 2 runs.  Rachel Riley, the Game 2 winner, relieved Bell.  Jones scored on a wild pitch.  KU went down in order.  Riley struck out 2 of 3, top 2nd.  Riley walked to open the Wildcats 2nd; Cevantes grounded out; DeMartine was hbp,  2 on.  Henderson struck out O’Brien and Rowlands.  Echevarria singled in the 3rd, no gain.  KU down in order.  J Reid hit a 2-out single in the Cal 4th, no gain.  Aull doubled to lead the Wildcats 4th, the first hit off Henderson.  Riley reached on a fielder’s choice, Aull out 5-4.  Cervantes fanned, and DeMartine forced Riley at 2nd.  Williams singled to lead the Cal 5th, but Ziegenhirt lined into a double play; Echevarria grounded out.  KU went fdown in order.  Cal 6th: Decker opened with a single; Jones grounded out; Williams doubled, rbi, 6-0.  E Reid singled and advanced on J Reid’s sac bunt.  Vonk grounded out.  Wildcats gave it their best shot in the 6th: one out, Dillhbp; Aull and Riley singled, loading the bases; Dill out at home on Cervantes’ fielder’s choice, DeMartine popped to short.  Cal came back for more, top 7th.  Williams singled, Ziegenhirt homered, 8-0.  Echevarria doubled, Decker sacrificed, Echevarria scored on Jones groundout.  Wallace grounded out.  Kentucky 7th: O’Brien grounded out.  Rowlands struck out.  Weaver flied to left.  Henderson, who had the lowest ERA in Division 1, threw 64 strikes.California advances to the Women’s College World Series where the Bears will face the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

Georgia 14, Baylor 2 (5).  The Bulldogs immediately showed a national television audience why, at one point in the season, they were ranked #1.  The Dawgs scored 2 in the top 2nd on back to back home runs by Razey and Sandberg.  Two more runs went on the Georgia board in the 3rd; Wiggins led with a double, Schlopy jacked 1-2 pitch from Canion over the fence in left.  4-0.  When the Bulldogs finally sat down top 4th, the score was 14-0.  The 10-run outburst began with Trout, hbp; one out, Wiggins hbp and Goler reached on an error, loading the bases.  Schlopy walked, rbi; Hesson singled, rbi; Courtney Repka relieved Canion; Sandberg doubled, rbi; Hubbard tripled, 2 runs scored.  Hubbard scored on an illegal pitch.  Trout belted a solo homer.  Pauly walked, advanced on a wild pitch.  Wiggins jacked a 2-run homer.  Goler lined out.  Baylor 4th: one out, Wilson singled but was out on Weldon’s fielder’s choice.  Freeland and Shelton were hbp; bases loaded, Walker singled, 2 rbi.  Turk reached on an error, reloading the bases.  Leal struck out.  14-2.  Top 5th: one out, Olney and Razey singled, no score.  Bottom 5th: Paul singled, Vanatta hbp; but Kettler popped to 2nd, Redfearn struck out, Freeland popped up to the catcher.  Series even.  Game 3 tonight.  Montemayor pitched just 3 innings and could pitch tonight.  Canion gave up 4 runs in 2+ innings and could come back.
Baylor vs Georgia.  Game Three.  Whatever ill effects the Bears felt after the Game Two drubbing were left in the dugout.  Baylor charged to a 5-0 lead in the 1st. Two out in bottom 1st, Leal and Canion walke;d.  Holl doubled, rbi; Shelton singled, rbi; Turk slugged a 3-run homer.  Kettler singled; Wilson walked; Arevalo relieved Montemayor.  Walker grounded out.  Georgia took one back, top 2nd. Hesson doubled; with one out, Sandberg doubled, rbi.  Hubbard struck out, Trout flied out.  Georgia scored again in the 4th on Sandberg’s one out solo home run.  Hubbard singled, but Trout flied out and Pauly popped to 3rd.  Baylor 5th: one out, Shelton singled, Turk grounded out, Kettler singled, rbi; Wilson jacked a 2-run homer, 8-2.  Alison Owen relieved Arevalo.  Walker tripled; Vannatta struck out.  Georgia 6th: Razey grounded out; Sandberg walked on four pitches; Hubbard popped to 1st; Trout singled, Pauly flied out, stranding both runners.  Baylor 6th: One out, Canion homered, her second round-tripper of the Super Regionals.  Holl singled; Shelton popped to 1st.   Turk grounded out.  The Georgia  Bulldogs were three outs from elimination, trailing 9-2, top of the order coming to bat.  Wiggins popped to 2nd.  Goler walked; Schlopy ground into a double play, 4-6-3.  Baylor, which outhit Georgia 11-7,  advances to the Women’s College World Series, where they will meet Big 12 foe Oklahoma State..

 Missouri vs Washington.  The Tigers racked a 5-0 lead top 1st.  Taylor singled to center, stole 2nd; Marston walked, both advanced on a passed ball; Hudson singled to right, rbi; Taylor scored, Marston scored on error.  2-0.  Hudson took 3rd on a wild pitch.  Fleming ground out; Hudson scored on Schweisberge’s fielder’s choice.  Simmons jacked a 2-run homer.  Krebs fanned, Christopher ground out to short.  The Huskies recoiled bottom 1st; Salling struck out but  Williams singled;  Pohlman walked; Ingelsby singled to short, loading the bases; Stuart hit a fielder’s choice, Williams out at home; Stuart was forced at 2nd by Wright.  Missouri added a run in the 3rd; two on, Fleming scored on a passed ball.  6-0.  Salling led the UW 3rd with a double; Williams and Pohlman grounded out.  Ingelsby flied out.  Neither team threatened in the 4th.  UW 5th: after Jones struck out, Salling and Wialliams singled; Pohlman reached on an error at short, Salling scored, 6-1.  Inglesby doubled to left, 2 runs scored, 6-3.  Tulasosopo in to run.  Stuart singled, runners at the corners.  Wright and Hayward struvk out.  Top 6th: White grounded out to 3rd; Vock looked at a thirf strike; Taylor grounded to 1st.   UW 6th: Fa’asua hit back to Canion.  W. Jones singled to short.  Salling walked.  Williams, the potential tying run, flied to left.  Pohlmanlooked at a third strike,  stranding the 2 runners.   Top 7th: Marston struck out.  Hudson popped to short.  Fleming singled; Sykes fouled out to 2nd.  Washington, which would have to defeat Missouri twice, was down to three outs.  Ingelsby gounded out to 3rd.  Stuart singled. Wright struck ut, the eighth K for Thomas.  Stuart was forced at 2nd when Hayward hit into a fielder’s choice.  Missouri becomes the fourth Big 12 team to advance to the Women’s College World Series, where it will meet Missouri.

Ultimate College Softball, softballscoresnow.com, Gametracker, NFCA, college web sites Super Regional #7–Lexington, Ky.
Game 2 – 1:00 PM    88, Sunny
ESPN  —  Mark Neely & Jennie Ritter
Kentucky 8, #7 California 0
WP Rachel Riley.  LP  Jolene Henderson
Kentucky forces Game Three
Game 3 – 3:30 PM
#7 California vs Kentucky
WP Jolene Henderson 3-hitter , 7K.   LP Chanda Bell
California advances to Women’s College World Series

  Super Regional #6–Athens, Ga.
Game 2 – 3:30 PM    89, Mostly Sunny
ESPNU  —  Clay Matvick & Amanda Freed
#6 Georgia 14, #11 Baylor 2 (5)
WP Morgan Montemayor  LP Whitney Canion
Game 3 – 6:00 PM
#11 Baylor
 9,#6 Georgia 2
WP Whitney Canion  LP Morgan Montemayor
Baylor advances to the Women’s College World Series

Super Regional #5–Columbia, Mo.
Game 2 – 6:00 PM    85, Mostly Sunny
ESPN2  —  Justin Kutcher & Amanda Scarborough
#5 Missouri 6,  #12 Washington 2
WP Chelsea Thomas 8K.  LP Kaitlyn Ingelsby
 Missouri advances to the Women’s College World Series

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