6-2-2011 WCWS Day One

June 2, 2011
Hall of Fame Stadium,
Oklahoma City


California (44-11) vs Alabama 51-9 (noon)
Probable pitchers
Jolene Henderson vs Kelsi Dunne
Alabama 1, California 0

 Oklahoma State (42-18) vs Baylor 45-13 (230pm)
Probable pitchers
Kat Espinosa vs Whitney Canion
Baylor 1, Oklahoma State 0 (8)

 Oklahoma (43-17) vs Arizona State (55-6) 6pm
Probable pitchers
Keilani Ricketts vs Dallas Escobedo
aRIZONA 3, Oklahoma 1

Missouri (52-8) vs Florida (52-10) 830pm
Probable pitchers
Chelsea Thomas vs Hannah Rogers

SPY will add Game Notes as games conclude

GAME ONE Alabama 1, California 0
The Bears ran into a buzzsaw named Kelsi Dunne – a 1-hitter with 12 Ks.
Cal 1st: Vonk single w/one out; Williams hit into 643 double play
Bama 1st: Henderson struck out the side with offspeed pitches: Braud, Fenton, Larsen

Cal 2nd: down in order, 2 Ks, Ziegenhirt and Decker,Echevarria ground out..

Bama 2nd: Locke beat out infield hit past pitcher.  Lunceford fanned; Reilly-Boccia flied out to left.  Hunt at bat, Locke stole 3rd.  Hunt singled to left, rbi.  Hunt stole 2nd.  Dawsib struck out.  Bama 1-0.

Cal 3rd: Victoria Jones struck out on 61mph rise; Dunne mixing speeds in a 20mph band, high of 64.  Wallace and E Reid also fanned, 6 for Dunne.

Bama 3rd:  Conley hit a flare to right for a single.  Braud hit a bloop which narrowly escaped a charging 3rd baseman Williams; her throw to 2nd was awry.  2 on, 0 outs.  Fenton fanned for the second time.  Larsen lined out to left.  Locke flied out to 2nd.

Cal 4th:  Reid out. Vonk out.  Williams walked. Ziegenhirt looked at a third strike.

Bama 4th: Lunceford singled to left.  Rei8lly-Boccia sacrificed to 3rd.  Hunt flied out to short.  Lunceford stole 3rd; the throw was there but she beat the tag.  Dawson struck out, the 7th for Henderson. 

Cal 5th: Echevarria out.  Decker fanned.  Jones fanned.  Dunne’s 9th.
Bama 5th:  Conley struck out.  Braud beat out an infield hit, her second.  Picked tryn to steal 2nd.  Fenton fanned.  Bama has 6 hits; score still 1-0.

Cal 6th:  Wallace struck out.  E Reid out.  J Reid looked at a third strike.  (11?)

Bama 6th:  Larsen flied out to Reid in left.  Locke doubled down left field line.  Lunceford fanned.  Reilly-Boccia walked, the first walk off Henderson.  Hunt grounded into a fielder’s choice, 4-6.

Cal 7th:  Vonk led off, striking out.  Williams hit a hard grounder to 3rd.  Ziegenhirt went down swinging.


Baylor 1, Oklahoma State 0 (8)
The Cowgirls, the only unseeded team in the WCWS,  swept 2 games from the Bears during Big 12 competition, but those records don’t carry over usually into the World  Series.
OSU 1st:  Gearhart fanned; Morrison walked; Hamilto and Ward struck out.

Baylor 1st: Walker fanned.  Freeland popped.   Leal flied out to short.

OSU 2nd: Garcia struck out.  Brown reached, illegal pitch.  Boyd and Diffendaffer popped to 2nd.

Baylor 2nd: Canion went down swinging.  Holl grounded to 3rd.  Shelton blooped a single over short.  Turk lobbed a shot which took Brown to the wall, a loud out.

OSU 3rd: Anchor down.  Gearhart fanned.  Morrison beat out an infield hit to 2nd. Hamilton doubled, Morrison was out at home on a relay.

Baylor 3rd: Kettler grounded back to Espinosa.  Wilson ground out.  Walker ground out to short.

OSU 4th: Ward drew a walk.  Garcia ground out; Brown hit a sinking liner to Wilson who made a diving catch in left.  Boyd struck out swinging.

Baylor 4th: Freeland struck out.  Leal walked,but was thrown out trying to steal 2nd.  Canion flied out deep to right.
OSU 5th:  Diffendaffer popped to the infield.  Anchor struck out.  Gearhart struck out for the third time.

Baylor 5th:  Holl lead with a single to right.  Shelton singled to left, brown tried for the catch on her knees.  Two on, 0 outs.  Turk laid down an excellent sac bunt toward 1st.  Kettler hit into a fielder’s choice, Holl out at home.  Wilson worked a 3-2 count , and grounded to 3rd.

OSU 6th:  Morrison reached on an error on Turk at 3rd.  Hamilton out. 
Ward lined deep to Walker in right.  Garcia went to 3-2, skied out to right.

Baylor 6th:  Walker flied out to left.  Freeland lined to short. Leal popped to 1st.

OSU 7th: Brown singled to center, despite a desperation effort by Shelton to shoestring the ball.  Boyd trying to sacrifice pushed the ball to 3rd, Turk fired to 2nd for the force on Brown.  With Diffendaffer at bat, Boyd stole 2nd.  Diffendaffer flied to center.

Baylor 7th:  Canion, one of the harder-hitting pitchers, looked at a third strike.  Holl lined to 1st.  Shelton grounded to 2nd, Hamilton made the throw on her knees.

OSU 8th:  Pinch hitting for Anchor, Ettinger struck out.  Gearhart slugged a flyer which Shelton caught at the wall.  Morrison struck out, Canion’s tenth.

Baylor 8th:  Turk,who has 2 walkoff homers this year, struck out.  Kettler decided the outcome with a walkoff home run just inside the left field foul pole, her 2nd of the season.


Arizona State 3, Oklahoma 1
Oklahoma  got an emotional boost when slugger Jessica Shults, who has been sidelined with an illness, walked out with the team, in uniform.
OU 1st:  Martinez out on line drive to Donnenwirth at 3rd.  Turang fanned.  Nix singled to left.  Ricketts drew a walk. Jones lined out.

ASU 1st:  Boyd struck out.  Rogers beat out a slow roller to short.  Castillo lined into a 643 double play.

OU 2nd:  Dobbs ground out.  Williams drew a walk.  Norris out.  Hughes looked at a third strike

ASU 2nd:  Lockwood flied to 2nd.  Donnenwirth lined to 1st.  Urfer hit back to Ricketts, who is notching 71-73 mph.
Sooner 3rd:  Martinez grounded to 3rd.  Turang grounded to 3rd.  Nix went to 3-2, then singled sharply to left.  Ricketts struck out.  Escobedo was notching 67 mph.

ASU 3rd:  Parlich walked.  Johnson and Haro struck out.  Boyd was given a pass.  Rogers up with 2 on, 2 out, the second passed ball of the inning advanced both runners, Rogers struck out.

OU 4th:  Jones flied out to 2nd.  Dobbs drew the third walk off Escobedo.  Williams flied out to short.  Norris fouled off several pitches then fouled out.

ASU 4th:  Urfer singled in 2 runs.

OU 5th:   Nix doubled in a run.  Ricketts lined to 3rde, stranding two.

ASU 5th: Boyd led off with a homer.  3-1.Rogers beat out an infield hit, but was called out for leaving early.  Castillo grounded out to Ricketts.  Lockwood hit q sinking liner to right, caught by a diving Nix.

OU 6th:  Jones grounded to 2nd.  Dobbs was hbp.  Williams lined into a double play. 
ASU 6th:  Donnenwirth flied out to right.  Urfer ground out 4-3.  Parlich singled to center, the sixth Sun Devil hit.  Pinch hitter Aubrecht flied out to left.

OU 7th:  Norris singled hard to left.  McGregor in to run.  Hughes hit into a fielder’s choice, 1-6, forcing Norris.  Martinez flied out to left.  Turang  struck out.

Escobedo 5H, 6K.  Ricketts 6H, 4K.


Florida 6, Missouri 2

Missouri 1st:  down in order .

Florida 1st:  Moultrie walked.  Paculba popped up.  Bruder hit a mighty triple, driving in the first run.  Bruder scored the second run on Schutte’s out.  Bush singled; Coyle fanned.

Missouri 2nd:  Fleming singled to center; Lee walked.  Scdhweisberge struck out.  Simmons fouled out to Bush at 1st.  Christopher struck out.

Florida 2nd:  Thomas struck out De Felice and Gammel; in between Fagan grounded to 3rd.

Missouri 3rd:  Vock walked.  Taylor was out.  Marston singled.  Runners at the corners, Hannah Rogers relieved Brombacher in the circle for Florida.  Marston stole 2nd.  Hudson walked, loading the bases.  Fleming struck out.  Lee flied out to left.
Florida 3rd: Moultrie led off with a home run.  3-0. Paculba grounded to 2nd.  Bruder walked. Schutte wa put out at 1st.  Bush jacked a powerful home run into the upper reaches of the left field bleachers. 5-0. Coyle slashed a single to left, the sixth hit off Thomas.  DeFelice hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing Coyle.

Missouri 4th:  Down 5-0 after three, the Tigers opened with Schweisberge who grounded out to 2nd.  Simmons flied deep to right.  Christopher struck out.

Florida 4th: Fagan fanned.  Gammel singled to left off Hdson’s glove,but was forced at 2nd by Moultrie,who then stole 2nd.  Paculba popped to 2nd

Missouri 5th:  Vock drew a walk.  Taylor struck out.  Marston hit into a double play.

Florida 5th:  Bruder worked a 3-2 count  and walked for the second time.  Schutte struck out.  Bush fanned.  Bruder was caught stealing.

Missouri 6th:  Hudson walked; Fleming singled, the Tigers’ third hit.  Lee flied deep to right.  Schweisberge struck out.  Simmons doubled in 2 runs.  Christopher made the third out.

Florida 6th: Gammel singled, scoring Coyle, the eighth Florida hit.

Missouri 7th:  Vock hit back to Rogers.  Taylor hit hard back to Rogers,who knocedk down the ball and threw to 1st for the out.  Marston ground out to short.

Friday:  Alabama vs Baylor, 6pm
Arizona State vs Florida 830pm
California vs Oklahoma State (elimination game)
Oklahoma vs Missouri (elimination game)

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