5-30-2013 Thursday


WCWS Thursday

Game 1: 11am: #16 Nebraska 3, #9 Washington 4 (8)

Game 2: 130pm: #5Tennessee 9, #2 Florida 2

Game 3: 6pm: #4 Arizona State 3 #7 Texas 6

Game 4: 830pm: #8 Michigan 1, #1 Oklahoma 7

On Friday: Washington vs Tennessee.  Oklahoma vs Texas.

#16 Nebraska 3,  #9 Washington 4 (8)
The Huskers record is 45-14, the most wins since 2006..  The Huskies record is 43-15.

Starting Pitchers: Tatum Edwards for NU; Bryanna Walker for UW.

NU 1st: Tatum Edwards (a second team NFCA All American) fly to center; Banda and Taylor Edwards were hbp; Thomason, the hitting hero of Super Regionals over Oregon, flied deep to center, sac fly rbi; Breault popped to short.  1-0 Huskers.
UW 1st: Hayward walked; Fagaly grounded to 2nd; Inglesby belted a 1-run homer; Lahners a comeback to Edwards; Souza fanned.  UW 2-1.

NU 2nd: Decker flied to left; Arnstrong whiffed; Fowler popped.
UW 2nd: Wright flied to right; Jones walked; McNeil popped to short; Suguro put out at 1st.
NU 3rd: Bettiol grounded to 2nd; Tat Edwards flied to left; Banda struck out.
UW 3rd: Hayward walked on four pitchers; Hayward stole 2nd, went to 3rd on failed throwdown (error), Fagaly walked; Inglesby walked, loading the bases; no outs; Wetmore in to run for Fagaly; Lahners ground to 3rd for a 5-2-3 double play (Nebraska set a record for double plays this season including four in Super Regionals; Souza flied out.  UW 3-2.
NU 4th: Tay Edwards singled to left; Thomason walked; as anticipated, Inglesby (a first team NFCA All American) ;  Breault out 1-3; Decker flied to right, the runner held at 3rd; Armstrong  grounded to 2nd, error on the throw, Tay Edwards scored but Thomason was out at home.  2-2.

UW 4th: Wright grounded to short; Jones looked at a third strike; McNeil struck out.
NU 5th: Fowler grounded to 2nd; Bettiol walked; Tat Edwards fielder’s choice, Bettiol out at 2nd; Banda doubled; Edwards scored on a passed ball; Tay Edwards grounded to 3rd.  Nebraska up 3-2.
UW 5th: Suguro walked, the fifth pass by Edwards, and stole 2nd.  Hayward walked, one walk too many, Emily Lockman relieved Edwards, who moved to left field. Lockman was effective in relief against Oregon, alternating between a curve and change.  Fagaly out on a good play by Decker at2nd. Inglesby drew an intentional walk, loading the bases. Lahners whiffed. Souza struck out on a very good curve ball, leaving bases loaded.  The Huskies only hit was Inglesby’s homer in the 1st.  NU has 2 hits.

NU 6th: Thomason hit hard back to Inglesby.  Breault grounded to 3rd.  Decker grounded to short.
UW 6th: Wright looked at a third strike; Jones lined to Fowler at 1st on a super grab. McNeil alsowatched a third strike go by, Lockman’s fourth.
NU 7th: Armstrong beat out a grounder to short.  Fowler up, Armstrong out stealing. Fowler singled to left center; pinch hitter Muir singled down left field line; Tat Edwards flied to short. Banda grounded to short.  Nebraska leading 3-2.
UW 7th: Suguro grounded to Lockman. Hayward drilled a triple past a diving Thomason in right.  Fagaly was safe on a bunt, Hayward scored with the tying run. Inglesby forced Fagaly at 2nd; Creger-Zier in to run. Braun batting for Lahners flied to left.  Tied 3-3.

NU 8th: Tat Edwards grounded to short; Thomason struck out. Breault whiffed.
UW 8th: Souza rode the first pitch over the fence in left center, a walkoff that ended the game. 4-3.

Game 2: #5 Tennessee 9, #2 Florida 2
Five NFCA first team All Americans in this game: Tennessee Gibson, Chavanne and Shipman; Rogers and Haeger for Florida.
Starting pitchers: Ellen Renfroe for Tennessee.  Hannah Rogers for Florida.
UT 1st: Chavanne hit back to Rogers; Dotson and Gibson walked; Shipman singled, bases loaded; Tarango drew an rbi walk; Haeger relieved Rogers; Brown doubled in 2 runs. 3-0, 2 stranded.
FL 1st: Stewart flied to left; Merritt walked; Tofft struck out; Haeger reached on an error at short; Horton struck out.
UT 2nd: Chavanne singled to short; Dotson walked; Gibson flied to center; Shipman flied to left; Tarangoflied to left.
FL 2ndL Schwarz struck out; Fuller singled past Chavanne at 3RD; Damico struck out, Medina ground to short.
UT 3rd: Brown out; Gaffin ground to short; Akamine out on a great play by Medina at short, throwing on her knees to 1st.
FL 3rd: Stewart out 5-3; Merritt walked; Tofft grounded to Gibson at 2nd; Haeger fanned, the fifth K for Renfroe.

UT 4th: Lewis lined out to Damico in left. Chavanne flied to center; Dotson grounded to short.
FL 4th:  Horton grounded to 3rd; Schwarz struck out; Fuller struck out.

UT 5th: Gibson walked; Shipman popped to 1st; Tarango singled; Brown flied to right; Akamine out.
FL 5th: Damico walked; pinch=hitter Gammel fouled off several pitches, struck out.  Stewart tripled rbi, 3-1. Merritt grounded to 3rd. Tofft singled to center, rbi. Haeger hbp. Horton walked, bases loaded.  Little now running at 1st.  Munro at 2nd.  Schwarz grounded to Chavanne at 3rd. Fuller struck out.
UT 6th: The Vols broke the game open with a 4-run 6th. Akamine singled to left; Lewis reached on an error at 3rd on her sac bunt.  Chavanne reached on an error at 2nd. Run scored.  Dotson doubled in 2 runs. Gibson doubled, rbi. Haeger struck out the next three batters.

FL 6th: Damico walked, Medina struck out, Renfroe’s ninth. Stewart beat out a bunt. Merritt lined to Chavanne at 3rd.
UT 7th: Gaffin grounded to 2nd. Akamine singled; Lewis dropped a bloop single into short left. Chavanne fouled out to left. Dotson up, Akamine scored on a passed ball.  8-2. Dotson tripled off the wall, 9-2.

Alyssa Bache relieved Haeger.  Gibson walked. Shipman grounded to 3rd.
FL 7th:  The Gators beat the Vols 2 of 3 in the SEC season but today the Vols pushed the Gators from the start.  Tofft grounded to Gibson at 2nd.  Haeger put out at 1st.


Luna and Hoagland were first team NFCA All Americans, Thom was third team; ASU Escobedo and Coyle were second team.
Starting pitchers: Dallas Escobedo for ASU; Blaire Luna for Texas.

ASU 1St: Johnson drew a leadoff walk; Luna fanned Coyle, Freeman and Steele.
TX 1st: Hoagland struck out; Washington looked at a 3rd strike; Thom popped to 2nd.
ASU 2nd: Kemp fanned; Parlich popped to short; Girard out 5-3.
TX 2nd: Bruins slugged a long fly which Caporuscio caught at the top of the wall.  Ogle walked. Schmidt forced Ogle at 2nd; Schmidt stole 2nd; Scott walked; Smith fanned.
ASU 3rd: Caporuscio fanned; Wigness out 5-3; Johnson walked; Coyle was safe on an error at 1st; Freeman struck out.

TX 3rd: Ceo fanned. Hoagland bunted, out. Washington walked, stole 2nd. Thom walked, the third by Escobedo.  Bruins flied to short.  After three innings, neither team had a hit.
ASU 4th: Steele fanned. Kemp whiffed. Parlich out 6-3.  Luna has 8 Ks.
TX 4th: Ogle lined to right.  Schmidt flied to left.  Scott out 6-3.
ASU 5th: Girard whiffed. Caporuscio smacked the game’s first hit, a single; Wigness followed with a single;Johnson doubled home both runs with the third consecutive hit. Coyle flied to left center; Freeman popped to short.  ASU 2-0.  Texas still looking for a hit off Escobedo.
TX 5th: Ceo got the first hit for the Horns, a one-out single past 3rd. Hoagland struck out. Washington worked a 3-2 count, walked.  Thom, a power hitter who was named freshman of the year Big 12, sliced a single deep to right, rbi, the tying run scored on an errant throw from right field. 2-2.  Bruins, with Thom on 3rd, homered over left field, 4-2.  The ball hit Caporuscio’s glove and went over.  Ogle went out.
ASU 6th: Steele brought Sun Devil fans to their feet with a leadoff homer. Kemp and Parlich popped to short.  Girard walked; Caporuscio struck out. 4-3 Texas.
TX 6th: Schmidt singled past short. Scott walked, the fourth Escobedo pass.  Pinch-hitter Stephens flied deep to right.  Scott running at 1st. Ceo laid down a perfect bunt, rbi, Texas 5-3.  Hoagland worked a 3-2 count, stroked an rbi single into the left corner, 6-3.  Escobedo was relieved by Mackenzie Popescue. Washington fanned. Thom walked.  Bases loaded, two out, Bruins grounded to short.  Texas 6-3.
ASU 7th:  Bruins pitching. Wigness struck out, #11 for Texas.  Johnson fanned, #12.  Luna was hitting 67mph. Coyle walked.  Freeman flied out of bounds but the ball was dropped. Freeman singled to right. Steele worked a 2-2 count, popped to 3rd to end the game.

Oklahoma 7, Michigan 1 Keilani Ricketts No-Hitter
Game set a session record of 8,860 persns.
Four NFCA All Americans are in the game: Rickrtts and Chsmberlain are first team; Shelby Pendley and Briana Turang were second team from Oklahoma; Sierra omero from Michigan was also second team.
Starting pitchers: Oklahoma Keilani Ricketts.  Michigan Sara Driesenga.

MI 1st: Doyle and Sappingfield struck out. Romero hit back to Ricketts.
OU 1st: Chamberlain struck out; Casey walked; Pendley struck out; Ricketts smashed a hard single to right, but Casey was thrown out at 3rd.
UM 2nd: Blanchard grounded to 2nd; Lane and Sweet struck out.  Ricketts has 4 K.
OU 2nd: Williams struck out. Shults walked but was forced at 2nd by Martinez. Parsons up, Martinez stole 2nd.  Parsons struck out.  Driesenga has 4 K.
UM 3rd: Lawrence reached on a throwing error by Pendley at 3rd, and advanced to 2nd. Driesenga struck out. Knapp reached on a fielder’s choice all safe.  Knapp stole 2nd.  Doyle bunted, Lawrence scored on a close play. Runners at the corners, one ouy, Sappingfield struck out. Romero, the most dangerous Wolverine, grounded to short for the out at 2nd.
OU 3rd: Turang reached on a throwing error at 3rd.  Chamberlain, a finalist for player of the year, worked a 3-2 count, singled hard to right.  Driesenga sent that pitch at 67 mph.  Two on, no outs, Casey, the Australian who may be a Sooner pitcher next year, now had runners at 2nd and 3rd after a double steal, ripped an rbi single to left, tie score. Runners at the corners, Pendley up, Casey stole 2nd; Pendley sent a shot over the fence, foul, then looked at a third strike.  Ricketts was given a pass, loading the bases. One out,  Williams singled to left, rbi.  Shults, bases reloaded, singled to center, 2 rbi, OU 4-1.  Martinez forced Shults at 2nd.  Parsons hit to Romero who literally fell across the bag for the third out.  OU 4-1.
UM 4th:  Blanchard grounded to 3rd. Lane was hbp. Sweet struck out, Lawrence forced Lane at 2nd.
OU 4th: Turang reached on an infield hit.  Top of the order, Chamberlain responded to the crowd chants with a massive homer to dead center.  6-1.  Casey out 5-3. Pendley lined to right. Ricketts popped to 2nd.
UM 5th: Driesenga struck out.  Knapp grounded to Vest at short, good play.  Doyle hit back to Ricketts.
OU 5th: Williams out 5-3. Shults singled.  Pinch runner Sampson.  Martinez out 1-3.  Parsons ripped an rbi single off a player’s glove, 7-1.  Turang ground out.  OU 7-0.

UM 6th:   Sappingfield fanned.  Romero walked. Blanchard hbp. Virgil in to run.   Two on, Lane struck out. Sweet struck out, Rickett’s 11th.

OU 6th: Chamberlain flied deep to the fence in center. Casey  out 4-3. Pendley out 1-3.
UM 7th: Lawrence walked. Pinch hitter Crummey fanned. Knapp hit into a fielder’s choice.  Doyle put out at 1st.
Keilani Ricketts pitched the first no-hitter in WCWS since Washington’s Danie;;e Lawrie in 2007.



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