5-31-2012 Women’s College World Series Day One

May 31 2012


Oklahoma 5, South Florida 1
California 5, LSU 3
Alabama 5, Tennessee 3
Arizona State 3, Oregon 1

OU: Keilani Ricketts 33-7. 0.99 ERA    USF Sara Nevins 31-6 1.03 ERA
Two of the best pitchers in D1.  Ricketts is the USA Softball Player of the Year.  The Sooner squad includes three first team All Americans: Ricketts, Lauren Chamberlain, and Jessica Shults.  Nevins was on the All American second team.
The Game:

The Game:  (Oklahoma home team)
T1: Kafakas struck out.  Mouse doubled to center.  Medina fanned.  Mouse was caught in a rundown between 2nd and 3rd.
B1: Casey walked. Martinez struck out.  Chamberlain flied out to right.  Ricketts Casey stole 2nd.  Fanned.
T2: Richardson struck out. Salvarola grounded to 3rd. Jackson struck out.
B2: Shults struck out.  Sampson grounded out, Turang  walked.  Norris at bat, but Turang left early.
T3: Fountain walked, but Nowell, Goff, Kafalas down in order,the last two on strikes.
B3: Norris fanned.  Henson became the 5th K for Nevins. Casey grounded to Nevins.
T4: Mouse reached on an infield error. Medina struck out, Ricketts seventh.  Richardson grounded out.  Salvarola slashed a single to right field; pinch runner Courtney Goff raced home from 2nd to score.  Jackson worked a 3-2, struck out.  USF 1-0.
B4: Martinez struck the first hit for OU, a single to left.  Chamberlain, one of the most prodigious sluggers, jacked a home run to straightaway center, 2-0.  Ricketts looked at a third strike.  Shults drew a 3-2 walk.  Sampson , on another of the 3-2 counts worked by the Sooners, popped high to Mouse at 3rd.  The pinch runner stole 3rd, but slid past the bag, and was tagged out.
T5: Fountain walked.  Nowell looked at a third strike.  Ashlley Goff  at bat, Fountain was out trying to steal second.  Goff also looked at a third strike.
B5: Turang flied out to center.  Norris walked.  Vest in to run.  USF relieved Nevins.  Lindsey Richardsonk now pitching.  Henson fanned.  Casey struck out, the eighth Sooner strikeout.
T6: Kafalas hit back to Ricketss.  Mouse groundedto2nd.  Medina struck out (Ricketts’ 11th).
B5:  Nevins returned to the circle,  Martinez whiffed.  Chamberlain slashed a double to center.  Ricketts Ricketts tripled tol eft – looked like it might go over,  Callie Parson in to run.  Shults  fouled off several pitches at 3-2 then walked.  Richardson back in the circle.  Sampson hit into a fielder’s choice, pinch runner Allen out at home on a close play by Mouse.  Turang singled to center, rbi 4-1. Sam Greiner now pitching for the Bulls, Norris, 2 on, 2 out, hbp, bases loaded.  Vest in to run.  Pinch hitter Brittany Williams drew an rbi walk, 5-1.  With an 0-2 count on Casey, Bulls coach Ken Ericksen changed pitchrs, Richarson back in the circle.  Casey flied out to 2nd, leavikg bases full.
Top 7th:  Richardson reached on a bunt single, but Salvarola hit into a 6-6-3 double play.   Jackson grounded to Ricketts who fielded the hopper then unfurled a strike to 1st.
Ricketts 11 K.  SFU 9K.

Oklahoma wins 5-1.  Sooners will play winner of LSU/Cal at 6pm Friday.


Rachele Fico for LSU.  Jolene Henderson for California (home team).
T1st: Andrews walked.  Heyward flied out.  Langoni struck out.  Santos flied to short.
B1st: J. Reid struck out.  Vonk grounded to 3rd. Arioto walked.  Echevarria lined to 1st.
T2nd”  Falcon and Applegate singled.  Wray walked, bases loaded.  Russell singled in 2 runs.  Supak and Andrews hit into fielder;s choice plays, Heyward struk out.  LSU 2-0.
B2nd: Williams ground out.  Kostreba fouled out.  D Williams walked.  Jones struck out.
T3rd:  Langoni struck out.  Santos and Falcon failed to hit.
B3rd: Cordes hit deep to short, close play.  J Reid  hit back to Fico, force at 2nd. Vonk hit into fielder’s choice, Reid forced at 2nd.  Arioto, a strong candidate for Player of the Year, walked. Echevarria singled to right, rbi, Vonk scoring.  Williams struck out.  LSU 2-1.
T4: Applegate hit her second single.  Wray grounded out as did Russell. Supak hit back to Henderson.
B4:  Kostreba fanned.  D. Henderson doubled down left field line, the second hit off Fico.  Jones looked at a third strike. Cordes popped to catcher Russell, who earlier had dropped a popup.
T5: Andrews struck out.  Heyward walked; the 3-run double she hit to win the third game against Missouri was the only extra-basehit of her career. Langoni singled to right, putting runners at the corners.  Santos struck out. Falcon grounded to 2nd.
B5. J. Reid reached on an error by Falcon at 2nd, and took 2nd on the over-throw.  Vonk out. Arioto walked.   Runners at the corners. One out, Echevarria, runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out, flied deep to left, bringing home J Reid with the tying run.  Williams walked.  Kostreba grounded out.
T6. Applegate singled to left, but was out stealing.  Wray fanned.  Russell flied out.
B6.  D. Henderson flied deep to let.  Jones singled to center.  Cordes doubled off the left field fence.  Brittany Mack relieved Fico.  J. Reid hit a high chopper, no play, Jones scored the go-ahead run.  Vonk singled to right, rbi, the stole 2nd.  Arioto  hbp.  Bases loaded.  Echevarria grounded to 1st, rbi.  5-2.  Williams lined out to Santos at short,
T7.  Trosclair reached on a single to short.  Andrews out 4-3.  Heyward hit a slow roller to 3rd but was out on a rifle throw from D, Henderson.  Langoni dropped an rbi blooper into left, 5-3.  Santos at bat, Langoni advanced on a passed ball.  Santos ground out 4-3.
California advances to play Oklahoma on Friday at 6pm.  LSU will play South Floda in an elimination game.

Jackie Traina vs Ivy Renfroe.
The top 2 teams in the SEC ina pairing which ensures that one of these 50+ win teams will be in the losers bracket by nightfall.
T1.  Chavanne ground out. Lewis walked.  Dotson looked at a third strike.
B1. Alabama started aggressively.  Braud led with a single, stole 2nd.  Fenton walked.  Hunt reached on an error in right field; Boccia slugged a 3-run double.  Locke walked.  Ellen Renfroe relieed sister Ivy.  Lunceford walked, bases loaded.  Traina drew an rbi walk, 4-0.  Dawson hit a line drive to Renfroe.  Conley looked at a third strike.  Braud grounded to 2nd, good play by Gibson.
T2.  Gibson ground out.  Burchell fanned.  Brown singled.  Davin jacked a 2-run homer over left.  Andrews dlooked at a third strike. 4-2.
B2. Fenton ground out to 2nd.  Hunt fanned.  Boccia out 4-3.  Bama up 4-2.
T3. Chavanne reached on an error, and was forced at 2nd Lewis.  Dotson popped high to short.  Shipman swung at strike three.
B3.  Locke sent a fly ball deep to left.  Lunceford whiffed.  Traina walked.  Dawson popped to short right.
T4.  Gibson put out at 1st.  Burchell out 4-3.  Brown line drive to Traina.
B4. Conley out 5-3.  Braud doubled.  Fenton singled, rbi.  Fenton out stealing.  Hunt walked. Forced at 2nd by Locke. Bama 5-2.
T5.  Davin and Hammond struck out.  Chavanne out 1-3.
B5. Lunceford, Traina a  Gibonnd Dawson down in order.
T6. Lewis popped to short. Dotson singled. Shipman popped to short.  Gibson singled.  Burchell out 4-3.
B6. Richards grounded to 3rd.  Braud singled (3 of Bama’s 5 hiys).  Fenton ground to short.  Hunt hit back to the pitcher.
T7.  Brown lined to short.  Tarango and Akamine walked. Chavanne singled, rbi, 5-3.  Two on, one out, Lewis struck out.  Dotson struck out.

On Friday, Alabama will play the winner of the ASU/Oregon game.  Tennessee will play the loser on Saturday.

Jessica Moore vs Dallas Escobedo

T1:  Pappas led off with double; Hoard sac bunt; Chambers flied to right, Pappas call for leaving rarly.
B1: Boyd grounded to 2nd; Johnson waked but was forced at 2nd by Steele; Freeman stroked an rbi double; Lockwood grounded out. 1-0.
T2: Nieto ground to 2nd; Peterson and Moore also failed to hit.
B2: Parlich, Caporuscio and Zambrana went down in order.
T3:  Goodrum out, Burger singled.  Takeda singled.  Pappas forced Takda at 2nd.  Howard flied to center.
B3.  Haro singled to left. Boyd walked.  Johnson sacrificed.  Steele out 1-3.  Freeman reached on an error at short, 2 rbi.  Lockwood hit back to the Pitcher, Moore.  3-0 ASU.
T4.  Chambers flied out to Boyd at short. Nieto popped to short. Peterson singled to center. Moore struck out.
B4. Parlich as out at 1st.  Caporuscio fanned.  Zambrana walked. Haro lined to short.
T5.  Goodrum out 5-3.  Burger looked at a third strike.  Takeda ground out.
B5.  Boyd ground out 4-3.  Johnson singled to center.  Steele out; Freeman walked, runners at the corners.  Pinch runner Wigness caught stealing.
T6.  Pappas out 4-3.  Howard flied out to right.Chambers flied out to short.
B6. Lockwood lined out 4-3.  Parlich also out 4-3. Good stretch by Nieto at 1st made the play.  Caporuscio poppedto Moore, who dropped the ball for an error.  Zambrana ground to 1st.
T7.  Ironically, the Ducks have out-hit the Sun Devils 4-3 but are scoreless  while ASU’s lead consists of a 2-run single by Freeman and an rbi double by Freeman.    Nieto led off the 7th, with a double to center.  Peterson walked.  Sullivan reached on error at 2nd, Oregon scored.  Two on, no outs, Goodrum lined to Steele at 3rd, who stepped on the bag for the double play. Melick STRUCK OUT.



Session 3 is sold out, although some SRO tickets will be aailable,










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