6-1-2013 WCWS Saturday


Game 5: Washington Huskies def by Tennessee Lady Vols 1-0
Game 6: Texas Longhorns run-ruled by Oklahoma Sooners 10-2 (5)

Game 7: Florida Gators 9, Nebraska Cornhuskers 8 (15)
Game 8: Arizona State Sun Devils def by Michigan Wolverines 2-0

Game 5: Washington Huskies lose to Tennessee Lady Vols 1-0
Starting pitchers: UW Kaitlyn Inglesby  TN Ellen Renfroe
Washington 44-15.  Tennessee 50-10.  The winner advances to play tomorrow against the winner of the elimination contest later today between Florida and Nebraska.  The loser will also play tomorrow against the winner of today’s elimination game between Arizona State and Michigan.
UW 1st: Hayward singled sharply to center, caught stealing 2nd; (missed hit and run?)Fagaly fanned. Inglesby singled past Chavanne at 3rd; Lahners struck out.
UT 1st: Chavanne singled to right center; Dotson fielder’s choice forced Chavanne; Gibson singled to right; Shipman walked loading the bases; Tarango (60 rbi) fielder’s choice to 3rd, Souza fired home for the out. Brown who had a 2-run double first game struck out, stranding three.
UW 2nd: Souza, hit the walkoff homer against Nebraska, out 5-3; Wright flied to center; Jones out 4-3.
UT 2nd: Davin out 4-3; Akamine walked; Lewis slapped single over 3rd; Chavanne (.461, a finalist for player of the year) fielder’s choice, out at 3rd; Dotson was hbp on a 3-1 count, loading the bases for Gibson, (.408, 67 rbi) who worked a 3-2count, flied out to right center, Vols again stranding 3 runners.
UW 3rd: McNeill fanned; Suguro singled into short right; top of order, Hayward struck out; Fagaly K.

UT 3rd: Shipman walked; Tarango sacrificed; Brown grounded to 1st; Davin fanned.
UW 4th: Inglesby flied to center; Lahners fouled out to 3rd; Souza flied deep to Brown in left, the wind should get an assist.
UT 4th: Akamine doubled to enter; Lewis slapped a single to center; Chavanne popped to Inglesby; Dotson flied to let, but the ball rolled out of Jones’ glove as she ran into foul territory, Jones recovered and nailed Akamine at the plate. Gibson walked; loading the bases for the third time, with two out; Shipman struck out; for the third consecutive inning, the Vols left the bases loaded.
UW 5th: Wright fanned, Jones hbp; McNeill fanned; Suguro flied deep to Dotson at the wall in right.
UT 5th: Tarango flied to left; Brown singled; Davin forced Brown at 2nd; Akamine grounded to short.
UW 6th: Hayward flied to right; Fagaly fanned. Inglesby struck out. Renfroe’s ninth.
UT 6th: Lewis flied to short; Chavanne lined to 3rd; Dotson walked; Gibson up, Dotson stole 2nd on a close call; Gibson grounded to 2nd but the throw pulled Fagaly off the bag; runners at the corners, Shipman grounded to 3rd, stranding two.  The Vols have stranded 13 runners.
UW 7th: Lahners popped to 1st.  Souza flied to center. Wright fanned.
UT 7th: Tarango singled to short. Hammond running.  Brown sacrificed. Pinch-hitter Gaffin (for Davin) walked (fifth for Inglesby).  Akamine lined out; double play failed. Hammon moved to 3rd. Lewis, two out, game on the line, slapped a gae=winning walkoff single to center.  Tennessee 1-0.


Starters: OU Keilani Ricketts.  TX Blaire Luna
Oklahoma, ranked #1 nationally in every poll, has a record of 53-4.  Texas, also ranked nationally and second to OU in the Big 12, has a record of 50-8.  OU won 2 of 3 in season.
TX 1st: Hoagland, Washington and Thom down in order.
OU 1st: Chamberlain flied to 2nd; Casey walked; Pendley sacrificed; Ricketts struck out.
TX 2nd” Bruins out 5-3. Ogle flied to enter. Schmidt out.
OU 2nd: Williams popped to 2nd; Shults walked; Martinez bunted (3ft), all safe. Parsons out 1st. Turang walked, bases loaded. Chamberlain, runner up for player of the year, struck out, stranding three.  Chamberlain leads the nation in rbi (81) and home runs (27).
TX 3rd: Scott walked. Shireman up, Scott stole 2nd; Shireman fanned. Ceo singled up the middle; Hoagland wa intentionally walked; Washington singled, rbi; Thom fielder’s choice, Ceo out at home;Bruins singled, rbi.  Ogle out, Texas up 2-0.
OU 3rd: Casey walked; Pendley singled; Ricketts doubled, rbi; Williams walked; bases loaded,Bruins relieved Luna;  Shults looked at a third strike; Martinez fielder’s choice, Pendley out at home; Parsons singled, 2 rbi; Turang reached on a throwing error by Bruins, 2 runs scored.  Chamberlain again made the third out.  Oklahoma led 6-2.
TX 4th: Schmidt, Scott and Shireman down in order.
OU 4th: Casey drew her third walk; Pendley walked; Ricketts popped to short; Williams up, double steal put runners at 2nd and 3rd,Williams hit a sac fly deep to the wall in right; rbi; Casey scored, 7-2. Shults singled up the middle, rbi, 8-2. Miller in to run. Martinez singled to left center. Parsons singled, rbi. OU leading 9-2.  Kern relieved Bruins. Turang out 6-3, OU one run short of the run rule.
TX 5th: Ceo lined to Ricketts.  Hoagland doubled to left center. Washington grounded to 3rd. Thom walked; Bruins flied to short.
OU 5th: Chamberlain tripled to the wall in right center.  Casey doubled to right center, rbi.  Chamberlain scored the winning run.  OU 10-2.

Bracket note; Tennessee and Oklahoma now await the outcomes of elimination games.  Nebraska and Florida play at 6pm, the winner plays Texas at noon Sunday.  Tennessee plays that winner at 6pm Sunday.  Bottom of the bracket, Arizona State plays Michigan at 830 tonight; the winner plays Washington at 230pm Sunday.  The winner plays Oklahoma at 830pm Sunday.


Nebraska is 45-15, and runnerup in the Big 12.  Florida 57-8, ranked among the Top10 all season.  Nebraska lost to Washington which pulled off a come-from behind win on an 8th inning walkoff homer.
Starters: NU Tatum Edwards.  FL Hannah Rogers
FL 1st: Stewart grounded to short; Merritt grounded to 2nd; Tofft singled; Haeger flied to left.
NU 2nd: Tat Edwards flied to left; Banda flied out foul to 1st; Tay Edwards fliedto right.
FL 2nd: Horton and Fuller fanned; /Schwarz singled to center; Little stuck out.
NU 2nd: Thomason hit back to the pitcher. Breault popped high to Medina at short. Decker doubled to the centerfield wall. Armstrong grounded out 4-3.
FL 3rd:  Merritt reached on a very short bunt with the infield back; Tofft walked; Haeger was hit b the first pitch, bases loaded with 2 out.  Horton looked at a third strike, stranding three.
NU 3rd: Fowler flied out to Merritt in center. Bettiol hit back to Rogers. Tat Edwards singled into right. Banda struck out.
FL 4th: Fuller looked at a third strike; Schwarz grounded to short; Little grounded to 2nd.
NU 4th: Tay Edwards singled to left; Thomason out 6-3; Breault singled, Decker brought in the first Husker run with a sac fly; Armstrong singled, rbi; Fowler grounded to 3rd.  Nebraska 2-0.
FL 5th: Medina struck out, Edwards clocking 68 mph; Stewart singled to center; Merritt singled; Tofft singled to left, rbi; Schwarz walked. Emily Lockman relieved Edwards. Haeger hit to to 3rd; fielder’s choice; bases loaded; Gammel in to run for Haeger; Horton dropped a squeeze bunt, rbi; Fuller reached on a throwing error by the shortstop, run scored; Schwarz walked but was forced by Little; 2 runs scored on the error; Kockman rekieved Tatum Edwrds.Castro, pinch hitting for Medina, singled to left, rbi. Stewart struck out. Florida 6-2.
NU 5th: Bettol out;  Banda popped to short; Tay Edwards popped to the catcher.
FL 6th: Merritt flied to right; Tofft reached on a single; stole 2nd; Haeger struck out; Horton fanned.
NU 6th: Thomason lined hard to Merritt in center; good catch; Breault grounded to 2nd; Decker lauched a rocket midway up the bleacher seats in left, 6-3. Armstrong hit softly to Stewart at 2nd.
FL 7th: Fuller out; Schwarz fouled out. Little flied deep to Thomason in right.
NU 7th:  Fowler fouled out to1st; pinch hitter Muir singled; Tat Edwards singled; Banda walked, loading the bases; Taylor Edwards worked a 3-2 count, sliced a long drive just foul, then ripped an rbi single up the middle, 6-4.  Bases still full, the hard-hitting Thomason brought in a run, sac fly; Banda and Edwards scored on successive fielding throws trying to nail runners. Breault out. Tied 6-6.
FL 8th: Medina and Stewart out, Merritt on 3-2 looked at a third strike.
NU 8th: Haeger relieved Rogers.  Decker, who homered earlier, flied to left.  Armstrong flied to right. Fowler grounded to short.
FL 9th: Tofft walked.  Haeger fouled out. Damico put out at 1st. Fuller flied deep to right.
NU 9th:  Bettiol walked. Tat Edwards flied high to center.  Banda sacrificed, Bettiol was out trying to take 3rd after 2nd.
FL 10th: Schwarz out 6-3. Little jacked a homer into the left field bleachers, 7-6 Gators. Medina reached on an error at 2nd. Stewart singled; Merritt flied to right, Tofft walked. Loaded. Haeger flied to right.
NU 10Taylor Edwards jacked a shot to deepest center, 7-7. Thomason looked at a third strike. Breault doubled into the left field corner. Stokes in to run.  Decker given an intentional pass. Armstrong walked, loading the bases.  Fowler, with her All American sister Kenzi (Arizona) and the Fowler coaching family watching, struck out.  Bettiol out.  Three stranded with a chance for a major upset.
FL 11th:  Edwards back to the circle; Damico fanned but Fuller singled; Schwarz watched a third strike sail past; Little at bat, Fuller was nailed stealing 2nd.
NU 11th: Tatum Edwards hit back to Haeger. Banda bunt/single; Tay Edwards forced Banda on a close play at 2nd. Thomason struck out.
FL 12: Little, Medina and Stewart down in order.
NU 12th: Tyson brought Husker fans to their feet with a high fly caught at the left field fence. Decker flied to center. Armstrong flied to left center.
FL 13th: Tofft reached on throwing error at short.  Haeger whiffed. Damico sacrificed.  Fuller walked; Schwarz struck out.
NU 13th: Fowler flied to center. Bettiol struck out. Tatum Edwards flied out to short.
FL 14th: Little bunt single. Medina sacrificed. Stewart out 1-3. Merritt up, Little went to 3rd on a passed ball; Merritt out 5-3.
NU 14th: Banda flied deep to left.  Edwards hbp. Thomason flied high to center.  Tyson walked.  Decker fouls out.
FL 15th: Tofft struck out. Haeger, 0-6, doubled into the left field corner. Damico singled to short. Fuller on a 3-2 count hit hard to short, Armstrong error, 2 runs scored. Fuller was out at 3rd. 9-7 Gators. Schwarz singled tocenter.  Little beat out a grounder to short. Medina out 1-3.
NU 15th: Rogers returns to the Gators circle. Gammel to 3rd.  Leading off, Armstrong doubled. Fowler grounds to 2nd.  Bettiol grounds to 2nd, Armstrong scores. 9-8. Tat Edwards, at 3-2, walked. Banda singles off Rogers glove but Edwards was thrown out at 3rd, close play. Florida wins 9-8, advances to play Texas on Sunday in another elimination game.  Nebraska is eliminated.

Each team had 13 hits but the zhuskers had 6 big errors.

The winner of this elimination game will face Washington tomorrow; that winner will meet Oklahoma Sunday night.  Arizona State is 50-11. Michigan 50-12.

Starters: UM Sara Driesenga.  ASU Dallas Escobedo
UM 1st: Doyle walked; Sappingfield struck out looking;Eomero hbp; Blanchard fanned; Lane fouled out.
ASU 1st: Johnson out at 1st; Coyle and Freeman struck out.
UM 2nd: Knapp singled; forced at 2nd by Sweet; Lawrence flied to center; Crummey struck out.
ASU 2nd: Steele walked; Kemp flied to right; Parlich fielders choice forced Steele; Aubrecht FC forced Parlich.
UM 3rd: Doyle walked. Sappingfield sacrificed; Romero jacked a 2-run shot to center.  Blanchard doubled; Lane and Knapp drew walks; Mackenzie Popescue relieved Escobedo. Sweet struck out; Lawrence out 5-3. Michigan 2-0.
ASU 3rd: Caporuscio singled; Wigness forced Caporuscio at 2nd; Johnson forced Wigness at 2nd; Coyle reached on an error at 2nd; Freeman walked; bases loaded; Steele who homered against Texas, out 4-3.
UM 4th: Crummey fanned; Doyle walked for the third time; Sappingfield singled to right; Romero lined to short; Blanchard put out at 1st.
ASU 4th: Kemp out.  Parlich singled; Aubrecht fanned. Caporuscio fielder’s choice, force at 2nd.
UM 5th: Lane singled to left; Knapp sacrificed; Sweet whiffed; Lawrence out 1-3.
ASU 5th: Wigness reached on a throwing error by the shortstop; Johnson singled to 2nd; Coyle with runners at the corners singled to short; bases loaded; Freeman hit to 3rd double play at home and 1st.  Steele walked, bases reloaded; Kemp fanned.  The time: 2am.
UM 6th: Crummey out 1-3. Doyle on 3-2 lined to center. Sappingfield singled to right.  Romero flied to left.
ASU 6th: Parlich singled to center. Aubrecht fanned. Caporuscio fielder’s choice, force at 2nd. Spiel in to run. Pinch hitter Girard out 1-3.
UM 7th: Blanchard out 4-3; Lane struck out; Knapp out 1-3.
ASU 7th: Johnson singled; Coyle hit into a double play. Freeman  ground to short.
Michigan wins 2-0, and advances to play Washington at 230 Sunday, with that winner to fave Oklahoma Sunday evening. Arizona State is eliminated,

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