6-2-2012 WCWS DAY FOUR


June 2 2012

NOTE: Excellent game photos on wcws.com


11am     LSU 1, South Florida 0
6pm       Winner plays Arizona State

130         Oregon 3, Tennessee 1
830         Winner plays California

LSU 1, South Florida 0
LSU (H) 39-24  USF (V)  50-13
Brittany Mack vs Sara Nevins
Evenly matched; only one player on either team hitting above .300 – Savarola .327.

T1.  Kafalas opened the game with a single to right.  Mouse reached on an error.  Medina fanned.  Richardson struck out.  Salvarola, the only .300+ hitter in the Bulls lineup (.327), popped to 3rd.  Two left.
B1. Andrews fanned.  Heyward struck out.  Langoni popped to 2nd
T2. Jackson walked. Fountain  fanned. Nowell  at bat, Jackson was caught stealing. Nowell grounded to 3rd, very good stop and throw by Wray at 3rd – on her knees.
B2. Santos  flied out.  Falcon fanned.  Applegate reached on error at 3rd.  Wray hit to short, force at 2nd.
T3. A. Goff walked,  stole 2nd on overthrow by the catcher , went to 3rd on overthrow from center, and was out on a throw from 3rd to home.  Kafalas struck out. Mouse hbp.  Medina flied to left.
B3, Russell out.  Pizer ground  out to short.  Andrews hit to 1st, collided with Pizer at 1st, both lay on nthe ground for seconds, Andrews out  (interference)
T4.  Richardson fanned.  Savarola fouled out to 1st. Jackson  popped.
B4. Heyward walked, caught stealing. Langoni struck out. Santos doubled. Falcon out.
T5.Fountain out. Nowell singled; pinch runner C Goff stole 2nd. A. Goff walked. Kafalas put out by Pizer at 1st. Mouse struck out.
B5. Applegate looked at a third strike.  Wray popped to 3rd. Russell singled. MaCasland struck out.
T6.  2 out, Savarola hbp.  Jackson ground out.
B6. Andrews hbp.  Heyward out, interference. Richardson relieved Nevis for the Buls.  Langoni slugged a pitch to center which was caught at the wall and dropped.  One out, runners at 2nd and 3rd, Santos  hbp, bases loaded.  Falcon,  a .254 hitter, sac fly to short, rbi.  Nevins returned to the Bulls circle. Applegate  flied out to center.
T7.  Fountain out. Nowell struck out. A. Goff drew a walk. Kafalas out on an attempted bunt.

LSU advances to play Arizona State at 830 tonight.  South Florida eliminated.

PS: a reminder these young women have lives outside softball: Mack was unaware her boy friend had come to OKC from Louisiana until she saw him during her warmups.  A big smile!


Jessica Moore vs Ellen Renfroe

T1. Pappas, a .395 hitter, immediately put the Vols behind, jacking a home run.  Howard followed with a double.  Chambers struck out, but Cuico singled, and th speedy Howard raced home with a score, Nieto flied out to left. 2-0.
B1. Chavanne out.  Dotson beat out an infield hit.  Gibson ground out, Dotson advancing to 3rd.  Shipman walked, and took 2nd.  Two on, two out, Davin grounded to short.
T2. Peterson flied deep tocenter.  Chambers out. Burger walked.  Takeda lined to Chavanne at 3rd.
B2. Burchell lined to short. Brown hit back to the pitcher, Moore.  Andrews rapped a single to right.  Lewis at bat, Andrews beat the tag at 2nd.  Lewis singled toright center, rbi.  Chavanne bounced back to Moore, 1-3.
T3. Ivy Renfroe now pitchingfor Tennessee.  Pappas lined to Renfroe. Howard and  Chambers grounded out to 3rd.
B3. Dotson popped to 2nd. Gibson fanned. Shipman popped to short.
T4. Cuico grounded to 3rd.Nieto hbp. Peterson  doubled to center rbi, 3-1.  Chambers popped to the catcher, Andrews.  Burger struck out.
B4. Davin beat out a hit to short.  Burchell hit into a double play, 6-4-3.  Brown  whiffed.
T5.  Takeda and Pappas out.  Howard grounded to 3rd.
B5.  Andrews ground to short.  Lewis ground to 2nd.  Chavanne popped to Moore.
T6. Chanbers popped to 3rd.  Cuico singled to left.  Nieto fouled out to 1st.  Peterson grounded to 3rd.
B6.  Dotson hbp.  Gibson fielder’s choice to short, Dotson out.  Shipman forced Gibson at 2nd.  The umpires called Shipman out, citing interference by Gibson who collided with the fielder at 2nd.
T7. Chambers flied out to center.  Burger fanned.  Takeda singled to left.  Pappas at bat, Takeda was out stealing 2nd.
B7,  The season started with high expectations for the Vols.  Now, they were three outs from elimination.   Davin flied to center.  Burchell struck out.  Tarango struck out, ending the Vols season.

Oregon plays California tonight in another elimination game.


Nine women were honored for their contributions to softball and Title IX:  Marita ines; Marige Wright,
Kaitlyn Cohran, Jennie Finch,  Sue Enquist,

LSU 40-24  ASU 52-10
Rachele Fico  vs Hillary Bach

Sun Devils had two big innings, scoring 3 runs in the 3rd, sparked by Johnson’s 3-run homer, and 3 runs in the 5th.

T1,  Boyd , a runner-up for Collegiate Player of the Year, is hitting .433 with 19 homers, led off grounding to 2nd.  Johnson grounded out, bunt, 5-3.  Steele walked. Freeman grounded to 2nd, 4-3.
B1. Andrews flied to left.  Heyward  beat out an infield hit to 3rd.  Langoni ground into a 6-4-3 double play.
T2.  Lockwood fanned.  Parlich grounded to 3rd.  Afusia out.
B2. Santos singled to center., but was picked off.  Falcon fanned.  Applegate  out 4-3.
T3. Caporuscio rifled a shot off Fico’s glove.  Haro popped to 2nd.  Top of lineup, Boyd bunted just in front of the plate.  Johnson, a .400 hitter with 12 homers,  jacked a 3-run homer. Steele lined to short.  Freeman singled. Lockwood hit into a fielder’s choice.  3-0 ASU
B3.  Wray struck out., but took 1st on an illegal pitch.  Russell ground into a 4-6-3 double play, the second of the game for ASU.  Supak flied out to right.
T4.Parlich out.  Afusia out. Caporuscio f\4-3.
B4. Andrews ground out to 2nd. Heyward singled.  Langoni ground out to 2nd. Heyward took 3rd on illegal pitch. Santos hbp.  Two on, Falcon ground out.
T5. 2 out, Johnson  singled to left. Steele singled to 2nd, advanced on error, Johnson scored, 4-0.  Freeman walked. Lockwood singled to left.  Bases loaded.  7 hits for ASU.  Mack relieved Fico.  Parlich doubled, 2 rbi. 6-0.   Afusia walked. Caporuscio hit a soft liner which shortstop Santos caught overhead.
B5. Applegate popped to 2nd.  Trosclair took a third strike.  Russell  popped.
T6.  Haro out, Boyd out, Johnson struckout.
B6. Kuhn out.  Andrews  put out at 1st.  Heyward out 3-4.
T7. Steele flied to left.  Freeman  walked.  Lockwood  out 4-3. Parlich singled to center, but Freeman was put out at home on a sharp throw from the outfield.
B7, Langoni fouled out to 1st,  Santos  flied to right. Falcon singled down right field.  Applegate flied to left to end the game.

A cardinal question: can Arizona State defeat Oklahoma twice on Sunday?

Note: Session 5 attendance is 9,310, largest single session attendance in WCWS history.

Jolene Henderson vs Jessica Moore
California 57-6.  Oregon 45-17.

T1.  Reid out, Vonk singled, Arioto fly out to 1st; Echevarria walked.  Wlliams, a .267 hitter,  jacked a 3-run shot to right center.  Kostreba out.
B1.  Pappas out 5-3. Howard out 5-3. Chambers singled. Cuico struck out.
T2.  Henderson singled. Jones out.  Cordes struck out. Reid singled to left center. Double steal.  Vonk doubled to right, 2 rbi.  Arioto took a third strike.  5-0.
B2. Nieto flied out.  Peterson singled to left center.  Goodrum  fanned. Chambers whiffed.
T3. Echevarria ground out. Williams hit back to Moore.  Kostreba walked. D Henderson flied to right.
B3. Takeda ground out. Pappas, a .394 hitter who homered in today’s first game, jacked a solo shot to straight-away center.  5-1. Howard singled, stole 2nd. Chambers fanned.  Cuico flied to 3rd.
T4. Jones, a .324 hitter with just 2 homers this season, sent the first pitch over the wall in center, 6-1. Cordes struck out.  J Reid out 4-3. Vonk grounded out to 3rd.
B4.  Henderson struck out the side: Nieto, Peterson, Goodrum.
T5. Arioto fouled oukt deep in left field corner.  Echevarria singled, forced at 2nd by Williams.  Kostreba  laid down a bunt, no play. D, Henderson  grounded to short.
B5. Sullivan grounded out.  Takeda out 4-3. Pappas fouled off several pitches, walked.  Howard popped to 3rd.
T6.  Hovinga now pitching for Oregon.  Jones lined out to center. Cordes fouled out to left. J Reid K.
B6.  Chambers bounced a hit past short, but was forced by Cuico. Nieto walked. Peterson walked.  Bases loaded. Goodrum singled to left center, driving in 2 runs.  6-3. Chambers popped into a double play, the throw home got away from the catcher, who recovered in time to tag the runner at home.
T7.  Vonk struck out.  Arioto flied high to center. Echevarria out 4-3.
B7. Takeda grounded out. Pappas struck out.  Howard struck out, ending the game.

California advances to play Alabama on Sunday.


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